1. F

    Disney+ gives me artifacts in some series and movies? (LG C1 owner)

    Disney+ gives me artifacts in some series and movies? (LG C1 owner) Sometimes when watching Disney+ content I get artifacts on screen, the image is deforming at some parts of the screen of my new LG C1 65" for a few seconds, and then it goes back to normal. It kinda looks like the artifacts...
  2. Pizarco

    LG C1 - LG support says the C1 optical out is stereo only - is this right?

    LG support says the C1 optical out is stereo only - surely this can't be right? Is anyone here getting 5.1 surround sound through the optical out? I was having an issue getting surround sound through the optical out of my new LG 77C14LB. My Sonos playbar (+ 2x Sonos Ones) is saying it's only...
  3. S

    For Sale LG C1 55" Evo Panel 4K HDR DOLBY VISION OLED Smart TV Hdmi 2.1 Gaming Tv.

    LG C1 55" EVO PANEL 4K HDR DOLBY VISION OLED Smart TV Hdmi 2.1 Gaming Tv bought brand new sealed March this year from a local tv gut i use for past few years,can get a reciept if needed so has LG MAUFACTERER warranty Tv is in great overall condition screen is flawless hasn’t seen much use...
  4. M

    Is my LG C1 65" broken?

    Today I noticed that the dark patches on my LG C1, most visible on grey content, but can see it on other images to. Is this something that can be fixed or is it faulty ? Ps. How do you reboot this tv, not reset. I want to reboot web os, but unplugging it from the wall for 1 hour doesn't reboot...
  5. P

    65” replacing old Panasonic plasma tv

    Hi, I need to replace my old 42” Panasonic plasma TV with a 65” Oled tv. My main use is HD cable content, some 4k movies, YouTube / Netflix and very few PS. To be honest I am undecided between the following : 1. LG C1 - €1799 2. Panasonic JZ1500 - €1899 3. Sony A80J - €2299 As a room I have...
  6. T

    Best price for a LG C1 77"

    I put in an offer for a 77" LG C1 tv on Greentoe and received a counter for $2349. Has anyone gotten any lower offers for a LG C1 77" Has anyone found a good deal on a 77" G1? Thanks!
  7. J

    G2, JZ1500, OLED806, LG C1 or C2?

    Hello, I keep going in circles now. So I need a tv with good upscaling and I'm not sure which processors do this well, I know that SONY XR processors tend to be regarded the best but apparently the new chip in the C2/G2 are a big upgrade. So I'm upgrading from a 43" 768p tv. My choices are...
  8. Tom1986

    LG C1 / Sonos Beam 2 eARC Help

    Hi all I've tried looking this up, but can't find an answer anywhere. I have an LG C1 & Sonos Beam (gen 2). Whenever I enable eARC, the sound format changes to "Dolby Multichannel PCM 2.0". Whenever I disable eARC, the sound format changes to "Dolby Digital Plus 5.1". For full overview, the...
  9. S

    Is there an easy way to rotate photos in slide show OLED 48C16LA C1

    When looking at photos stored on my NAS drive via media player on the TV, many appear on their side ie 90 degrees out. All photos were correctly orientated on my laptop before storing on the NAS drive. Is there a quick way to correctly orientate them on the TV, to save the tedious process of...
  10. P

    LG C1 with Synology 220j problem

    Hi, as the title suggests I'm having a weird issue with my LG C1 tv. Whenever I'm moving through my media collection folders on my Synology 220J nas drive I'm getting random long wait times between folders and I mean sometimes 1-2 minutes long wait times. I used this NAS with several other...
  11. S

    LG C1 Auto Dimming - Firmware Hack / Jailbreak for Complete Disable?

    Hey guys, New here! I just bought a OLED55C14LB 55 inch 4K UHD HDR Smart OLED TV (2021 Model). Cannot get rid of auto dimming in bright scenes despite disabling TPC Enable & GSR Enable in the service menu. I've also disabled logo dimming and AI brightness, played around with the auto...
  12. L

    LG C1 or Samsung QN95A for my bright living room?

    Hi, We are moving to a new house and are planning to upgrade our current 55" Samsung KS7005 to a new TV. We are considering going for a 65" but we don't know what will work best in the new house. The picture below is from the listing ad when we bought the house, and we are planning to have TV...
  13. E

    Lg b7 fine ….. lg c1 dry eyes and pain?

    Hi guys nice to meet you all Straight to the point I cant use oled iphones because i get dry eyes and eye pains due to pwm So i use lcd iphone 11 which is ok My question Could be placebo or overthinking I got a lg c1 which is apparnetly pwm free flicker free etc Because i was...
  14. S

    Lip Sync Issues - LG C1 and Yamaha RX-V6A

    Good morning, I have set up a new home entertainment system and the audio and video is not syncing well. It’s not egregious but I can definitely tell that the video/sound is a few milliseconds off. I changed the Lipsync setting on the Yamaha to 1ms which helps a little, but doesn’t fully solve...
  15. H

    Best power off setting for LG C1 as a computer monitor

    Hi, I have just got an LG C1 for use as a computer monitor (Mac), I am wondering if anyone has figured a way to get the TV to automatically power off when the computer sleeps (in a similar way to a computer monitor?) - I have it st to the 4 hour no activity one but if possible I'd like to get it...
  16. S

    LG C1 Freeview tuner?

    Hi all, pls could someone tell me if this tv has a normal freeview tuner built in? It's just that I've been trying to search for freeview and haven't been successful. So I just plugged another sony tv Into the aerial socket and it found 158 channels. It's a brand new tv and I've only just...
  17. ProtectDreams

    I bought the samsung hw-q950a for my C1, did I make a mistake?

    Hello, I ordered the samsung hw-q950a soundbar. But I hadn't seen that many people had problems with this soundbar and LG C1 TVs. I am now afraid of being disappointed. I wanted to use it on my PC and my PS5. Play movies with VLC or Jriver. And use the PS5 with the soundbar in 7.1. But...
  18. S

    LG C1 Picture tuning?

    Hi all. Today I've fitted an aerial and booster in my loft, I've tried tuning the tv in and can't get to search for any channels? Does this tv have freeview built in? I understand it has a app called freeview play, I don't mean this. Thanks
  19. G

    LG C1 Display Issues - Can't adjust, but it changes randomly - I am at a complete loss

    Model: OLED48C1PUB Software: Problem: I just got this TV delivered today. I'm having issues where the brightness randomly changes, the color warmth randomly changes, and nothing I do manually effects the display. Energy savings is turned off If I switch between display modes...
  20. B

    No OSD on LG C1 from RX-V6A?

    Hi all, I looked all over and saw no solution. It’s my first real sound setup so maybe im missing something trivial, and my wife is angry meanwhile. I just got an LG C1 and Yamaha RX-V6A, connected with HDMI eARC. I plugged AppleTV 4K to the Yamaha. I updated to the latest 1.48 firmware, and...
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