A burn is a type of injury to skin, or other tissues, caused by heat, cold, electricity, chemicals, friction, or radiation. Most burns are due to heat from hot liquids, solids, or fire. Females in many areas of the world have a higher risk related to the more frequent use of open cooking fires or unsafe cook stoves. Alcoholism and smoking are other risk factors. Burns can also occur as a result of self harm or violence between people.
Burns that affect only the superficial skin layers are known as superficial or first-degree burns. They appear red without blisters and pain typically lasts around three days. When the injury extends into some of the underlying skin layer, it is a partial-thickness or second-degree burn. Blisters are frequently present and they are often very painful. Healing can require up to eight weeks and scarring may occur. In a full-thickness or third-degree burn, the injury extends to all layers of the skin. Often there is no pain and the burn area is stiff. Healing typically does not occur on its own. A fourth-degree burn additionally involves injury to deeper tissues, such as muscle, tendons, or bone. The burn is often black and frequently leads to loss of the burned part.
Burns are generally preventable. Treatment depends on the severity of the burn. Superficial burns may be managed with little more than simple pain medication, while major burns may require prolonged treatment in specialized burn centers. Cooling with tap water may help pain and decrease damage; however, prolonged cooling may result in low body temperature. Partial-thickness burns may require cleaning with soap and water, followed by dressings. It is not clear how to manage blisters, but it is probably reasonable to leave them intact if small and drain them if large. Full-thickness burns usually require surgical treatments, such as skin grafting. Extensive burns often require large amounts of intravenous fluid, due to capillary fluid leakage and tissue swelling. The most common complications of burns involve infection. Tetanus toxoid should be given if not up to date.
In 2013, fire and heat resulted in 35 million injuries. This resulted in about 2.9 million hospitalizations and 238,000 dying. Most deaths due to burns occur in the developing world, particularly in Southeast Asia. While large burns can be fatal, treatments developed since 1960 have improved outcomes, especially in children and young adults. In the United States, approximately 96% of those admitted to a burn center survive their injuries. Burns occur at similar frequencies in men and women. The long-term outcome is related to the size of burn and the age of the person affected.

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  1. B

    Whats the best 'insurance' for OLED Burn in?

    I cancelled my Domestic and General insurance (UK) because their 3rd party techs are Equinox Ltd who have horrific feedback/ reviews. So Ive immediately cancelled all my tvs under them.. I have the 5yr LG warranty, but obviously I hear they dont cover panel burn? Maybe I should try my bank...
  2. madpete

    Question Toshiba TV screen burn in help please

    Hi everyone, I have a very old Toshiba 37WL66P ( I know! LOL ) that is generally adequate for my usage, but it has some screen burn in, as seen in the photos below. It's not the end of the world if I cannot reduce or even cure it, but I wondered if there is anything...
  3. D

    OLED C8 Upgrade due to burn in

    Hi guys I currently have an LG C8 OLED and unfortunately at some irritating screen burn. I play a lot of the same game, fifa, on it and it now has burn in top right and along the bottom. So it's time to look at something new. Obviously OLED isnt going to cut it for my usage so need to look at...
  4. W

    Screen burn

    I have a lg web os tv oled55c6v which i purchased from RICHER SOUNDS at Redhill Surrey for £1750.00 about 6 or 7 years ago great tv when working but have screen burn as i understand from other posts is common for this tv the screen burn is the FREEVIEW tv guide that appears on every other...
  5. C

    Anyone take JL to court over the worn out pixel/screen burn issue ?

    After many weeks of exchanging emails JL won't admit to my LGOLED55B7V being faulty. They claim the screen burn/yellow screen issue ( confirmed by LG Tech ) is due to the fact that I watch the wrong programs for too long (!) I had a phone call from them weeks ago saying they had arranged with...
  6. E

    Domestic & general sent repair guys - oled screen burn

    So domestic guys on the phone said we dont cover screen burn They sent some 3rd party repair team Because apart from screen burn the screen was abnormally hot and would take a while to turn on Anyway when it turned on he said does it usually take this long i said no but recently he then seen...
  7. Te23

    Burn in warranty on UK oled’s

    Iam struggling to get a definitive answer anywhere. Which UK LG oled tvs are covered with a burn in warranty? I dont mean paid warranties like john lewis, ive read that all LG oled evo panels are covered in USA but not Uk ? Can anyone clarify which models have screen burn in warranty as standard...
  8. A

    LG 2018 C8, strange burn in

    LG C8 here, no serious burn-in so far for a TV of that age (but also not used that much), but I've just noticed my first burn-in issue, and I find it strange: It's very subtle so I enhanced it. I'm only noticing it now, although they're the icons of the original WebOS browser's bar, which they...
  9. pigsnhuds

    Screen burn LGOLED65BV7

    I bought a LGOLED65BV7 TV in Jan 2018 from John Lewis so it is just out of warranty, I noticed the screen burn in the past but has considerably worsened over the past few months and stumbled across a few threads on here. There have been few e-mails going back and forth but will summarise the...
  10. U

    OLED65B7V Sky Q banner burn in tips

    Just had my 2nd panel replacement after getting near to the end of my 5 year warranty on a OLED65B7V from Currys. First time due some heavy burn in from GMTV logo and my latest one due to losing the colour yellow! Have to say Currys have been great each time with no argument needed on a...
  11. EarthTrip2020

    LG OLED65B7V Screen Issues HELP.. Banding or burn in?! Under warranty Richer Sounds

    Dear All! I am going out of my mind as I’ve just noticed that this is super expensive a TV has developed a screen fault. I have attached screenshots of the tests that I have done. It is still under warranty with Richer Sounds, however, I am not sure what my options are. TV is about 4/5 years...
  12. P

    Burn in still there or not?

    Why are people spending big bucks on an OLED TV when there is a strong likelyhood they will suffer burn in or other screen issues. Am I the only one concerned about this?
  13. B

    Panasonic p60st60 short term burn in

    Hello. I have a Panasonic P60ST60 which I’ve had from new. The only issue I’ve had is the last few years the screen when I change channels will have a hologram of what was previously on. Every time this happens I have only had that particular channel on for a few minutes and then it will only...
  14. H

    Burn in?

    I have an ancient Panasonic 42 plasma tv with swirling lines evident in the black screen. In normal lighting they are invisible. In a bright room it’s disconcerting. Is this burn in?
  15. J

    OLED Burn In Potential Thoughts

    Hi, 2022 LG C2 OLED 65 inch on OLED care mode (dims static images and moves screen slightly) I'm connecting laptop and PS4 via HDMI to watch movies and play games, I've had an idea to have a second small monitor with a separate HDMI cable.. Connect the PS4 to the second lcd monitor to boot up...
  16. S

    Any advice for this burn in?

    LG OLED B6, owned from new and I’ve just noticed the below burn in which is only showing in red. I’ve ran a couple of “clear noise” functions on the TV but it’s not made any difference. Is there anything further that can be done? I’m not entirely sure if it’s burn in, since it’s not a logo etc.
  17. S

    OLED65G6V Screen Burn

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing screen burn on their 3D OLED TV's? I have just seen a few posts for other LG TVs having screen burn, where people have had their TV's fixed. As there are no more 3D panels being made, even if I was to get it fixed, the panel would be replaced by a...
  18. AndyBike

    Burn in caused by pc usage

    Oh dear, no doubt another burn in thread. But I think this is a relevant question. Im in the market for a new TV(65"), and oled would be nice but for the above problem. Now i use my tv as a pc monitor 70% of the time, and while i scroll, open pages etc, the top of the page has toolbars and web...
  19. J

    Risk of OLED Burn In today

    What Geoffrey Morrison and David Katzmaier of CNET say, "Also, OLED technology has gotten better. Billions of dollars have been spent on OLED manufacturing and R&D, and that's ongoing. So stories you may have heard about "burn-in" likely entered the zeitgeist years ago about older OLED displays...
  20. X

    Lg C7 with some burn in... any worth it in 2022? Video Inside :)

    Hi! I am not a hardcore gamer and I mostly watch netflix and movies, I have always had entry level TVs and I am tired of the low quality. I am also an amateur photographer and it is sad to display my photos on such a bad TVs where nothing looks like it should so I tough of changing the TV... I...
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