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  1. larrymarr

    For Sale BT Whole Home WiFi System - Triple Pack

    Boxed in excellent condition with power supplies & 1 x Ethernet cable for the main disc Full specs here on Curry's site - BT Whole Home WiFi System - Triple Pack Looking £100 collected (Moira/Lurgan/Portadown)
  2. B

    Question Outlook - BT EMAIL Settings HELP. Outlook not working

    Hi , just wondering if someone can help me. BT Email recently updated their email settings but now I am having trouble using Outlook for my BT account ( email address. What's strange is that the account works fine on the Windows Mail App but not on Microsoft Outlook. I followed the...
  3. r1chehUK

    For Sale Huawei Mediapad M5 10" Tablet + BT

    Hello, This is the tablet in question: Also comes with: Tablet has been used for about 2 hours since purchase and is what I believe immaculate condition. Comes with box and all accessories including the BT keyboard case above. Am asking for £230 inc P+P or £218 collected from East...
  4. S

    Wanted BT Smart Hub (Already discussed , Ad for rules)

    FAO Mods Asked @JamesS if router advertised here - was still available by PM It is , have agreed to purchase it so ad placed for rules Once confirmed by JamesS will take to PM to finalise. Thanks
  5. C

    Extension on BT Master Socket 5C - Connecting BT Router?

    HI, Just had BT to come out to identify a broadband fault, and they replaced my old BT master socket with a new dual-plug one "5c" - with a built-in microfilter. Fancy! My router is usually plugged in in another room, via a normal telephone extension cable. However as I have a new master...
  6. x3j3UKN

    Any Internet experts or BT guys here?

    Ok so I have an odd issue where the BB supplier is maintaining no fault found so I am stuck between a rock & a hard place here! One of our customers was in the middle of opening up new premises and scheduled to go in end of March before Covid struck! FTTC Broadband went in end of Feb & as...
  7. R

    For Sale BT AC1200 WiFi Extender

    Boxed in great condition, comes complete with the patch cable. no instructions, no idea what I do with them. It’s not difficult, plug it in the wall and press the wps button on the extender and router. bought around 4 years ago, however unused for the last 2 years due to mesh installation.
  8. P

    Question Youview+ BT - advice on recording needed

    I am looking for a cheap way of recording catchup tv so I can skip adverts. I need a remote that has 20, 30 second jumps. The youview+ and freeview play are similar (except the latter doesn't have itv catchup) Amazon fire Stick has reasonable access to catchup tv but the ad blocker doesn't...
  9. I

    Router on BT extension

    To change the area of coverage I want to connect my router to new location using existing houses phone extension socket. I am using BT to ADSL microfilter spliter plug. Having set it up, the phone side works loud and clear, however there is nothing on the ADSL side, on the router the on...
  10. S

    Remote control problem on Sky+ HD box since installation of new BT Smart Hub 2

    I received a new Smart Hub 2 router from BT last week as part of their switch from copper to fibre broadband. I had resisted their efforts to upgrade me to fibre in the past as I only use broadband for occasional surfing, shopping and on-line banking. Although the switchover date to fibre is not...
  11. gunner84

    Switching to BT from VM

    Hi Currently have VM package with vivid350 broadband, fastest speed I can get with BT is fibre100 I believe. Bit of a drop but I'm more interested in reliability of the internet, something VM seems to be getting worse at. Can anyone tell me what router I get with fibre 100, is it the smart...
  12. B

    Question BT Whole Home Wifi Discs - do they work?

    BT Whole Home Wifi Discs - do they work? Not cheap are they so wondered if they worked. Thanks
  13. B

    Cheap way to extend my wifi downstairs on BT?

    I use BT wifi and the signal is not strong enough to run the new Ring doorbell we have. How can we extend the wifi signal to make it stronger near front door thanks?
  14. T

    Help please , set up bt headphones.

    Hi. I have a Panasonic TX-55FX750B, 2019, & trying to pair my cheapo P47 headphones. I get to this stage where they appear on the TV Devices screen but will not pair from this point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. tigermad

    BT Mini Home WiFi and TP Link router

    Hi. I recently purchased a VR400 router modem. I want to but the above mesh system to extend WiFi signal around the house. Because you plug one of them straight in the router via Ethernet do you have to disable the WiFi on the router? I don’t want to disable the WiFi on the router but run both...
  16. J

    Hub 3.0 and BT Mini Home Wifi

    Hi all, I am looking for some help connecting the BT Mini Home WiFi to the VM Hub 3 with an ethernet backhaul. Currently, the first disc is plugged in to the Hub (router mode, wifi disabled). The second and third discs connect to the first disc via wireless backhaul. I would like to also plug...
  17. damo09

    Question Bt wifi

    hi all. I have a bt hub. In my 2nd floor front room. But I'm struggling to get WiFi in the dining room. Only 30 feet away ish. Is there anything I can get to boost the signal a little. I have a booster on my sky box that sky gave me but that only boosts the sky signal many thanks.
  18. Chiquito

    BT Home Hub 6

    I have been given a Plusnet Home Hub One router and would like to use Open DNS with it but it looks like it cannot be done. Does anyone know if this can be done with a BT Home Hub 6 or a BT Business router. Have heard mixed reviews, has anyone done this on the current firmware. Any advice...
  19. John

    Are BT still offering retention deals

    Got an acceptable one 18months ago , are they still calling up customers that cancel to tempt them to stay ?
  20. M

    Want to upgrade sound system to have BT and Toslink connectivity need advice.

    Dear all avforum users. This is my first post in avforums, after a long time I would like to improve my audio system to have BT and Toslink connectivity. Current setup: Behringer b3031a (active monitors) + cheap DAC HiFimeDIY UX1 ES9023. One thing that this system lacks is more punch in the...
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