bt hub

  1. damo09

    bt hub

    hi all I have the latest bt hub, and I have used all the inputs, if i was to replace it what would be the one to go for?? TIA
  2. leebroath

    How to set a different password for BT Hub 6 on 5Ghz

    Hi Guys On my previous router settings on sky I was able to split the WiFi bands and give them separate passwords, which means the device using 2.4 or 5 would only select that one because of the set password. Now though we have the new ultrafast BT Hub 6 and although I can separate the bands, I...
  3. martimu

    Answered BT Hub 5 playing up, what to replace it with?

    My Hub 5 is getting more unreliable. The main issue is dropouts. It is almost constant some days. If I'm streaming music I sometimes have to disconnect and reconnect to the network after just 3 or 4 songs. It's getting tiresome! I need something reliable, that works with BT fibre and has...
  4. A

    BT Hub 4 not connecting

    Hi guys, I'm new,retired and not very technical. I have a Yamaha WXA 50 which worked fine through the Talk Talk router. When I switched to BT I got a Hub 4 and no subsequent connection with the amplifier. BT cant understand and Yamaha say that searching online is the best way to find a solution...
  5. Kailash

    Sony TV won't connect to BT Hub 6

    hi the TV was connecting ok until today, now it's saying cannot find router its plugged in with a network cable but it won't connect doesn't pick up the wifi connection either all other devices (laptop, phones) are all on the internet ok anyone had this issue or can tell me what to check for...
  6. jselectrical

    Swann cctv corrupting Bt hub 5?!

    I am on my third nvr unit and have found every time I plug it into my hub it shuts my wifi down and my hub light goes orange. I have had my Bt engineer out twice. Nothing wrong with hub (apparently). I have fired several of these for customers with no bother at all. My own one, big headache! The...
  7. Gromitboy

    Question Windows 10 / Xbox Streaming using BT Home Hub

    Hi all This is an issue that has been driving me a little crazy to say the least. The shiniest new feature of the Xbox One as far as I'm concerned is the ability to stream to a Windows 10 machine so that you can play in other rooms. As soon as my Xbox updated I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10...
  8. kah22

    Question BT Hub and Netflix Help In Setting Up

    im switching from TalkTalk to BT infinity. I already subscribe to Netflix what settings do I need to alter on th new BT Hub in order to continue receiving Netflix? Is there anything else I should watch out for with the Hub?
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