1. shotokan101

    Mobile Lightroom Very Serious Bug - anyone affected?

  2. P-P-S-S

    Is my iPhone XR malfunctioning or is it a bug?

    I have an iPhone XR which is only 4 months old. Recently it has been acting strangely. The text chime (on Messages and WhatsApp) does not ring most of the time. Sometimes it does ring but about 10 seconds after the new message banner has appeared. Also, when I am playing music in the car through...
  3. S

    Yamaha BAR 40 starts to play at random

    Hi, I have various Yamaha MusicCast devices in the house, for multi-room playback. In the living room I have a BAR 40. Inputs I have set up is 1. HDMI from AppleTV and output is to my TV with HDMI with ARC. Most often used. 2. Spotify 2. AirPlay 3. NetRadio 4. Bluetooth the rest is...
  4. Suriya

    Q95T game mode local dimming bug

    in game-mode tv loss drastic brightness every 6min in HDR. To fix this temporary have to set local dimming low then high restores original brightness then it keep happens again and again. sometimes it happens in SDR too. Game-mode ON (default settings) Game-MotionPlus OFF (with game motion plus...
  5. R

    Question Help needed please Gta online arcade bug

    Hello I'm wondering if anybody has had a problem with their arcades in Gta online I purchased the arcade in paleto Bay (pixel Pete I think it's called) to do the casino heist but one day when I logged on I went to do some more heist prep and noticed that the arcade was now covered in graffiti...
  6. Paul D

    Zoomed screen. Bug or fault?

    Hi, i've got a two month old iPhone 11. I had a problem with the screen going into mega zoom after a call ended. I mean one keypad button was nearly the size of the whole screen etc. I couldn't pinch it down to size. It was stuck in mega zoom. I could use three fingers on screen to move the...
  7. Ste7en

    Starting to lose that collecting bug again

    Well, I've been through this before and I dare say I'll go through it again as well. Totally lost the bug to buy movies again :( It started at the weekend. Trying to rationalise my collection. Eeking out the Poundland stuff (already owned, but not from Poundland) and relegating it to Slappa...
  8. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Samsung Galaxy S10 bug unlocks phone for anyone

    Samsung has acknowledged a potentially serious problem when using the in-screen fingerprint sensor in its Galaxy S10 range of handsets. Read the news. Write your own review for Samsung Galaxy S10
  9. H

    NEWS: Apple TV 4K set for HDR/SDR bug fix

    The latest beta of tvOS for developers contains fixes for the dynamic range issues of the Apple TV 4K as well as adding dynamic refresh rate switching as an option. Read the news. Write your own review for Apple TV 4K
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