1. J

    New 5.1 buying guide

    Hi all, aspiring home cinema owner here. We’re about to move into a new house with an actual regular-shaped living room rather than the L-shaped room we’ve had for the last decade. I’ve decided to celebrate by taking the plunge on a 5.1 setup and, eventually, a new TV My current setup is as...
  2. S

    Thoughts on buying an open box OLED with 1 year warranty?

    I thinking of buying a new TV and I'm whilst looking around I've seen a tv at a price that seems good from a very reputable retailer. It's an open box Philips, and looking at the warranty it will come with 12 months (although I think it might perhaps be covered by a 24 month Philips warranty...
  3. K

    Question Bargain BenQ HT2050A or 4K projector

    I am considering upgrading my old LG 47'' FullHD TV, and I have started looking into some 70'' TV's and projector's models. I have found a review of the BenQ W1110 (AKA HT2050A in the USA) saying it's a good fullHD projector, and I have found a good deal on one (less than 500€) - box open, but...
  4. Gunnerzz

    Question Buying advice. First projector. Preowend 'enthusiast' or new.

    Holy crap this is harder than buying a car! I'm sure this comes up all the time... My set up so far is as follows: Onkyo NR555 Chromecast W/GTV Sapphire 92" white screen (To be purchased) Room: Throw distance 3-4.5m White everything... Can be light controlled but somewhat reduced daylight...
  5. C

    Buying new TV (quality or size?)

    I am currently in the market for a new TV. I have been looking at the LG OLED 77CXPUA for the numerous high ratings it has received. The distance from the TV to my viewing area is not a problem and I could accommodate a 85" TV. My price range is around $3500 and the LG OLED 77CXPUA is currently...
  6. S

    Question So What New TV Are We All Buying This Year?

    So with CES now done we are all getting excited about our next purchase. So what is on your shortlist pending pricing and reviews etc. For me as follows - Sony 65A90J Panasonic 65JZ2000 If I can convince the wife I NEED a 75 inch screen then will look at the Sony Z9J. Also interested to see...
  7. imightbewrong

    Bargain £6 bonus for buying £50 Amazon gift card I used it this afternoon to make a purchase.
  8. C

    Buying advice for an 82 year old please.

    Had a 43" samsung Plasma since 2010 but it's just beginning to have "pink clouding" on the screen when it's very light, against sky etc, so time to buy a new one. Yep, you guessed it, which one should I buy to meet the below requirements. Quite happy with a 43" as the room isn't that big and my...
  9. TrEvOr868

    Looking at Buying Older Generation TV to go with my N64

    I am looking at buying a used TV from the 90's or 00's to hook up to old gaming consoles I have and am having a difficult time finding any information on what were the highest quality and longest lasting TVs from that generation. I am trying to narrow down my search to specific brands and types...
  10. Venomx999

    Buying Off eBay, is it safe ?

    Any idea where to get a 3060Ti GPU ? eBay are around £600, even though RRP is about £420. Looks like it’s my only option due to the lack of GPUs around. If I was to buy off ebay would I be covered incase anything went wrong? I havent used ebay in years and dont even have an account but just...
  11. K

    OLED Buying Advice

    I need some buying advice please: I'm torn between the LG CX 65 at £1,799 and the Panasonic TZ 65 HZ1500 at £2,499. Not interested in gaming just a really good TV with top quality picture etc. The Panasonic is almost 40% more expensive than the LG but is it a 40% better TV? Would appreciate...
  12. M

    Thinking of buying

    Hi everyone. Looking to buy a panasonic hz2000. Anyone out there have one already. If so is it worth it and how is the sound compared to a top end sound bar. Regards Michael
  13. M

    Help with buying some bookshelf speakers - B&W 607?

    Hi everyone I was looking for some second opinions. My situation is this: I bought a reasonably low end Hifi a few years ago, some Q Acoustics 3050's and a Cambridge audio CXA60. I use these with a Chrome cast audio and tidal (although for the life of me I cannot hear any difference between...
  14. B

    Splitter Buying help 2 monitors 4k60hz and 1080P 120hz 8M cable to 4K

    Hello all, I am in need or help. There is so many options out there for splitters and I am having trouble finding what I need buying in Canada. I have Xbox Series X 1 - 4K 60HZ TV on 25ft HDMI 2.0 Cable 1 - 1080P 120HZ gaming monitor 3ft away from Xbox I want to have both monitors hooked up...
  15. feiyukong

    Buying a non-HDMI 2.1 receiver for my Xbox Series X

    Hello, this is my first time asking on this forum, so thanks for your help in advance. I am wondering if I should buy a non-HDMI 2.1 receiver for my Xbox Series X. I want to fully utilize the HDMI 2.1 feature on my Xbox. However, I heard that there are some issues with the chips on 2020...
  16. GillyB

    Help needed please for buying a new av receiver. Anyone ? No replies at all !

    Hi Can anyone recommend which av receiver i would be best with please? I have just bought a LG CX77 ( upgraded from LG OLED B series 55 inch ) Currently i have a old Onkyo TX N636 ( sound on around 30-33 ) Q Accoustics 3010 5.1 Plus 2 Dolby Atmos speakers. What will give me better sound for...
  17. J

    Buying or leasing a phone - pros and cons

    I wondered what people's thoughts on these are. Buying a phone on a 24 month contract seems to be roughly the same price as buying the phone outright these days so I was looking at either buying outright or leasing (which seems to be a new thing for phones). For example, if I buy the handset...
  18. 3804

    Buying a new motor from an online retailer ?

    Considering buying a new nissan juke from New-car -discount- saving £3-4000 in the process compared to my local main dealers Reviews by customers seem ok , but i wondered if anybody has purchased new cars recently, with this or other online companys and any problems with trade ins thanks all
  19. L

    Buying LG CX from Germany

    I’ve been checking the prices of the LG 65CX every day on various sites and I haven’t really seen any big drop. Amazon DE kept fluctuating but was always over 2000 euro and sold by 3rd parties. I was searching on this site called and came across what seems like a steal...
  20. N

    Sony Buying Advice Please

    I'm planning on buying the 55" Sony X90H. But I'm waiting until we move to the new house on the 30th December. I have noticed that all but one local store (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) have recently sold out of 55" X90H's, even my local Sony store. Should I be worried and quickly buy this TV from...
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