1. bingodisco

    Britbox app Apple TV 4K - image quality

    Does anyone else have odd variances in picture quality using the Britbox app on an Apple TV 4K box? Some stuff looks perfect - sharp, colour balanced and very watchable. Other stuff looks very off - with raised, milky blacks. Series 2 of the ITV drama 'Innocent' for example looked this way, as...
  2. M

    Panasonic OLED TV and Britbox problem

    I have a Panasonic OLED 4K TV which has an annoying problem with Britbox. When trying to watch certain episodes of boxed sets, an error message is produced and the program will not play - even though it runs fine on my laptop. I have tried a factory reset - to no avail, and have contacted...
  3. widescreen

    Carry On films in HD on Britbox

    Don't know how I missed this one but a number of Carry On films not previously available in HD are available on Britbox in HD. I've watched "Carry On Up The Khyber" and "Carry On Camping" and they look terrific! Camping is also uncensored. Hopefully they'll get around to doing the whole lot -...
  4. Teggo


    Hi, apologies if this query is on the wrong forum panel. Have Britbox loaded onto my Firestick,its been ok up to now,but now get an error message on anything i select to play , its "VIDEO RESOURCE NOT FOUND". Contacted Britbox but they are are useful as my cat ! Everything is updated as far as i...
  5. N

    New Sony X80H - Britbox available?

    I've just set up my new Sony X80H, and am trying to install a few streaming apps. I've found and installed the Acorn and Mhz Choice apps, but I can't find a Britbox app. I'm wondering if there is one that for current model Sony Android tv's. (I've done searches (on the TV) on Google Play...
  6. Adgwn

    Question Britbox on Windows10 Bluestack

    When I try and download TV programmes from Britbox using Bluestack on a Windows 10 laptop, this error message displays 'Download failed. Sorry this content is no longer available'. Any suggestions for a work around?
  7. Begadoc

    TX-40HX800B and Britbox

    I have been looking for Britbox on my TX-40HX800B TV apps and it is not there. I understood it was supported by recent Panasonic TVs. Is it not supported on this one? And if not, how can I add it. Thanks for the help.
  8. M

    Bargain Free BritBox with BT Broadband for six months.

    Not sure if this is the right place but worth a 'heads up'. All the details are here. Works for existing BT broadband customers as well as for new customers.
  9. J

    Question Is the BRITBOX App on the Sony A8 OLED

    Can't find any information on whether the Britbox app is on the Sony A8 & the AG9 also. If yes great, it's a household favourite. If not can it be downloaded from Google Play. Thank you.
  10. PhilvK

    Can I voice-search BritBox on Fire TV?

    Hi all, I installed a Fire TV Stick 4K on a friend's TV. She wanted to use BritBox, so I downloaded the BritBox app and signed her up. She can now watch BritBox, but we have problems with voice search. My friend has a tremor and not very good vision, so wants to search by voice rather than with...
  11. M

    A Spy Among Friends (Britbox) The six-episode story is a factual account of the life of Kim Philby, the British intelligence officer who became the most notorious Soviet mole in history, a man who betrayed his country...
  12. M

    Crime (Britbox) Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) will adapt his first TV drama, based on his novel Crime (check price at Amazon), alongside long-standing screenwriting partner Dean Cavanagh (Wedding Belles)...
  13. M

    Magpie Murders (Britbox) Magpie Murders is adapted from the bestseller (check price at Amazon) written by Anthony Horowitz OBE. It has been commissioned by BritBox alongside MASTERPIECE on PBS and will be produced by...
  14. M

    The Beast Must Die (Britbox) The Beast Must Die, an original British five-part revenge thriller, is being produced by New Regency Television and Ridley Scott’s Scott Free. New Regency is also the international...
  15. L

    Watching Britbox on TV

    My wife asked if we could have britbox so signed up for the 30 day's free trial to see how she get's on.She watches it on her laptop but I do not like watching TV on a computer.Is it posssible to watch it on TV I thought maybe I could use my Amazon TV Fire Stick would that be possible and is...
  16. JohnWB

    Problems with Britbox on an LG C7 OLED.

    I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with Britbox on the LG OLEDs. I have a C7 and Britbox has worked fine for a few months but for the last week of so when i try to use it, the main Britbox Startup screen appears then the screen just goes almost black. I have uninstalled the...
  17. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Britbox UK adds Thunderbirds among classic kids TV shows

    UK-centric SVOD service Britbox will be adding vintage kids TV shows from ITV’s archives in May. Read the news.
  18. AlanX

    Question Anyone else having problems with Britbox on the Panasonic TV app?

    I'm running the Britbox app on a Panasonic OLED 65FZ802 (2018). When I try to access Britbox, I am asked to enter the usual 6-digit code, and go through the authorisation/syncing process via my PC. But I'm having to repeat this every couple of days, with a new code. I'm up to date with the TV...
  19. D

    LG C6 and Britbox

    Just wondering if any C6 owners are having trouble with Britbox. The app suddenly stopped working on Tuesday. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no joy
  20. AlanX

    My experience with Britbox so far

    I started a free trial with Britbox a week ago. Content as expected, but user experience pretty poor. I synced my TV using the 6-digit code as instructed, and everything was fine. But I have to repeat it with a new code every day or two. Why? Now, since yesterday, when I want to view an episode...
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