1. R

    Screen burn retification

    I have an LG C6 OLED which looks like it's suffering from screen burn from the Sky progress bar. Is there a way of getting rid of this? I tried "Clear panel noise" but it didn't seem to help. Is there anything else I can try ?
  2. R

    Sky Q screen burn

    Anyone else experiencing screen burn? I've noticed I have what looks like a burn from the bar on the lower part of the screen which appears during pause, rewind, fast forward. This is on a LG C6 OLED.
  3. N

    Another Burn In Warning

    We purchased our 65" LG OLED in March 2017. Within 2 years we began to see signs of burn-in primarily caused by the various news stations and their info boxes. Now, after about 3 years the burn-in has become very significant. One expects a $2500 TV to function properly for many years but this...
  4. D

    Question lg e6v oled screen burn

    Where has my thread with my screen burn images and questions gone? has it been deleted at richer sounds request? I was coming on to update where i was upto
  5. S

    Question Screen burn or pixel degradation

    Hi, I have a 2016 lg ef950v 55" that is showing some serious image retention. The well known high Street retailers 6 year warranty as we all know doesn't cover screen burn but wanted to check if that if even what I'm contesting. On colours the top and bottom bands are clear along with logos...
  6. J

    Question Panasonic TX55EZ952B - OLED Screen Burn

    I have had my TX55EZ952B for 2 1/2 yrs and the screen burn is progressively getting worse. I started to notice TV channel logo/banner burn in just over a yr from purchase. The retailer referred me to Panasonic UK, who subsequently rejected any claim of fault on the basis that screenburn is not...
  7. Wai

    Question Amp burn in necessary? Recommendation to improve HIFI set up

    Hi everyone This is my first post regarding Hifi as I've just purchased my first system! I have Roksan Blak integrated amp, Node 2i streamer and Fyne Audio F502 loudspeakers. I use Chord Clearway speaker cables and for twin RCA from the Node to the amp. Firstly, I auditioned a number of...
  8. EmmaJ

    Panasonic TX- 65FZ802B burn on screen

    I noticed last night that we have what I think is a burn on our screen. I find this a bit odd as we have had the tv for quite a while now and never had this before. It’s the logo from Good Morning Britain! I ran the panel maintenance last night but it made no difference. I only watch GMB for...
  9. D

    Screen burn advice needed

    I have an LG 55B6V OLED TV which has developed considerable screen burn over the last 18 months. It was purchased in Spring 2017. Much of the problem has been caused by use of BBC red button text which is used each day and several times each day but not for extended periods (ten minutes at a...
  10. Y

    Screen Burn

    Looking to buy LG OLED55B9PLA but the screen burn issues are putting me off spending £1k on it. What’s everyone’s experience with the set?
  11. T

    LG 55 B7 screen burn after 18 months, Replaced with Samsung 55 Q90R, mistake?

    My 18 month old and 1st OLED LG B7 got really bad screen burn in the centre of the screen (green tinge) which I recently replaced with a QLED Q90R. I've always been really careful with leaving any static images and not really do any gaming so disappointed that it developed this in such a short...
  12. S

    OLED65E6V screen damage question

    I've had this TV for 4 years now and today this damage randomly appeared at the bottom left corner. I don't know what caused it, I most certainly never hit the screen or anything. I do have to add that I've turned off the power supply to the TV after usage. I had no idea what I should not do...
  13. C

    Question OLED Burn In

    I am trying to buy a new TV and I really want the CX Oled but I'm afraid of burn in. Tv will be used for gaming primarily and movies with some Netflix. Is burn in a really big deal??
  14. Scott28

    John Lewis Accidental Damage Insurance - Burn In Covered

    John Lewis appear to have upped there game in the sale of OLED’s offering additional Accidental Damage Insurance as an add on purchase. Hopefully other retailers follow. £140 for additional insurance based on the 65C9 Does this mark the end of the worry for Burn In on OLED? Product Info;
  15. fiorito82

    Ashampoo burning studio 21 wont burn BDXL RE

    I have problem with BDXL disc, which is erasable.. When i erase the disc, and wont burn some files again, it said that there is not enough disc space on it.. i alse erasad the disc with Nero burning tool, and try to burn it with it, and it works.. Not sure what is wrong with Ashampoo, and hope...
  16. P

    Hi new number, oled screen burn

    Hello I'm a new member with a LG oled55c7v TV, now the TV is 22 months old and has 5 years warrenty. What I first purchased the TV it had screen burn, green in the middle of the TV on light colours. Curries/pc world took the TV back via team know how and replaced the screen... All good until a...
  17. O

    Question Sony 65AF8 - is this burn in?

    Good evening all, I have recently starting noticing some issues with my picture on grey / dark scenes, On running a burn in checker video I found on Youtube the distortion/burn-in is clear to see. It wasn't always like this but something that has developed over presumably the last few months. I...
  18. J

    Question Is it Screen Burn

    Are the green ghostly lines near to the bottom of my less than two year Panasonic oled the dreaded screen burn?
  19. 40something

    LG B9 and burn in settings

    I understand that brightness is something to be away about. My brightness setting is on 50. But the "Peak Brightness" looks better on low/medium. Is this a bad thing with possible burn in factors.
  20. Homeby51

    LG finally made good on my OLED burn in issue....I went with a Samsung and couldn't be happier.

    My LG OLED suffered horrible burn in after about a year and a half. LG told me they would buy my set back. They came and picked up my set and supposedly are mailing me a check of about 80% of my purchase price (I haven't received it yet) Anyway......there was no way in hell I was going to buy...
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