1. RBZ5416

    Question Best Buy Older Bridge Camera?

    Toying with picking up a used bridge camera from a few years back to keep costs down. Just something to keep in the van as I travel around that can handle things a phone can't. So reasonable macro & telephoto. Panasonic FZ1000 seems a likely contender around £300 & as much as I'm willing to...
  2. the groundsman

    Question LMS to stream spotify using Airplay bridge

    Hi I've been successfully streaming spotify to an airplay device and some chromecast audio's using LMS for a couple of months. Yesterday I changed my router to a BTHub6 as I got my broadband upgraded to fibre. Since then the streaming has stopped. The LMS can not see any players. I tried...
  3. A

    Question Is Ambilight (TV) with the HUE bridge and OSRAM bulbs possible?

    I'm just wondering if the combination of Ambilight will not only work with HUE bulbs but also OSRAM. Some time ago I bought an Amazon Echo+ with Zigbee integration. It works with Philips and Osram, since Osram RGB bulbs cost half of the price I mostly own them in my apartment. Now I got a new...
  4. TaurusDevil

    Alter Bridge Live At The Albert Hall.

    Amazing! Blu Ray being released on the 7th September! :)
  5. L

    Bridge + Passthrough

    I seem to need a slightly quirky setup, necessary because my office is upstairs and my VM modem/router downstairs. Problem: Wi-Fi coverage is patchy upstairs. I have put in a wired connection from downstairs to upstairs. My TV, NAS and Tivo are taken off the LAN ports of the VM Superhub, with...
  6. A

    Canon bridge camera

    Hi, Want a new or second hand canon bridge camera, 100 to 150 pound, i like taking pictures, but not the tek involved in said, i like to just click the button & upload pictures, yet want nice pictures. Any experts, that can point me to a camera that suits. ive got a digital camera 20 mp zoom...
  7. aVdub

    Bargain Hue Bridge £36.33 - Amazon As above.
  8. Tempest

    Why the American Bridge Collapsed

    I thought I'd post this as it's very interesting. Please note before watching these video's. This "Engineering Guy" who really knows his stuff, does use some adult language (as engineers do) so please don't watch if you are offended by the odd swear word. First Video: Overview after the event...
  9. T

    Bargain The Killing and The Bridge blu-ray trilogies

    Both of these sets are currently £19.99 at both Amazon and HMV. I think Amazon are price-matching.
  10. K

    HMV Pure - Bridge Over The River Kwai 4K £9.99

    Just picked this up at my local HMV today. Quite a low price for those who have an HMV Pure card.
  11. steb9780

    Bridge Constructor

    Started a thread for this game, I picked it up around Nov/Dec for £2.99 in the store sale, I played through it and enjoyed it. Used a guide for some of the tougher stuff, especially the tanker truck structures. Big problem for me was I had seen it was an easy 1000G, but due to an update on the...
  12. GreggusMaximus

    Think I bricked my Rako APR Bridge

    So im in the process of upgrading my lighting system to a wireless Rako setup but due to cost its all coming off ebay so im doing bits at a time when they become available, so I managed to get an APR bridge which I hooked up and it appeared straight away through the software but no matter what I...
  13. F

    Dental bridge cost?

    Hi All, Anyone had any dental bridge work done privately, I'm being quoted £1500 for a bridge for 1 tooth. Just googling that seems expensive. It is one of the bottom front teeth needs doing.
  14. raigraphixs

    Poly Bridge

  15. somtam

    Bridge or DSLR?

    Hello. Can you please offer me some advice please? Im looking for a new camera but not sure what to go for. My budget is up to £600 I want a camera which has continuous shoot so that I can select the good photos and delete the rest when my son does his sports. Ive been recommended 4k but not...
  16. Nivek TT

    Star Trek: Bridge Crew

    Coming tomorrow, I'm very excited! Star Trek™: Bridge Crew on Steam
  17. M

    Bridge ios to a rolling code gate opener

    Ok I'm stumped on this. Have a shared external gate which opens using standard rolling code gate remotes. Gate is too far for Wi-Fi to work with something like go go gate or other black box solutions. Standard gate Remotes do work from inside my house so was trying to find something that i can...
  18. Redheat83

    Question RA-Link Bridge NO RJ45 lights

    Hello, I recently went to a clients house to sort there network out as he replaced his internet with another provider and nothing worked. He has RAKO lighting throughout the house, he has a PoE switch. The network is all working fine now and I extended it throughout his house however the...
  19. Jimster71

    Star Trek Bridge Crew - March 2017

    As the title says, this has been delayed until next march: Star Trek: Bridge Crew Update - UbiBlog - Ubisoft® For those who aren't familiar, this is what it's about:
  20. gemeit

    September 2016 Winner - TV Programmes

    The Bridge by gordon hall, on Flickr Had planed to visit my local scrapyard had a shot in mind for scrapheap challenge. However as usual time is getting away from me so popped down the street to take a shot of this wonderful bridge. The tv series is pretty good too worth a watch if you have...
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