C30, C.30 or C-30 may be:
C-30 Condor, a converted B-2 Condor biplane used for transport
Cierva C.30, a 1934 Spanish type of autogyro
Benq C30, a 2007-2008 mobile phone
HMS C30, a 1909 British C class submarine
HMS Ceylon (C30), a 1942 light cruiser in the British Royal Navy
PRR C30, an American PRR 0-8-0 wheel arrangement steam locomotive
Sauber C30, a single-seat racing car produced by Sauber to compete in the 2011 Formula One season
Volvo C30, a 3-door hatchback car
Caldwell 30 (NGC 7331), a spiral galaxy in the constellation Pegasus
Bill C-30, Canadian legislation granting online surveillance powers to law enforcement
A Honda C engine
and also :
C30 Compact audio cassette with a recording time of 15 minutes per side
King's Gambit in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings
General Motors C/K Trucks C30 model
Malignant neoplasm of nasal cavity and middle ear ICD-10 code

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