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    Recommended Budget 55" TVs in Ireland

    Hey, I've been looking on the forum for a good TV and checked the pinned Guide but have run into issues finding most of these TVs in Ireland. I've gotten a list of TV prices that I've been looking at that could work but some tips for this would be massively appreciated: LG BX 55" : 1,150€...
  2. U

    TCL 65S535 vs Hisense R8 Series? When to buy TCL, is there a price drop in near future ?

    Would you please suggest which TV I should buy, I don't see a comparison between these two anywhere. TCL 65S535 (for $650, BBY link) Hisense 65R8F (for $570 with some discount I am getting, but not sure why I don't see people talking much about this TV?, BBY link) Anything else but in a similar...
  3. O

    budget 65"-70" tv

    Thanks for this website and all the reviews you make, especially Dodgexander's 20-21 tv buying guide which is really helpful. The tv market is really confusing, with plethora of different serials and it's really hard to tell how different models scale and compare. Basically in France for...
  4. L

    Question Which (UHD) BluRay Player for Budget TV?

    Greetings everyone, I recently got a Samsung TU 8509 in 43" and therefore I am looking around for a (UHD) BluRay player. I know that the TV is an entry-level model, but I made a conscious decision because I prefer a cheap one with inconvenience I can live with as an expensive one with same...
  5. J

    Question Can you recommend a decent budget TV focussing mainly on image only?

    Hi, apologies if this gets asked a lot, did a brief search but couldn't find many answers. I'm looking to spend something in the region of £500 for a TV. I'd mainly be using it for films and gaming - though it's more important to me that the films look good rather than the games. I will likely...
  6. G

    Bedroom TV £500 or less

    Need a new set for the bedroom. Existing set is likely 10 years old or more 32" lg it works pictures terrible sound dreadful and it's far too thick. As we are decorating it's the perfect opportunity to replace it Requirements 4k, support for all major on demand apps, No need for a tuner prefer...
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    Question 65" TV on a budget

    I'm looking for a 65" TV on a budget of around 1000 EUR (viewing distance 2.20m). I'm living in Israel, therefore the offering is a bit limited. I will use it solely for movies (UHD) and TV shows; no gaming or anything like that, so features like FreeSync are pretty much useless for me. HDR...
  8. tcoward

    Question Best 50" TV for around £500

    Looking to replace a 40" Samsung TV from c 2010. I'm assuming it's better to go up to around 50" to appreciate the benefits of 4k and HDR, but I'd be open to suggestions of smaller TVs if that's not the case. After doing some research I'm considering these two options Hisense H50B7500UK and...
  9. C

    Question Budget tv for PC monitor

    Hi, I`m currently after 4k tv that will be used as my pc monitor. I would mostly use it for watching movies, web browsing and doing some CAD work (Solid edge, pcb design software), pretty much no gaming. I don`t want it to be any larger than 43" because I will be sitting quite close to the...
  10. J

    Entry level TV

    Hi all, I'm looking for entry level TV for my nephew. Sub £400 around 49" and it'll mainly be used for gaming. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance
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