1. I

    Basil Brush Claims He Can Sort Out Brexit If He Becomes Prime Minister! 😉😉😉😉😉

    Basil Brush to sort out Brexit?
  2. B

    ebay - buying from Germany

    hi, i am looking on ebay and looking to buy some speakers from Germany for about £150 to £200. i know there will be be VAT payable at 20%. but how do i work out if need to pay custom duty? nothing else? sorry its all confusing.
  3. AustroTez

    New Brexit rules on services to the UK from EU business

    Hi There, I was wonder if anyone could offer any advice. I am an expat living in Austria. I've had a small UK design business for many years and now I'm having to set up as a freelance in Austria. I still have a large UK client base, and I was wondering if anyone knows what the new rules are for...
  4. C

    Brexit focus group for dissertation research - Leavers and Remainers wanted

    I am running a focus group for Leave voters on Saturday 16th October 11am GMT on zoom to research their opinions on those who voted in the Referendum. Fill out this form for more information: Participation in Leaver Focus Group I am running a focus group for Remain voters on Tuesday 19th...
  5. VastGirth

    What would it take for you to change your mind?

    Very few people have changed their mind on brexit. As a remainer what would have to happen for you to accept brexit as a success? As a brexiteer what would have to happen for you to accept brexit as a failure/mistake?
  6. T

    Speed Limiters & EU law

    Even though we're out, it seems we may still be bound by this... EU speed limiter override tool is a ‘temporary’ tool and could be ‘scrapped’ | Of course, it still won't stop people driving like numpties, they'll probably just see it as a challenge...
  7. Howardfh

    Has anyone returned from an EU/EEA airport back to the UK (passport Q)

    Your date of arrival and departure should be logged, I read it has to be via a "wet stamp" on your passport Travelling from the United Kingdom to Spain (aena run many Spanish airports) so that they know if you have overstayed the 90/180 rule (thanks a ton, Brexit). So my question is, what is...
  8. N

    Is both the UK supermarket price increases, and the shortages due to climate change, brexit, covid or pingdemic?

    Is both the UK supermarket price increases, and the shortages due to climate change, brexit, covid or pingdemic?
  9. lookingforinterviewee

    Voters wanted! interview invitation for dissertation purposes

    Dear all My dissertation topic is Media, Imagination, and Post-truth: An analysis of Brexit voters’ understandings of reality and politics. The targeting group is the voters for the 2016 referendum (which means you voted for the referendum) I sincerely invite you for an interview, really...
  10. Howardfh

    More Brexit bureaucracy for Brits?

    Used to have "letters of invite" to go to Russia...not Spain!!
  11. M

    Moving personal belongings to Portugal

    Hello I will soon be moving back to my birth country, Portugal, and am mulling over the pros and cons between hiring a professional removals company and doing it myself. I've had a negative experience in the past with a company specialising in removals and, for this reason, am leaning towards...
  12. S

    Has anyone relocated to Spain by van since Brexit?

    Hi there Has anyone moved to Spain, by van, with your personal belongings since Brexit? Me and my girlfriend currently live in the UK. I am Italian and she is Polish. We are planning to move to Spain from London in about 3 months time. We will be renting a van, one way, and landing in...
  13. D

    Rejoin party - fringe or mainstream?

    What are peoples opinions on the rejoin party? As they appear to be 'in it', for the long game, do you see them gaining much traction, or is this just a fanatical group? Would they be able to sell a subordinate UK in the EU, that most likely would have no opt outs like the Euro and Schengen...
  14. L

    Brexiteers wanted!

    Hiya, I’m Liv from Warrington and I’m currently doing some research for my bachelor’s thesis on why people voted for Brexit and would love to interview anyone who was willing to talk a bit about yourself, why you voted for Brexit, and why it was important to you. I’m looking at it in terms of...
  15. Hi from France

    Should the EU send more vaccines to the UK ?

    Considering the UK is out "of the woods" at the moment mainly thanks to vaccines produced in the EU, do you think the EU should accept the private "UK served first" contracts and export vaccines right now? ....or is the EU right to ask for reciprocity and serve first countries that are...
  16. Sheffield online

    Laura Kuenssberg lets the 'cat out of the bag'?

    Sincere apologies if this has been posted elsewhere on this forum. Maybe by itself Kuenssberg's introduction to her programme when members of the Brexit podcast team were reassembled to "celebrate" Britain's departure from the EU was an unfortunate slip of the tongue, (she was quickly corrected...
  17. J

    Transporting Goods to Germany from UK - Register German Company?

    Hi All! I work for an up and coming UK brand, and we are planning to launch in Germany later this year with our own e-commerce using a German third party warehouse to handle fulfilment. I am planning on having stock direct imported from our source (far East) into Germany. But I also have stock...
  18. cherrysue

    Shipping personal belongings to EU from UK after brexit

    Hello I'm moving from UK to Europe and wondering how brexit going to affect shippement of my personal belongings? If it's worth mentioning, I am a citizen of the EU country I'm moving/sending my belongings to. Items are being shipped in boxes via transit van. Does anyone have any information/...
  19. RobinDB

    Sending used goods around Europe or to UK from Europe

    So I do a bit of buying and selling on ebay of used goods, purely items I want and items I no longer need. This is not as business, personal only. What is the is situation regarding tax on used items coming into the UK or going into Europe from January 1st ? I looked on government website but...
  20. D

    A vote of no confidence against Boris Johnson?

    With the painful dealing with COVID and a looming dark future of the economy, damaged by COVID and a likely No Deal situation, how long after will Johnson stay in power? Please add your opinions.
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