1. markie g

    Any excel gurus in here? Working out savings by bulk buying

    My misses has started selling fabric by the meter, and she'd like to promote X% saved to her customer when buying in larger quantities (to try and encourage people to buy more length). I'm current doing this manually for her (using an online calculator to work it out) but was wondering if...
  2. T

    Buying equipment online from EU countries for UK delivery

    Has anyone bought kit online from France or other mainland European countries and managed to get it delivered to the UK? In theory it's a good way to save money, but I'm not sure if it's possible. To be specific, I have my eye on some Triangle speakers and as they're French they're on sale in...
  3. J

    Buying Help! 5.1 and beolab 3

    Hi! I want to upgrade my old yamaha system because I need 4k and have everything under the same box my budget is around 600€ I have my old 5.1 speakers. The big ones are 100W and 8ohms I think. I also was given a couple of B&O Beolab 3 which sound really great I want a system where I could...
  4. spinaltap

    Unfortunate Scarifier Purchase

    Over time, I’ve amassed several Ryobi garden and house power tools. Their One+ Battery fits all my Ryobi tools. The one item I really wanted for several years, that Ryobi didn’t produce, was a Ryobi cordless scarifier. Eventually, I gave up hope of ever buying one. Earlier in the New Year, I...
  5. ryoukos

    Talk me out of buying the C9

    Hi, I've got a Philips PUS6401 tv from 5 years ago and it's showing it's age (pretty meh image quality, but it was only £500), but works OK, albeit laggy. I can't help but be hyped for OLED and C9 in particular. We watch movies, stream Netflix, play PS4, connect the PC, so the use case is very...
  6. I

    PS4 Pro buying advice

    Hi Thinking of buying a PS4 Pro and I know nothing about games consoles. I will probably buy new but just in case something comes up second hand I might go for it. Is there anything I should be looking out for ie are there different generations of the PS4Pro? Is there a particular bundle that...
  7. B

    Sonos 5 speaker - release date 10th June - Who's buying one?

    I have been waiting to push the button to get a new speaker for the kitchen diner. Was holding out for the replacement for the Play 5, its now here in the Sonos 5 https://www.sonos.com/en-gb/shop/five.html Has anyone preordered yet?
  8. A

    Worried about buying a new TV? Or is it just me?

    My head is swimming. There are so many contradictory reviews, opinions, and in a time where I can't afford to make a bad decision, I still feel utterly confused. I have looked at YouTube reviews, especially TV comparisons, and I'll be honest, I can't see massive differences between cheaper TV's...
  9. W

    Help Me choose Buying tomorrow

    Guys, Sorry for being a pain, I do appreciate your time and comments and do know you guys know a lot more than me. Im buying a 75 inch TV, I want the best picture and only run a fire stick and Sky Q through the TV in a bright front room, not trying to recreate as cinema with low lights...
  10. N

    Warranty when buying from Samsung.com/UK site

    Hi All, I'm seriously considering buying the new 75" Q950TS QLED 8K TV, despite my misgivings about buying Samsung products after bad experiences with a TV/Soundbar in the past. Normally I would buy from John Lewis or Richer Sounds, as their customer service and warranty feedback seems to be...
  11. J

    Question Advice on buying please

    Hi all, I am a new member who has been dipping in and out of this forum for some time now. I am looking to buy a Plasma TV as my main living room television and wondered if I could ask for help on which model would be a good investment considering the age of many of them now. I have read some...
  12. NickC1979

    Question Looking for advice on buying first drone

    I'm looking for a little guidance on my first ever drone. I've got a fixed budget of up to about £250 - certainly no more. I've read review after review after review and I think I've come down to the following 2 drones: Potensic D85 (like that I could upgrade the camera to a GoPro if I chose...
  13. Cakefish

    Budget 49" - 50" TV (~£500 or less)

    Hello all! I'm looking to upgrade from a 5 year old 40" direct LED IPS 1080p Sharp TV. I'm happy with the picture quality it produces, I just crave a slightly larger screen and a more responsive UI (it's so slow and clunky when switching between HDMI sources) with smart features built-in. I sit...
  14. G

    Help Buying 2nd Hand Av Receiver?

    OK so I am trying to save myself time and mistakes. I am not, maybe never, interested in the really fine details for AV equipment but trying to entertain myself during lockdown and be good to my 89 year old Mother (we are not letting her out of the house!). Although not up with AV tech I work...
  15. PAD333

    Question W1070+ Buying replacement part - Website recommendations?

    Hi there! The lamp on my projector W1070+ exploded some days ago. I wanted to replace the bulb only and reuse the housing, but when I opened it I noticed that the front glass is slightly dented. I guess this would have to be replaced (although it being so much at the border perhaps it doesn't...
  16. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted Online trust is broken: buying and selling tech between peers the new way

    Peer-to-peer has become a trend in many series of life.. From ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Bolt to home renting platforms such as Airbnb, many people are drawn to these types of platforms. It is no surprise. People on both sides of the platform benefit profusely from these programs. As a...
  17. B

    Thinking of buying my first projector - where to start?

    So I upgraded to a Sony XF9005 65" last year and immediately thought I should have gone bigger. I sit 3.4m away from the TV and it's very difficult to appreciate 4K content. I'm now considering buying my first projector and not sure where to start. I have just over 2m width between my front two...
  18. X


    I need to buy a PS4 would like to collect anywhere in london? Anyone who wants to get rid of a PS4 please let me know. Preferable Slim or Pro
  19. Robbo2110

    buying TV today - help :)

    my tv packed in last week and i have been reading reviews for a full weeks and my head is now in a twist :P budget £800 max, TV is for my games room ( used for ps4 pro / blu rays / streaming ) previously had a 65inch hisense 4k from 2017 what i think is best...
  20. AssiMovie

    Need advice for buying a new 65" Samsung QLED TV

    Hi All, I hope this is the relevant forum that can help me with a new Samsung TV purchase advice. I am considering the following 2 Samsung models as they both cost the same and I have a great deal for them at around £1400 (bulk purchase of my employee): 1. 2019 65" Q90R Flagship QLED 4K HDR...
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