Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, commonly with about 12–12.5% tin and often with the addition of other metals (such as aluminium, manganese, nickel or zinc) and sometimes non-metals or metalloids such as arsenic, phosphorus or silicon. These additions produce a range of alloys that may be harder than copper alone, or have other useful properties, such as strength, ductility, or machinability.
The archeological period in which bronze was the hardest metal in widespread use is known as the Bronze Age. The beginning of the Bronze Age in India and western Eurasia is conventionally dated to the mid-4th millennium BC, and to the early 2nd millennium BC in China; elsewhere it gradually spread across regions. The Bronze Age was followed by the Iron Age starting from about 1300 BC and reaching most of Eurasia by about 500 BC, although bronze continued to be much more widely used than it is in modern times.
Because historical pieces were often made of brasses (copper and zinc) and bronzes with different compositions, modern museum and scholarly descriptions of older objects increasingly use the generalized term "copper alloy" instead.

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  1. nekromantik

    Monitor Audio AMS Bronze to Silver or upgrade rears

    hi all So I currently have LCR speakers which are Monitor Audio Silvers 50s and C250 and for rears I used my old Dali Pikos. I also have MA Bronze AMS on the fronts as up firing. Would a upgrade to Silver AMS make any difference to upfiring capability? Or would it be better to upgrade rears...
  2. J

    For Sale B&W DM603 S3, B&W LCR600 S3, Monitor Audio Bronze C150, Monitor Audio Bronze 50

    Selling various speakers. Monitor Audio Bronze 50 Pair in White £200 Monitor Audio Bronze C150 in White £150 B&W DM603 S3 Pair Sorrento : £200 B&W LCR 600 S3 Cherry : £150 Pick up the lot for £450
  3. V

    Question Is it worthwhile upgrading to the Bronze 200/C150/50 (or KEF Q550/Q250c/Q15) from the Radius 270/200/90?

    I'm contemplating upgrading to the Bronze 200/C150/50s from the MA Radius. Alternatively: KEF Q series. Usage: Exclusively for movies. Is this worth the upgrade price? I know people typically recommend the Silvers however they're too out of my price range. Plus I'm not sold on the styling of...
  4. jacobmorrison

    For Sale Ortofon Quintet Bronze Moving Coil Cartridge with Matching LH-4000 Headshell

    This moving coil cartridge was purchased in 2019 and has only had occasional use, maybe two albums a month if that. The headshell is a couple of years older but in mint condition as you can see from the photos. The needle is straight, the tip in very good condition, and it has years of use left...
  5. V

    Which are the better set of speakers for HT usage, the Q Acoustics 3000 series or these Monitor Audio Bronze?

    Looking for a budget set of speakers for my dad. He is currently using Tannoy TFX 5.1 which are god awful. Budget: £250. Have managed to find the following on FB Marketplace. I don't know what is the exact model of these speakers: vs Thanks in advance.
  6. S7M0N

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze BR5 Walnut for sale (NOW REDUCED to £120)

    For sale 🎶 My faithful Monitor Audio BR5 bronze speakers in Walnut finish. Bought from new and including speaker grills and original boxes Very good condition apart from 3 small marks on one speaker as shown in pictures. No marks or damage to the drivers! Over the years I have used these in...
  7. mikmo1900

    Completing my Monitor Audio Bronze BX 2 set up

    Completing my Monitor Audio Bronze BX 2 set up Hi, I am excited to have my Monitor Audio Bronze BX 2 speakers arrive today for my home gym. I choose these as I am looking for great sound even without a sub (initally at least) for a modest budget. These will be used for music from my TV or...
  8. F

    Question MA Bronze/Silver FX mix/match/upgrade

    I'm just adding an additional side pair of FX to go 7.1.2 I've already got bronze 5g on the back wall but.... I can probably source an identical pair for the sides when they come up for sale, or was thinking of picking up some 7g silvers (can't find 6g anywhere) & currently on 6g fronts/centres...
  9. stuart07970

    MA Bronze 500’s?

    I’ve always had Yamaha AV amps, currently on an RX-A4A. Have been running a 5.0 system with a pair of Mission M74’s, and an M7C2 for the centre for 22 years. (77DS’s as rears). I’ve just seen that I can get some Monitor Audio Bronze 500’s for £500 and a matching centre for £150. which seems like...
  10. stuart07970

    Question Buying advice for Monitor Audio Bronze 500

    I’ve always had Yamaha AV amps, currently on an RX-A4A. Have been running a 5.0 system with a pair of Mission M74’s, and an M7C2 for the centre for 22 years. (77DS’s as rears). I’ve just seen that I can get some Monitor Audio Bronze 500’s for £500 and a matching centre for £150. which seems like...
  11. B

    Monitor Audio Bronze 200 or Dali Oberon 5's

    Hi I currently have the following setup... Fronts - Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 Centre - Monitor Audio Bronze C150 Rears - Monitor Audio Bronze 1 Subwoofer - REL HT1003 Amplifier - Denon X1700H It sounds pretty good but while upgrading the power cable for the amplifier and better speaker cables...
  12. Wilkeh

    What atmos speakers for Bronze 500?

    Hey folks, I'm looking to add Atmos speakers to my MA Bronze 500's however the MA AMS atmos speakers are disigned to fit with MA 50 or 200's. Because I have the larger 500 speakers what would be my best option as they'll look weird sat on top of them if they're too small. Appreciate any help
  13. N

    Used MA Bronze 2's V Dali Spektor 2's

    I've got a fairly old 5.1 Mordaunt Short Alumni setup, with an equally old Yamaha RX-V765 receiver. I'm still pretty happy with the overall sound in my small front room. But I'm wanting more from listening to music, in either a 2.0 or 2.1 setup. All I'm after doing is upgrading the front 2...
  14. Ed Selley

    Ortofon 2MR Bronze Moving Magnet Cartridge Review & Comments

    Ortofon squeezes its long running 2M carts into a smaller form factor; is this now the moving magnet for all seasons? Read the review. Write your own review for Ortofon 2MR Bronze
  15. I

    Budget Rear surround speakers to compliment MA Bronze?

    Hi Folks, I originally had a Wharfedale DX-2 5.1 set up, but replaced the sub with a BK Gemini II and have just replaced the LCR with Monitor Audio Bronze 50's and a 150 (I managed to get the 3 speakers for just shy of £350!). We still have the DX-2 as rear surrounds, and we sit on the sofa...
  16. S

    Subwoofer to go with Monitor audio 5 bronze 3.0 setup

    So I recently moved from a flat to a mid terrace and noticed I could do with a little more bass in my life so am looking for Sub recommendations. I've been using floor standing monitor audio bronze 5s, a left and a right, and a centre for the last five ISH years. I'm using a Sony DN1080. I...
  17. D

    Surprising find

    So I'm getting more and more into Hi-Fi, lately, and I've managed to get my hands on a few different speakers. Today, I finally got to compare them side-by-side and I have been quite surprised with my findings.... I think. Now, as I said, I am still a beginner in this space so please correct me...
  18. tigermad

    Monitor Audio Bronze Floorstanders and Centre. How much?

    I am thinking about selling the above but I have no idea how they are worth. I think they are the 5 Series and around 10 years old. Does anyone have any idea how much to advertise them on here for please? I think they are cherry. Thanks
  19. MartinH32

    Phono Stage to go with Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition with 2m Bronze

    Hi, As in the title, I'm looking for a phono stage to go along with this. Budget at the moment around £200. Just snagged the turntabe for a little over £1150.
  20. RiCHeeGee

    Question Advice needed on upgrade from MA Bronze 5 to Silver 300

    I'm thinking of upgrading my MA Bronze 5's to MA Silver (7G) 300's - I want a decent three way speaker for music but it will also be part of a 7.1.4 home cinema setup. Is this going to be a massive mismatch with the MA Bronze centre I currently own? I'm prioritising stereo music over home...
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