1. V

    Help needed with buying a laptop

    Hi all, hope you are keeping well I need a new laptop and am baffled with so much yo choose from and would welcome suggestions What is your budget? What size laptop do you want? 14" Do you have resolution requirements? not really, but would like the best value for money Do you prefer a...
  2. A

    Buying a Ex-display , Transfering warranty? Purchasing an extended warranty?

    What are peoples opinions on buying a used (Almost new) TV im looking/found a 77" C1 which is a fantastic price. The main thing is the stand is missing which aint an issue as im wall mounting, ive been told its Ex-display and been displayed 1-2 weeks in store. Ive also been told it will come...
  3. Oddsodz

    BK Website Still good for buying a new Gemini II?

    So I am in the market for a sub. I keep reading about how good 'BK' Subs are. So I was thinking of getting a Gemini II and if it works out nice. I would get a 2nd one latter in the year (my Denon AV receiver has two sub outputs). But to be honest. The site looks very 1990's in layout. And...
  4. B

    GPU Buying Advice wanted

    I have a Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA785GM-US2H (GPU slot - PCI-E 2.0 x16) motherboard. I need to purchase a GPU for this board. All I need the GPU to be able to do is play video in 1080p. I am using a AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core Processor 2.60 GHz. I know its outdated but I only use it...
  5. C

    Wanted Buying CEX Vouchers - ALL amounts @85%

    Hello I am looking to buy: CEX Vouchers All values @ 85% rate
  6. famasfilms

    Denon 3200 - thinking of buying new TV, do I need a new AVR?

    Currently have a Denon 3200 (2015) and a 2016 LG OLED EF950v Thinking of buying a new OLED and that's when potentially needing a new AVR came up for eARC but I don't think I need this. I watch Netflix and movies/TV shows downloaded and played on my desktop PC with mpc-hc and madvr. This...
  7. kenshingintoki

    Buying things on finance?

    I've never bought anything luxurious on finance but I am contemplating it recently with a few 0% 12 monthly finance deals. Any pros or cons to doing this in your guys experiences? Can it begin a slippery slope into potentially overspending?
  8. R

    Samsung S7 FE tablet worth buying?

    I have a Samsung A7 10.1 tablet and have been considering an upgrade for a while. I've had a look around and while I would like an S7+ I can't justify the price and the only S7 tablets I can find in stock are the 5G versions which would mean I would be paying extra for something I probably...
  9. J

    Did you regret buying a drop down screen for your UST (or vice versa) ?

    The main advantage I can see to a living room drop down (or floor rising) screen is that when guests enter the room, their first impression isn't of a room dominated by a large screen. Has anyone here installed a drop down screen and been very happy with its uniformity, and struggle to nitpick...
  10. T

    Bargain Buying guide Denon AVR 1912,Polk TSi300

    Able to purchase Denon AVR 1912,Polk TSi300 forn $50.I like to listen to cds. Is this a good deal?
  11. J

    Is a dedicated CD player worth buying over an existing Blu-Ray player with external DAC?

    I know this question has probably been asked 1 trillion times but I was wondering about my specific circumstances. I have a Marantz CD6000 OSE LE that is while it has been a suburb player for the past 20 years it is now on its last legs. The draw doesn't open and close properly (could be a...
  12. O

    Buying spare glass panel for Phanteks case

    Any idea where I can get a spare glass panel for a Phanteks P600s case. Couldn't find anybody in the UK with it in stock and Phanteks in the US won't ship to the UK.
  13. TUBBST4R

    Buying games from other regions

    First off apologies if there is already another thread on here in relation to this, I honestly thought there was but cannot seem to find it. If admin are aware then please feel free to move my post to that thread by all means. Has anyone ever used Cryptopay to purchase anything from Turkey...
  14. T

    5.1.2 buying advice

    I'm looking for some advice on the planned 5.1.2 setup I am trying to assemble. It's going to be used roughly 50% for movies, 25% gaming, 25% music. It's a relatively small room (3.5 x 5m, screen being on the centre of the 5m wall, with watching/listening distance of 3m from front speakers /...
  15. S

    Earbud buying help

    Hi. I would like to buy some wireless earbuds but am struggling to find some that meet my requirements, which are (in no particular order of importance): Each ear bud can be used independently (ie only one at a time, with play/pause controls on each bud) Black / dark grey in colour No LEDs...
  16. SophieGraf1510

    Your favourite sales channel when buying a high end speaker

    Anonymous survey on sales channels and social media in the field of HiFi, High End speakers + win an Atoll HD120 DAC/preamp/headphone amplifier with analog and digital inputs, Bluetooth and USB worth €750. Hello everybody, in the course of my bachelor thesis I support the German loudspeaker...
  17. edd666999

    For Sale Buying a car from Cazoo?

    I have just received £250 off a purchase of a car from Cazoo. We used them for our latest car and must want us to buy again! Photo shows TS&CS You get £250 off and I get a takeaway, I would like £25 for it. Need to purchase before 31st December 2022! Also now have a £25 Argos voucher...
  18. turnpike

    Upgrade to 4K HDR to get Atmos?

    I'd like to get atmos, which means as I understand it now, 4K HDR. I'm currently loving my UST Benq W1600UST in our living room just on a white wall. I have nothing to compare it to but it has for me, great vibrant colours and low latency for when I play games on it or chromecast netflix...
  19. J

    Why are people buying Sky Q Mini boxes for the price they are...

    Before I start, I am not taking about the legality of this... I am just curious about something. Irrespective of whether buying a 2nd hand Sky Q Mini box is unethical or even legal.. They generally sell on eBay for around £70-£100 My question is why are people paying such a price? As I...
  20. M

    Buying Sony TV’s

    Buying a Sony TV? Well let me tell you how it went for us. On the 09/11/19 we bought a Sony TV KD65XF900 5 costing £1,299. During the European World Cup in July 2021, would you believe it, the TV shut down during a crucial game. We turned it back on and it restarted. Then we noticed...
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