1. S

    Best tv to prevent burn-in

    Hey guys. This is my first post on here. I’m looking to buy a new tv. Partly because I want to upgrade to a newer/better tv that’s also bigger in size, but also I want one that’s good for ps5 gaming that has little or no chance of screen burn-in. I think I might’ve found a great tv on the John...
  2. theVodkaCircle

    Advice on upgrading TV - multiple use cases - Thank you!

    Hi all, I currently have a Hisense series 5 58" 4K telly as my main PC monitor with a second screen being a normal PC monitor. It's been great but I'm looking for something with a higher refresh rate/HDMI 2.1 and generally better image quality. Running output from an Nvidia 3080Ti. My use...
  3. A

    2021 Sony OLED A80J - image retention issue?

    Hello everyone. I just bought the OLED Sony A80J a few days ago and it’s amazing! However, I noticed one thing which is concerning me. So I was browsing through Disney+ On my Apple TV And decided that I was gonna watch a Marvel movie. I was scrolling through the different movie titles when I...
  4. P

    QUESTION: Sony XH9505 or OLED TV?

    Hi everybody, I just bought a 55 inch Sony TV 55XH9505 (X950H), and I am both satisfied and a little disappointed. I have had it for a few days and I can still return it. I come a long way, since I had an old 32 inches 720p Sony from 2008 (it would be too long to explain why I kept it for so...
  5. A

    More Burn-in!! Tips for Increasing Image Retention?!

    I expect this is a very unusual request on this forum... I'm a video artist currently experiment with ways to increase burn-in / image retention to create (more or less) lasting ghost images on plasma screens. I have a few working ideas: Long duration exposure of high contrast, still image...
  6. T

    Better burn-in protection Sony or LG?

    Hello All, With both the LG CX and Sony A8 at the same price I'm looking for reason to buy (or not to buy) one or the other. I've noticed the Sony does not have logo luminescence protection, which I would have thought would be essential considering the nature of oled panels? Does Sony know...
  7. J

    Question Which manufacturer has the best anti burn-in software?

    Hi, buying my first oled in this years BF sales and wondered if there is one brand which deals with burn-in better? I know the 2020 LGs can detect static logos and dim them slightly but do all the big players do this now days? I'm coming from a Panasonic g20 plasma and never had any issues...
  8. loky

    Who is the author of Youtube app that is hurting our tellys?

    I'm trying to find the company that is creating the Youtube app preinstalled on tvs (LG, Samsung etc.). Unfortunately finding anything in google/youtube mess is barely possible. I want to ask them to create it more OLED friendly, because the one we have for years now is destroying our OLED...
  9. (GTV)Chris

    panasonic tx-55ez952b help

    HI, I have the above TV. Still a beautiful TV (a few years on). I calibrated it for hours and it looks amazing. However.... Bloody Sky TV has caused burn in on the screen, and on certain things like the green of a football pitch, you can see the ghosting of the side panel of the Sky home screen...
  10. nemesis429

    Best place to buy CX65 OLED for TV Warranty regarding burn-in etc?

    As per title where’s the best place to purchase an LG CX65 TV with regards to warranty (panel uniform unity, burn-in etc)? Took me 3 TVs before I decided on my current Panasonic TV many years ago. Thanks in advance.
  11. C

    Reverse Burn-in ?

    I have just bought this ex display Panasonic GZ2000 from Currys PC world and was disappointed to notice that where the sales card had been placed on the screen during its time on the shop floor, it seems a permanent screen mark has manifested. You can see on the bottom left the rectangle outline...
  12. PzykoSkillz

    Question Burn-in Question and TV Suggestion

    My kids and I both play a lot of Call of Duty which has static images and my wife watches a lot of Food Network which does as well. I’m mainly just worried about burn-in. I’ve never had an OLED before so not sure how long you are generally safe with the same image on the screen. I'm trying to...
  13. joscejrod

    77” panels more prone to get burn-in?

    Hello. Do you know if 77” oled panels are more prone to get permanent burn-in? In a shop, a buyer advisor told me that bigger pixels require more light and generates more temperature, so the risk is higher. Now this size can be bought with some discount and the immersion has to be amazing...
  14. Clem_Dye

    OLED burn-in checker

    Caught sight of this link recently: Samsung's OLED TV burn-in PSA is a cheeky dig at LG | Trusted Reviews . I don’t have an OLED panel, but this might be of use to owners. Enjoy! Clem
  15. D


    It seems in my search for a new 4k TV, my preferred being LG Oled’s more and more people are now reporting screen burn-in, starting from the early 6 series all the way to the 8 series , there has now been more testing done to confirm this from the likes of ratings.com and also other buyers of...
  16. H

    Would Sky Protect (legal and general) cover burn in on OLED B6

    Does anybody know if Sky Protect covers burn in on OLED B6? Here is the sky protect policy doc https://www.skyprotect.com/dam/jcr:07f5af8b-0bd9-4c8b-aae1-10c250e8028c/SKY_Protect_IPID_Web.pdf Thank you
  17. G

    It's probably not this simple .... but an idea for a "fix" to burn-in

    There's quite a lot of talk of burn in on the forums at the moment, and I think it's right that people are concerned. We have several members here with burn in to various degrees. LG have been tweaking the panels over the years, and potentially the larger red sub pixel in this years panels will...
  18. Dmcgrath009

    Question Samsung 59" picture issues PN59D530

    Hey guys, new to the forums, did some looking around today there is a lot of information here! I have an issue with my 59" Sammy plasma (PN59D530), a few weeks ago while I was out of town for work my girlfriend was watching TV and heard a pop, the picture went out but the TV remained on and...
  19. scoobysmiff

    Samsung Note 8 screen burn.

    So my Note 8 has screen burn, quite severe in my eyes but non the less it can't be disputed. Took it to Samsung experience shop today and they said that becuase of a crack I the screen - a recent addition I might add, it is not covered under warranty and will cost £230 to fix. I argued they...
  20. M

    Get philips or LG C7 oled or wait?

    A bit nervous buying a new 55", but really love the demos I see from oleds. Usually walk in to stores with mind set to LCD (to avoid burn-in) and they look very good, but after a short stroll over to the OLED side the LCDs look a bit washed out in the colours. Is this because they emphasise...
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