1. Dodgy_Geezer

    Recommend a router with this spec?

    Looking for a router with a very specific spec and wondering if anyone could recommend one, or even if such a spec exists: ADSL / VDSL modem --> for standard fibre through a copper line 4G SIM card slot --> to use with a data SIM when travelling 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports --> connect various...
  2. Sparky1970

    Sky ultrafast broadband slow

    Hi, I'm getting slow speeds at various times of the day, should be 400mbs minimum, my pc which has a wireless network card is the slowest. Would I benefit booking in a broadband engineer to check my wifi ?
  3. Tempest

    5g Broadband - Can someone explain this to me?

    For some reason this topic / tech seems to have passed me by. Does this mean you can ditch your normal home broadband/cable WiFi/Internet and replace it with this? So I ditch Virgin media cable (for example) and get all this for just £10 a month? Whats the catch? Am I misunderstanding...
  4. M

    Sky Q Broadband suggestion

    Hi all After some issues and a wi-fi engineer visit I've hopefully got a more stable internet connection with my sky broadband. It goes along with my sky q tv and 2 mini boxes. We removed some powerline adaptors from my set up that also broadcast their own wi-fi but was causing issues with the...
  5. T

    Best Broadband

    Hey All, Time for me to find myself a better broadband deal, apologies if this as been asked a zillion times, it's been a while since I've been in the forum. Currently with Sky and no option to switch to virgin as it's not in my area. I have in the region of 30 devices attached to the...
  6. N

    Thoughts/experiences re Sky Glass?

    I currently have BT Total Entertainment and Broadband, but a few years ago they removed our Sky Sports package, and I really need a package with both Sky Sports and BT Sport. I live in a housing association where the length of the trees makes a Satellite Dish impossible (ruling out Sky Q) and...
  7. Ian182

    Now Broadband - weird payment issue

    I moved from Sky to Now broadband in March. It seems the only option for the monthly payment is by card, not by direct debit. Not an issue initially as I just saved my NatWest debit card on my account and the £20 a month came off with no issues for the first 3 months. However, yesterday I had an...
  8. Gaslight

    Which Broadband providers allow you to use your own router? (Virgin side)

    My friend lives in a sheltered accomondation type flat. They have Talk Talk through BT line. Its shockingly bad. Virgin don't have service in the area, therefore I want to swap her over to another provider , but one where I can use a different router (I have Virgin in Modem Only mode and use...
  9. A

    Three unlimited 5G Broadband router, really unlimited?

    I'm thinking of getting Three 5G broadband as my main broadband, moving from Virgin Media cable. The speeds should be fine as I get about 200Mb/s download + on my 5G phone at home and I'm well within 5G coverage. My main question is I stream a lot of 4K content on Youtube, Netflix and download...
  10. Apone

    BT Full Fibre 900 Broadband issues with low speeds

    Hi Hoping someone can help with my issue. Background - Have had BT Full Fibre for a good while and I was happy with my speeds, so I renewed my contract. My Netflix app (via hard wired Nvidea Sheild) was showing consistent connection speeds of over 800mbps. Sometimes going as far as 900+mbps...
  11. buddy777

    Advice getting sky broadband please

    Sky have offered me their broadband for 30pounds a month and the first 3 months free.This sound like a good deal as i pay talk talk 43 pounds monthly My problem is talk talk include my landline phone bill. so my question is will i get the same cover from sky? ]
  12. S

    Modem only mode on openreach broadband

    I am currently on Virgin Media broadband only package 350mb that expires in August this year. I can see some really good fibre to the premises (open reach) deals from EE, Vodafone etc that touch giga download speeds. My only questions is that the VM hub very nicely turns into modem only mode...
  13. S

    Sony KDL-40EX broadband connection problem

    Having difficulty in Sony KDL-40EX503 network connection. Broadband from a fibre connection, and WiFi router and ethernet network both available, both options OK with other devices. Trying two ways of connecting: 1) WiFi - message is Not Found - Insert compatible device into USB port. What...
  14. Talgo

    Using 4g unlimited for my home Broadband

    Hi, I need to cut costs. I pay £90 for my virgin broadband and TV. I also have a EE contract for my mobile with unlimited data.. I can get 80 to 120 mb/s from the mobile inside and up to 250 !! outside. Could I use my mobile data as my home broadband.. mainly for streaming and come up with a...
  15. B

    Need Broadband quickly

    We're due to complete on a house on the 5th May and move in 20th May. Current owners have BT and all the comparison websites say I can get up to Full Fibre (no Virgin Media). BT have install date May 30th which is too late and most companies operate online without chat or humans to speak with...
  16. L

    Can I keep landline on copper with FTTP for broadband?

    I currently have BT Halo3+ at 150Mb via GFast FTTC with a BT SH2. FTTP has just been rolled out to my area and a few people have already signed up, but not installed yet. With the recent announcement from BT that they are holding off migrating to digital voice, does this mean that I keep my...
  17. B

    Virgin Media Broadband, ASUS Router and Sky Q, How To Setup?

    Today we have had Virgin Media 200mb broadband installed, replacing Sky 10mb non-fibre. This was previously connected to Sky Q main box and 3 mini boxes used as access points. Now I’ve moved from Sky can I still use the Sky Q Mesh? I’ve also bought an ASUS AX5400 as I want to use NordVPN at a...
  18. topgazza

    Sky Broadband FTTC Speed Going Slower

    I was going to leave Sky when the price went up from £25 for 58-70 Mb to £27.50 but they gave me a £36 credit which meant the monthly average will be £25.50. I can live with that. However. My speed about 6 months ago was 59mb at the router according to Sky. Then a few months ago it went down to...
  19. sjackson

    Bass Trap vs Broadband Filling (eg. RW3). Just Thickness?

    I'm doing some research on filling material for acoustic panels. I see RW3 & RS60 discussed a lot. For Bass Traps and Broadband panels, is the filling essentially the same but just different thickness? For example the Gik panels... Broadband 242 panels are 67mm deep 244 Bass Traps are 118mm...
  20. A

    BT ADSL broadband issue

    can anyone help with BT broadband issue. I am receiving 5.5meg download but only getting 3.9 on wifi. Can an aftermarket router speed this up? Any help would be appreciated.
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