1. cause_of_chaos

    Atmos speakers, are the Monitor Audio Bronze AMS worth it with the Bronze Gen 5 series?

    Hi all, hope you're keeping well. I own a Pioneer VSX-932 AV Receiver with the Monitor Audio Bronze series of speakers in 5.1 configuration (MA Bronze 6, MA Bronze 2 and MA Bronze Centre). I also have a BK XLS200 Sub. Looking to buy a pair of Atmos speakers, and have the MA Bronze AMS in my...
  2. Secondhand


    Selling my perfect condition Monitor Audio Bronze Centre and Bronze FX. I’m current upgrading equipment hence selling to create spare cash. Everything is in perfect working order with no defects or scratches and sounds phenomenal. I’ve really looked after them. Bothcomes in matching Black Ash...
  3. J

    Amplifier for Monitor Audio Bronze 500 (6g) need HELP

    Hello, I need suggestion, I have MA Bronze 500 6g and Marantz PM6007 and it seems not so powerful enough. What can you offer for me, that does not break the budget? I would need stereo amp with optical input.
  4. A

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze BX 5.0 Walnut & BK P12-300SB-DF Black

    Monitor Audio Bronze BX 5.0 Walnut Monitor Audio BRONZE BX2 x2 Monitor Audio BRONZE BX1 x2 Monitor Audio BRONZE BX CENTRE x1 These speakers have been owned from new and well looked after. They're in fair condition considering their age. No noticeable marks or blemishes, other than on one of...
  5. damnfinecoffee

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze 2 | Dali Oberon On-Wall | Dali E9-F Sub

    I'm downsizing so I have a few things for sale. Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Walnut £150 Purchased from Peter Tyson in March 2020 with 5 year warranty. Immaculate condition Includes original box and accessories. ... Dali Oberon On-Wall Walnut £450 Purchased from Fanthorpes in Hull 2019 brand...
  6. T

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze 5.1..SOLD

    Monitor Audio Bronze 5.1 Speakers in very good condition. 1 x monitor audio bronze bxw-10 subwoofer 1 x monitor audio bronze bx centre 2 x monitor audio floor standing speakers bronze bx-5 2 x monitor audio surround bronze bx-fx I am selling these elsewhere, but open to offers over £400...
  7. G

    For Sale Marantz MCR-612 + Monitor Audio Bronze 50 Speakers

    Selling due to a lack of use, lack of space and lack of funds. The Marantz unit is in excellent condition having been only used as a Bedroom alarm clock. The speakers still sound amazing, despite having been knocked off their stands ( I have tried my best to show the damage) I am very...
  8. rudd843

    MA Bronze To MA Silver worth it?

    Present system is a Yamaha RX-V685 with MA (gen5) Bronze 5.1.2 system, using Bronze 5 as the fronts and a bronze centre and bronze FX for side/rear support which in my lounge has to go on back wall, the sub is a REL HT1003 and the Height front are the MA AMS Dolby atmos heights. I notice that...
  9. V

    For Sale Galaxy fold 2 256GB 5g mystic bronze 600

    Bought this galaxy fold 2 3 weeks ago at gagdets4uk and it has 1 year warranty. Its in very good condition and screen protectors attached on front and back glass. Been a very long term user as you can see my feedback. Planning to sell with a free spigen case as well If anyone needs. Comes with...
  10. H

    Best Amplifier for Monitor Audio Speakers and Multi Room Audio

    Hey all! I have just built my first house and pre-wired up the living room before plastering for a 7.1 surround sound. I have never dabbled in home cinema ever before but am very into my music, guitars an good sound and have dreamed of having an amazing sound system throughout my house. I...
  11. Papakos

    Bronze 5 or MR6

    Hi everyone,I have a marantz sr4021,I am between two speaker pair,bronze 5 or MR6?the room is 4x8 meters,I want them only for music
  12. B

    Oberon 3 vs KEF Q350 vs MA Bronze 100

    Hi everyone, looking for some bookshelf speakers for a 16 x 19 living room. I listened to MA Bronze 100 and liked them but within the similar price range I can find Oberon 3s and KEF Q350s, both having excellent reviews. For a wide variety of music genres and powered by a BOSE Soundtouch SA-5...
  13. F

    Thoughts on Monitor Audio Bronze FX 6G

    Hi all, Just wondering peoples thoughts on Monitor Audio Bronze FX 6G surround speakers. I am looking to to add these as surrounds with a KEF Q650 Centre and Q350s as L/R. They will be wall mounted directly behind the sofa around 2ft above seated position. The sofa will only be around 5 inches...
  14. D

    Upgrade from MA Bronze 2 to Wharfedale evo 4.2 impressions

    So this is my 1st post and I am a developing audiophile so bare with me. I have an Audiolab 6000a amplifier and have been using Monitor Audio Bronze 2s for years now for stereo. To play music I use a Marantz cd6006 cd player, Project debut carbon Esprit turntable and blutooth to the Amp from...
  15. K

    Is it worth it? Rotel A12 + Monitor Audio Bronze 100

    I'm considering purchasing a second hand Rotel A-12 and Monitor Audio Bronze 100. The asking price is £550. I have listened to the Rotel and liked what I heard with Wharfedale Diamonds 12.1, but not familiar with Monitor Audio Bronze 100's. The fact that they won the EISA 2020-2021 Best Value...
  16. ooctaviuss

    Monitor Audio Bronze 6 - Treble Shy

    I’ve read many people complain about Monitor Audio being too bright, but in my ears they sound way more darker in the treble. I have use them on yamaha A-S701 but I still feel the treble are more darker as previously used Canton LE190 speakers. :( I have speakers monitor audio bronze 6 one mount...
  17. C

    Bronze Fx 5G or 6G?

    Hello After some years using only my pair of KEF q5 for both cinema and music, I decided to improve my system with surround speakers and eventually a Subwoofer (Strong WAT is delaying this though). To overcome the WAT, the plan is a pair of Bronze Fx that meet 2 important conditions. They...
  18. J

    Monitor audio bronze 5 Vs Dali Oberon 5 Vs Monitor Audio Silver 6

    Hello. Has anyone experienced these speakers in a comparison? I'm interested in the difference in detail. I own the Oberon 5s and can confirm the large soundstage and reasonable bass (for the the size of them). They have a generally good sound but to my ears lack fine detail in the higher...
  19. M

    BX centre VS Bronze C150

    So I purchased two Bronze 2’s a while ago. They sound good, but now I also want a centre speaker as I read that it is one of the most important speakers for movies. Now I saw a used BX Centre same colour as my B2’s for €75. I also saw an open box C150(wrong color though) for €175, so I am...
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