1. D

    Samsung galaxy, brightness problem

    Hi, I’ve just bought a (second hand) Samsung galaxy A52s 5g phone, great phone but I have a strange issue with the screen brightness, if I use it for navigation in my car, the screen is too dim, it seems the adaptive brightness setting doesn’t put it to max, what I mean by that is the reviews...
  2. N

    How effective is the "Adjust Logo Brightness" on LG OLEDs?

    Hi all, so I've been looking to buy a new 55-inch OLED and deciding between LG C1 vs Sony A80J. Until recently I was leaning towards the Sony because I'm planning to wall mount it and not use a soundbar, so the A80J would provide a better sound coming straight from the screen. However I noticed...
  3. R

    Epson LS500W reduce brightness?

    Recently bought an Epson LS500W projector. Even on the 'Eco setting' with 50% light output it is still very bright (especially the whites). Is there a way to turn the light output down further?
  4. FloppyDiscs

    LG 43UJ635V dim brightness

    LG 43UJ635V dim screen, dark, brightness won't increase. Back light appears to be on, but not entirely sure, can see blue light. Tried all online advice fixes of changing settings. Nothing changes. Read about changing power supply and other stuff, was wondering if anyone knows the fix so I...
  5. N

    LG OLED 55CX5LB - blotchy brightness, especially on guide pages

    Hi all, I have not visited here for a while but I have browsed and not found anything that really matches what I'm seeing. I have a 55CX5LB and the brightness sometimes seems "blotchy" - this is hard to take a photo of in normal viewing but it really stands out on the virgin TV guide : The...
  6. C

    Subtitles causing screen brightness change (pumping brightness) on HDR content.

    PROBLEM: I watched Netflix "Giri/Haji" or "Duty/Shame" (which is in HDR), it's half English and half Japanese and when the subtitles appear on screen the whole screen goes a tiny bit brighter, and when the subtitles disappear the screen goes a tiny bit dimmer. So the effect of subtitles coming...
  7. JeanCremers

    Oled pixel brightness on a A16LA

    Just got this new tv and i'm going over measures to minimize burn in. If i lower the max oled pixel brightness, will it help against burning? Thanks for your time.
  8. P

    Brightness problems on Hisense OLED

    Hi, I have had a H55OSB OLED set for about 18 months now. I really liked the picture quality, but started having problems first with the screensaver popping up randomly, then with the picture getting very dark and then bright again. Eventually, Hisense sent out a repair man who fitted a new main...
  9. B

    Max brightness too low? 49XH8505

    SO, I went to adjust my TVs after moving them around using the THX app. The Sony gives a better picture but on the THX calibrator app it's only able to go up to 50 (ie Max) on the brightness test (which corresponds I guess to the 5 on the THX app), whereas the Panny is able to do the whole...
  10. Music Video

    Question Reducing the LED brightness on a Sim2 Mico 50/60 projector

    Could anyone tell me how to reduce the brightness of the LED's in a Sim2 Mico 50/60 projector (not the brightness of the picture in the picture settings). Would I need to access the service menu to do this? Thanks.
  11. T

    LG65CX question about Dolby Vision settings, peak brightness and logo luminance adjustments

    Hi guys I received my new TV today and I'm thrilled :) but I want to understand three things 1)what are the suggested settings about peak brightness? with sdr content at the moment I use dark mode pictures with 40 oled light and peak brightness disabled. 2)what settings should I use with hdr and...
  12. Tremolo Arm

    Tips to stop Sony AF8 auto brightness reduction

    I love the image at its full brightness, but this model has a feature which automatically reduces the brightness - slowly, but dramatically - when watching content such as sports, featuring a score box / bar. I understand this is to prevent permanent burn in, but the picture brightness suffers...
  13. pyraetos

    Question Looking for a projector meeting these requirements

    Hi all, I'm looking for a projector meeting certain constraints. I've done a lot of googling over a few weeks, and have gotten a bit frustrated because nothing on the market seems to have the right balance of specs I need. Here's what I need: Bright. It will be used outdoors in full sunlight...
  14. Andrey Simonov

    Question Epson 7400 is too bright - question on settings

    I'd like advice from someone who knows the projector settings in-depth. I just bought Epson 7400 to replace 7200 which was fried when lightning hit a house across the street from us. 7400 feels really bright. My eyes become tired quite quickly. With 7200 I had brightness and everything at 0...
  15. Z

    Qled's brightness at night

    From what i read, Samsung Qleds are very bright, probably the brightest of all in daylight, but what happens when the lights go down, at night time? Does the brightness dimm? And if so does it dimm automatically or do i have to turn it down manually?
  16. md123456

    X900F brightness

    Hi all, I bought the x900f. When watching in a dark room the tv is much too bright . You need sunblock. The recommended settings on some websites are to turn down the brightness to 1 (=100 nits). I was wondering, what is the point on buying a high nits tv (=1000) if you can’t use it? The TV...
  17. A

    "Real 4K HDR Test Pattern: Brightness stress test" via YouTube App

    I just ran the following video on my 2020 Frame via the built-in YouTube app, and I was able to see all 5 steps (100, 400, 1000, 2000, 4000 nits) with significant jumps in brightness between each. I didn't think the Frame would be capable of displaying over 1,000 nits since its panel appears to...
  18. BBritcliffe

    Question HISENSE H50M3300 Picture Settings

    Okay guys, I have been trying for a long while to get my Hisense H50m3300 to work correctly with HDR and have finally after years of waiting got HDR Settings activated by Firmware install. However the picture looks terrible! 😭 I have been using the following for the last few months on Cinema...
  19. I

    Question LG OLED C9 - Side Brightness Issue

    Hi Guys, First of all I just want to say what a great forum this and valuable information that can be found here. I was hoping if members could offer some on advice on on my LG OLED C965. It seems that my panel seems to have some sort of light bleed around the left and right side of the...
  20. ryancelik93

    Samsung Q90R Dark scenes in dark room issues.

    I got the TV a week ago. And recently noticed all movies (netflix) in dark room look too dark. its literally a "Daytime scene" but looks like a night scene. We watch alot of movies in the dark and this is a huge dissapointment, not only that, but if I increase the Local Dimming to "HIGH" then...
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