1. C

    A 2019 General Election Analysis

    This is my personal view of how things stand in the run up to the 2019 General Election which is largely a battle between the Conservatives and The Rest. 1 Scotland It seems unlikely in Scotland that many people are going to change their Brexit minds. But prior to the Brexit referendum...
  2. psikey

    Question Voters - AVF Confession time :-)

    For those that have voted Leave/Remain; Conservative/Labour (or the minorities) We've walked the walk & talked the talk on these forums, seen the exaggerations & spin from all sides. So cutting through all the fog & bullsh*t from both sides, media & "Experts" how did you vote ?? ** UPDATED...
  3. quantumwitch

    Question Settled status, living in EU country, working for UK company

    I have lived in UK for 7 years and just moved to Poland. I found a job and the company is in partnership with British company. Question is - what happens if instead of being employed by the Polish one, I'll be a British employee...? sort of..? I don't know. I still have my life in England and...
  4. reiteration

    why is there so much hatred for Corbyn?

    is it all media driven..? I've got friends who can't stand him and will never vote labour whilst he's in charge (normally citing the fact he supports the IRA etc)...they won't vote conservative either it seems.. so, if they hate for Corbyn is real, then why don't labour get someone else in...
  5. pinnocchio

    Question What is this all about?

    Tory MP quits after 'grope' claim by Labour MP When I went out earlier he was determined to carry on, now got home he's suddenly resigned?
  6. D

    Question Travelling after Brexit for peoples with EU passport (not british)

    Hi I have question about travelling after Brexit for peoples with passport from other EU countries. If I live in the UK since 2015 and I want to go for holiday (1 month) to other EU country and I expect no problems with leaving the UK but after 1 month I need to come back to the UK and i don't...
  7. pinnocchio

    So the choice is between......

    The Ultra Nationalists on one side...... and The Ultra Nationalisers on the other....... Hobsons choice as neither really want to stay in, for very different reasons. What happened to the sensible centre ground where people worked together to find solutions rather then just spending their...
  8. S

    Scottish Rock band vs Brexit

    Scottish rock band Cold Years have gone all in against the Brexit lot in their latest video. Good for them
  9. G

    General Election 2019

    Looks like a General election is to happen this December. Who will you vote for. Is it all about brexit or is there issues within the UK that need sorting other than brexit. I'm actually looking forward to a GE
  10. T

    Head in the clouds

    Boris Johnson spits his dummy out every week. Corbyn can't make a decision. The country is in a complete shambles. But what rattles me is that some people just want brexit done whatever the cost. They are normally rich enough to look after themselves old or unemployed claiming benefits. People...
  11. K


    What are you guys doing? A relevant question.
  12. trevor432990

    Fired Tories still sitting on Government bench?

    I noticed yesterday that amongst the people sitting on government benches were several of those rebel MP's who Boris sacked from the goverment and Conservative party during the recent 'swamp draining' exercise. I thought once they had lost the government whip that protocol dictated they MUST...
  13. pinnocchio

    So, as there's now (in theory) going to be a delay........

    Do you think that there will finally be an election called? Do you think that Farage will roast BoJo on the fire of 'TRAITOR' for being this incompetent? While I realise a lot of people on this board would like to think the Tories will romp home, in light of BoJo signing the delay do you...
  14. pinnocchio

    What will be the vote totals (week from 21st Oct)?

    Next week now will be critical to determining if this constant bickering about Brexit comes to an end. This is an updated poll in light of Saturdays acceptance of the Letwin act The vote in parliament has so many subplots that no-one really knows what will happen, So what do you think the...
  15. pinnocchio

    Looks like the DUP are going to actively Lobby Tory MPs to vote against

    Brexit: DUP will 'absolutely' vote against Boris Johnson's deal - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  16. pinnocchio

    What will be the vote totals tomorrow (Oct 19th)?

    Tomorrow will be critical to determining if this constant bickering about Brexit comes to an end. The vote in parliament has so many subplots that no-one really knows what will happen, So what do you think the vote will end up at?
  17. Rasczak

    Do you support the Johnson UK-EU deal [17 October version]?

    Johnson has agreed a new deal with the EU. Do you support it?
  18. S

    Brexit odds

    I'm slightly confused as to why no deal Brexit odds are so good. A deal seems very unlikely and Boris Johnson has repeatedly said and seems adamant that we will leave on 31st October. He'll look very stupid if we don't the way he's been going on. He has repeatedly stated that he'll find a way to...
  19. P

    DExEU: An Insider’s View

    https://briefingsforbrexit.com/dexeu-an-insiders-view/ A young civil servant at the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) gives an insight into the on-goings of a hapless, remain-led government at the pivotal time in our "negotiations".
  20. IronGiant

    Do you support Farage?

    Yes, no, or useful fool.
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