1. m4rky_m4rk

    BTicino MyHome bus: Classe 300x & SFERA video door entry

    Thread for discussing BTicino video door entry system Classe 300x manual here Link to SFERA manual??? Best I could find so far but more of a catalogue than a manual for the camera. Here
  2. m4rky_m4rk

    BTicino MyHome bus: Homescreen10 LCD panel

    Thread for BTicino MyHome Screen10 LCD panel discussions BTicino Homescreen10 resources here Tips/notes: A mode in the display section stops the LCD responding for 10sec... to allow for cleaning
  3. m4rky_m4rk

    BTicino MyHome bus: Webserver

    F454 web server software manual Thread for BTicino MyHome web server discussions Notes/Tips: I will post here if I get some :-)
  4. mlh

    For Sale Behringer X1204USB Xenyx 12 Input 2/2 Bus Mixer

    This is brand new boxed item which was purchased for me as a gift from a friend 6 months ago approx but we no longer have the receipt or proof of purchase to offer guarantee but it is brand new so I see no issues at all! I just have it sitting around doing nothing so better used than gathering...
  5. m4rky_m4rk

    BTicino MyHome bus: MH202 advanced scenario controller

    MH202 Scenario programmer product details Thread for the MH202 advanced scenario controller discussions Notes/tips: Boolean counters need to be set to an initial state, True or False. It is the change of state that is important. This can be done with a scenario that has no start conditions...
  6. m4rky_m4rk

    Home automation: BTicino, OpenWebNet, SCS bus

    BTicino Smart home Other related AVF threads, please post in these if appropriate: BTicino MyHome bus: Classe 300x & SFERA video door entry BTicino MyHome bus: MH202 advanced scenario controller BTicino MyHome bus: Webserver BTicino MyHome bus: Homescreen10 LCD panel Useful: Openhab2 binding...
  7. Lewie

    For Sale Budapest Bus tour Kitsounds alarm clock

    i have 2 premium tickets for adults on the Budapest Big Bus tour Bought on 23/06 and valid for 6 months link to what it provides here Budapest Bus Tour Tickets | Budapest Bus Tours | Big Bus Tours Kitsound swing bought this last week in Asda for one off the girls but they did not want it...
  8. Kamzy

    Driving on a bus lane

    So i was driving on a bus lane a police officer stop me with his hand out and taken my information said he is going to report me said i will receive a letter whats going to happen abit worried Thanks
  9. Van Dam

    For Sale FREE: NATIONAL EXPRESS 2 for 1 voucher

    For FREE! 2-for-1 vouchers to the Alton Towers Resort, this gives two for one entry at the theme park until 4 November 2016. There are 2 vouchers here which can be claimed. (Unique voucher codes to be sent via PM). Nearest rail station to Alton Towers: Stoke-on-Trent...
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