1. M

    Really wanting to buy an OLED but worried about burn in

    Hi guys, I'm currently in the market for a new TV and have never been closer to buying one, it's for me and my parents and I've been spending the last couple of months shortlisting and watching and looking at various models and decided on the Sony A80J. However now I'm becoming THIS close to...
  2. thesnodger

    Wanted LG 6 series OLED with 3D = No screen burn

    Hi, Looking for a C/E/G 6 series OLED with no screen burn. Prefer 65" or larger. I am in North West so would prefer not to have to drive more than a couple of hours if possible to pick up. Thanks all!
  3. T

    LG C1 glare and burn in

    I'm trying to decide on getting the LG C1 or Samsung N90A. Here's my question for LG C1 people: I read about "Glare" and the reflective screen. Is this a problem if you are watching tv at night and you have lamps directly across from the tv? I have a 50" Panasonic Plasma that I want to "just...
  4. M

    Potential screen burn hazard on Channel 5 UK?

    Just noticed yesterday that when watching Channel 5 there is a small square in the top right corner of the screen comprising of a white and a black triangle joined together when watching a tv program which is present at all times except during the adverts. Is the presence of the white triangle...
  5. S

    Burning Data Disc to BD-R keeps failing - Is there a maximum file size I can burn? Any Tips?

    Hi, Sorry if I am in the wrong forum area. This is my first post on AV forums. I have a large collection of home video files going back to 1992, taken on various SONY Camcorders and now a Go Pro. I try to back these up using BD-R 25 or 50GB discs but have recently had issues burning my discs...
  6. J

    My burn in issue with LG C8 where the subtitles appear.

    Here's a photo of my two-year old LG C8, showing burn-in where the subtitles appear.
  7. S

    Oled Screen burn

    Why this is my second screen to do this in 2 years no gaming no static immages what a joke
  8. Durzel

    Bought LG OLED C7 from Currys in 2017, 5 year warranty with KnowHow.. severe burn in, am I screwed?

    Hi all, Curious to know what people's thoughts are on this... I bought a LG OLED65C7V back in late 2017 from Currys, and at the time it came with a 5 year KnowHow warranty. It was quite an ordeal just getting the documentation for that warranty, involving me having to email the CEO of Currys...
  9. R

    Would an unfit person burn more calories running the same distance and speed as someone who is very fit and athletic?

    Bit of a random question but in my mind... the unfit person would lose more calories... can someone confirm or deny this? :) thanks
  10. K

    LG 2018 OLED 55C8PLA Horrible Burn in

    I was so happy to purchase what I thought was going to be a great TV. We primarily used the tv for watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. I do enjoy watching tennis and some other sports. After two years I noticed five or six small boxes in the lower right corner in various shades of darkness. I then...
  11. C

    Burn Windows Movie Maker 10 project to DVD

    Hi I am attempting to burn a file i have created in Windows Movie Maker 10 project to a DVD. Within WMM10 i have created a project, and in WMM10 parlance created a "DVD". So i just want to transfer that to a physical DVD which i can give to someone. I had hoped that as it was created as a...
  12. B

    Used Oled with burn in, would it affect day to day,real viewing?

    Hi all, Found a used 65 inch E6, that has some burn in, but wondering if it will affect in normal viewing. If anyone can share from experience. To me comparing other images people have shared, doesnt look like it will affect too much, as its not as dark, but have no experience myself...
  13. Ethan Burke

    About cumulative effect for Burn in

    Hey guys Something I read several times is that pixel degradation / burn in in OLED panels is a cumulative thing. In other words, If you see 30 minutes of a TV channel with static logo today and 30 minutes tomorrow is the same than watching 1 hour. The only source I found about this is the...
  14. Stevie G

    Screen burn on 4 year old LG OLED TV - advise on our rights please!

    Hi all My mum and step-dad bought a 55" LG OLED 55B6 about four years ago from John Lewis with a 5 year warranty. About a month ago some dark blurred blocks appeared on the screen and have stayed permanently. They have contacted John Lewis who were going to send out an engineer. No engineer...
  15. N

    Dvd format to burn

    I have recently been editing some old home movies from camcorder that I want to save to DVD. The finished picture quality is pretty good on my editing suite. I converted the file format to MPEG ready to burn the DVD ( I have read that this is the correct formation most DVD players ) The DVD is...
  16. B

    LG C8 burn or defect

    Hi All Please see photos, looking for opinions on this issue I'm having on my LG C8. I have this defect in the center of the screen, very similar to the one my C7 had. Again as it was on the C7, this part of the screen gets incredibly hot and i see this as the cause of failure on my C7 and now...
  17. Tristan45


    How much is this worth if I was to sell please guys
  18. Kapkirk

    Should I be worried about Burn in on Panasonic OLED?

    I was just browsing youtube and noticed many LG OLED users complaining of screen Burn on their TV's, I had heard about this before buying my Panasonic but didn't pay much too much attention as many people are saying on here it's not really an issue anymore, nearly all of the videos are from LG...
  19. P

    Best settings to help prevent screen burn

    Hey all, I have a 55' LG CX on the way from Richersounds but I just want to make sure I have the best settings in place to help prevent against screen burn. Is there any recommended youtube videos out there that I could follow to make sure im not doing anything to cause additional burn in? I...
  20. G

    Can you really damage speakers with a "powerful" amp?

    I've just ordered the the Denon AVR-X2700H and Wharfedale DX-2 (5.1 setup) package on the recommendation of a well known retailer. I wasn't aware you had to match amps to speakers, and now I'm worried the amp might be too powerful and will damage my speakers. I (now) understand connecting...
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