1. M

    Parcels dispatched from EU before 31st Jan 2021 but received in UK after

    Hi guys, Just have a question to see whether anyone here might know the answer to this. So we are in transition phase at the moment and buying goods and parcels from the EU flow into the UK nice and quick without going through customs like they would when coming from China, USA etc. For...
  2. phasse

    UK Employment contract

    Hi I'm an EU Citizen (based in EU) and work with a UK employment contract for a Global company. Would I need to apply for any residence documents or "right to work documents"? Is anybody aware of this? Any help appreciated
  3. G

    Pre-settled status - documents

    Hi everyone, can I get Pre-Settled status approved by delivering just these 2 documents: travel ticket confirming my entry to the UK and TV & internet bill?
  4. H

    Survey on the Public Perception of EU harmonisation

    Dear members, We are conducting a study on the Public Perception of EU Legal Harmonisation. The purpose of this study is to measure public perception of European Union legal harmonisation. The study aims to provide an analysis of perceptions and understandings of legal harmonisation. (The BLSS...
  5. E

    Advantages of Leaving the EU

    Now that the UK has left the EU (no longer a member) it might be of interest to highlight the perceive advantages of leaving. A trade deal is still under discussion with the EU, noting the cut-off date of 31 December 2020. The internet is a good source to tap, bearing in mind things are not so...
  6. B

    Common Brexit misrepresentations

    4 years on, and despite some attempts to 'heal the rift' and more on from the referendum, it seems that plenty of people are still trying to re-run the referendum or to (deliberately or otherwise) misrepresent what those on the 'other side' said or believe. Given that we are most certainly...
  7. B

    Irish border

    Hey everyone. Just a dumb anti-podian here. Irish border, I'm curious..... So as far as I know the issue is a border, due to the historical issues, fair enough. The UK has said they will never put up a border under any circumstances. So what's the problem? Could it be that Ireland Knows the EU...
  8. jkkelly201

    Dissertation: Personality and Current Affairs

    Hello, I'm currently looking for participants to take part in my dissertation on how personality impacts attitudes towards current affairs. It a thought provoking task only takes around 15 minutes to complete. If anyone is...
  9. T

    No Brexit delay due to coronavirus

    In recent weeks there has been a lot of chatter, particularly from the EU, that it would be jolly good to extend the transition period past 31st December, due to coronavirus. This last week the government have come out strongly saying no delay, they are sticking to 31st December. The reasoning...
  10. S

    cost of brexit

    My friend was telling me we have lost over 130 billion so far, 200 billion by the end of the year. Are these figures over inflated? "Independent financial institutions, ONS etc. It's a calculation in the difference between average economic growth forecast in line with our govt data and G7...
  11. S


    Have we really got brexit right?...there is no industry as such that out rightly own will we rule the waves once again like we did in the 60s..Will we go back to Ounces and pounds, will we see Yards Feet and Inches again on everything?...Can't see it really
  12. gavinhanly

    Discussing the impact of Brexit

    So Brexit is now done, but that's really just the start of the new way of things in the UK. This thread is to discuss everything that comes next, good, bad and indiffernet (although if it's specifically about trade - there's a handy thread over here already). A couple of unofficial general...
  13. O

    EU stirring up SNP rhetoric

    I hear now that some in the EU have ' Empathy ' for Scotland to join the EU in the future. There was not much Empathy for the Basque movement a little while ago when several officials were jailed for holding a so called illegal referendum for independence!. Are they trying to turn Nicola...
  14. IronGiant

    Negotiating new trade deals and closing the rift.

    currently locked
  15. NYCFCFan

    Brexit Is here .

    Thank goodness Brexit is finally happening today. European Union is nothing but a commie socialist scheme. Thank you, reasonable people.
  16. Sonic67

    Tunes for the Brexit Party

  17. K

    What changes?

    What really happens on Saturday? What changes? I don't live in UK so this situation is a bit confusing. If I travel to UK, is there something new ahead, I have EU passport?
  18. B

    Best Song Ever

  19. C

    A 2019 General Election Analysis

    This is my personal view of how things stand in the run up to the 2019 General Election which is largely a battle between the Conservatives and The Rest. 1 Scotland It seems unlikely in Scotland that many people are going to change their Brexit minds. But prior to the Brexit referendum...
  20. psikey

    Question Voters - AVF Confession time :-)

    For those that have voted Leave/Remain; Conservative/Labour (or the minorities) We've walked the walk & talked the talk on these forums, seen the exaggerations & spin from all sides. So cutting through all the fog & bullsh*t from both sides, media & "Experts" how did you vote ?? ** UPDATED...
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