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  1. S

    BT Pro Box 4k (ch433) issue

    I’m using the bt pro box and I can’t get the 4k channel to output a picture or sound. I previously had an old style bt 4K box which does output the 4K channel ok, The Bt box goes into a Yamaha amp and then into the hdmi 3 (arc) on the tv which is set to enhanced mode. All sky and Bt sports hd...
  2. J

    BT Broadband Support

    I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience with BT Broadband Support... My broadband is, by today's standards, rather slow with a max of 20mbps and BT quoting a minimum guaranteed speed of 14mbps and I accept that this will not improve until they offer fibre to the home where I live. Over...
  3. K

    Need a BT PS5 Invite code to buy a PS5 from BT

    Need a BT PS5 Invite code to buy a PS5 from BT. I would like to purchase a PS5 and the only place that has stock right now is BT but a BT invite code is required. Can anyone help ?
  4. Fat_Tony

    For Sale BT Wholehome Mesh Wifi Discs - 6 available

    Ive owned these since new, purchased from amazon UK One got a bit of paint on during decorating, its mostly been removed but if you look hard enough you may find some residue (This will be the last one to be sold) All work absolutely fine, we are moving house so no longer have the need for the...
  5. M

    Connect a Virgin Cable to a BT Box

    Apologies for the bit of ramble, but it adds context to the query. The wife decided to switch from Virgin to BT aside from this being an absolute nightmare she has been left with only half the install as we don't have an external ariel running into the living room, we got Virgin installed when...
  6. C

    Sky Sports & BT Sports in 4K UHD.. how?

    Hi All, I've just got myself a LG OLED 65 CX. It's my first 4K HDR TV and I am currently wanting to subscribe to Sky Sports and BT Sports for the first time. Now, as mentioned I have never had Sky or BT, I have done some research but in all honesty I am still a little confused. Basically, I...
  7. tonyadamson

    Nvidia Shield Pro BT Sport Ultimate

    Evening all, I've scanned through the forum but can't find an answer to my question so here goes. Can anyone confirm either way if BT Sports Ultimate (4K HDR, Atmos etc) works on the 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro? I have the BT Sport app. I have my BT Sport monthly pass. I have BT Sport channels in...
  8. TB303

    Which wirelss headphones for iPhone? (Best BT audio codec?)

    Hello people, I have a long histroty of good proper wired headphones, and recently jusmped to wireless Sony MX4 (over ear) headphones, mainly for the convenicne and noise canceling. I'm using an iPhone 8 as a source. I understand that the Sony can use only AAC with an iphone rather than better...
  9. IndianaBlues

    Adding a BT transmitter between turntable and active speakers

    Hi all, I realise that Bluetooth and turntables are generally frowned upon... but here goes! I've currently got my turntable with built in phono stage connected to a pair of active speakers by an RCA cable. What I'm looking to do is to introduce a Bluetooth transmitter at some point in that...
  10. I

    Geolocation reverted after BT visit?!

    Been in our new house for 9 months now, all our geolocation worked fine after a couple of days. Yesterday BT came out to resolve a phone line issue (phone only, not fibre) and since then our router seems to have reverted to thinking it’s in our old house, which is really super with the lights...
  11. GhostRider17

    Easiest way to stream BT Sport?

    Hey guys I'm not a sports fan but my Dad is and he wants to get BT Sport. His tv is a "smart" TV but not android and the BT Sport app isn't available on the TV. Would anyone recommend the cheapest way to get BT Sport on his TV? I suggested buying an Amazon Firestick as I've heard that it...
  12. A

    BT Hybrid Connect Hub

    This is a really simple question, does the hybrid connect hub also act as a Wi-fi access point? I’m asking because it’ll impact where I decide to place it. Thanks.
  13. P

    Extending home network BT Home Hub 2

    Can anyone advise on this? I have a home network with a BT Home Hub 2 as the router. This feeds into a 24 port Netgear switch which runs the network. I have just run 2 cables to my garden office but I have no ports left in my switch. I do however have spare ports in my BT Home Hub (I only use...
  14. J

    Unsuccesful to connect Pro-Ject Phono E BT with Klipsch The Fives

    I just purchased the Pro-ject Phono E BT (V2.1, EDR) unit and works well with bluetooth speakers like the Bose Revolve. But to my disappointment I cannot connect this same BT to Klipsch 'The Fives' speakers (BT 5.0). I tried every trick and resets with no success. Anyone had the same issue and...
  15. Fat_Tony

    Whole home question please

    I currently have a 6 disc set up which works great and I haven't had to touch in months. Are all the discs essentially the same? Or is one from the starter pack different to the rest? I'm considering removing 3 to set up in another property. Is it that simple? I realise I'll need to reset...
  16. Thug

    After some outdoor BT speakers.

    No idea where to post this, but thought i would get better response here. I want some small outdoor blu tooth speakers for my hot tub area. Must be mains operated and have built in amp. Also not too expensive (£200). Any recommendations?
  17. E

    2 x BT Humax DT4000 Boxes

    Bought 2 boxes last year 2nd hand, both boxes stopped working, 1st box had to do a factory reset and lose recordings to re-activate (used the push down then power button on the box to fix) Sorted this around 2 weeks ago, 1st box has been fine since (touch wood) 2nd box automatically came up...
  18. M

    BT Sport app on Apple TV > Sonos - commentary during games only coming through the rear channels

    Hi, when watching football through the BT Sport app on my Apple TV, during the buildup everything sounds normal. As soon as it's handed over to the game commentary team and the game kicks off all ambient sounds come through the soundbar and the commentary and noise of the ball kicks etc come...
  19. W

    BT Smart Hub 2 and Asus Router RT 86U

    Planning to move to BT FTTP (BT confirmed FTTP overhang cable availability. Currently Virgin Media cable feeds into Asus RT-AC86U. Ports on AC86U feed PC, 2 connections feed two 6-port switches and a free port (out of 4) left. Can I connect BT supplied Modem / router into the RT86U so all...
  20. P

    Fon (aka BT Wifi With Fon in the UK) gone??

    For a long while i have had a Fonera router / fon software on a router ( going even further back) the basic idea of it was that you could / can share your wifi ( securely) with other Fon users/members and likewise you could log into other fon users wifi and use that wfi The last device i had...
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