1. D4nM1les

    For Sale Sony Bravia KD-43X8305C 43" 4K UHD TV

    Hi, For sale is my Sony Bravia KD-43X8305C 43" 4K UHD TV in superb condition. I have owned this TV from new and it was purchased from John Lewis, I have all the bits for it including the box. However I will not ship it due to the risk. Only replaced as I have bought an LG OLED TV. The TV has...
  2. D

    Sony Bravia no. Standby

    Hi guys how can I put in standby. And not off. Sony Bravia. Is there any way to do this thanks guys
  3. R

    Sony Bravia XBR-55X800G Bluetooth connectivity problems

    Unable to connect with bluetooth JBL Charge-4 speaker
  4. Phil Hinton

    Sony A90J & A80J OLED and X90J & X95J BRAVIA XR TV Line-up & Features: Sony Interview

    In this Podcast special, we interview Gavin McCarron – Technical Marketing Manager, TV Marketing Europe and Nick Roos – Product Marketing Manager, TV Marketing UK & Ireland from Sony about the new 2021 TV line-up. We explore the new features like the Cognitive Processor and XR OLED Contrast Pro...
  5. S

    Sony Bravia KD-43XH8077 - best picture settings

    Hello Guys, Does someone has this TV and could it help me with the best possible picture settings for all content because i already for 4th week cant setup them. Whatever i try each time the picture doesnt looks accurate enough, seems like something isnt done yet - the picture is blurry or too...
  6. RobTi

    Sony BRAVIA KD65XG81 won’t power on

    Hi sisters tv prepay electric ran out this morning while tv and sky were on, tried unplugging everything and holding the power and down buttons but no change just the small led light under the Sony badge lit up. Any ideas ? Thanks
  7. H

    Motion Blur Problem with Old Sony Bravia KDL-52S5100

    Hello, I was hoping someone with a lot of knowledge of Sony TVs (especially the old LCDs from 2009) can help me with proper settings to reduce motion blur on this model Sony TV. Right now I use: CineMotion: Auto Game Mode: ON those are the only two settings on this older TV that I...
  8. N

    Sony Bravia KD55XH9005

    Receiving my XH9005 Tomorrow from richer sounds and cant wait, my 8 year old Bravia just bit the dust last week so this being recently reduced proved to tempting to resist. My point is I still have the old sound system that came bundled with my KDL-40EX703. Its is a DAV-IS10 should I really be...
  9. K

    Earbuds from Bravia?

    Sony BraviaKDL-52V4100 Can anyone tell me how to get bluetooth audio output to my T15 wireless earbuds. I had to give up on my receiver because it doesn't have any audio output. I tried connecting bluetooth transmitters to the tv but they just hum into the earbuds. There must be a way. Thaks
  10. Scott Wright

    Bargain Sony BRAVIA 4k TV Reduced From £799 to £579. Expires 5th April

    Sony BRAVIA KD49XH81 - 49-inch - LED - 4K Ultra HD - High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Smart TV (Android TV) - with Voice Remote - (Black, 2020 model) [Energy Class G] No code required for deal. Expires 05/04.
  11. B

    Sony Bravia 4K backlight issue?

    Hello. I have a 5 year old Sony Bravia 4K (KDL-65W850C) that no longer turns on. I went through the troubleshooting process with Sony and it appears to be a backlighting issue which of course is no longer covered by the factory warranty. The problem started with the screen flickering, then...
  12. J

    Sony Bravia Turns Black with Font

    Long story short, we have a Sony Bravia 65”. TV turns on fine but then randomly turns black, gets a red loading line across the top, then gets a bunch of text. Turn TV off then back on fixes the issue for a little while then does it again. See attached image.
  13. 0

    Bravia oled and soundbar - stopped working suddenly.

    Hi all for the last year my Bravia (65ag8) and soundbar (st260) have worked perfectly over arc. last week it suddenly stopped working and now I can’t get the tv to recognise the soundbar over arc so therefore only the tv speakers work. I’ve not done any updates etc that could have caused this...
  14. M

    Samsung QE49Q80T or Sony Bravia KD49XH9505?

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my old Samsung with a 49". This is the largest I'd like to go given the room it's going in. Both these tvs seem to be the best 49" for up to £1000 - can anyone give any recommendations - which is better, Samsung QE49Q80T or Sony Bravia KD49XH9505? We watch a lot of...
  15. N

    denon 3400H with ps5 and Bravia Hdmi2.1

    Hi guys. I recently had my tv replaced to a Sony XH950. It got me thinking about the AVR and gaming setup I have Playstation 5 Denon X3400H 5.1 with 2 front DolbyAtmos Sony Bravia 65XH950 at the moment I’m connecting the ps5 into the amp (along with older ps3 and Nintendo switch) then 1...
  16. B

    Calibration of Sony Bravia Android TV

    So there are a lot of model-specific owners threads which have great detail in them but if you have a model that gets little engagement then the mere mortals are stuffed. The official Sony support link on perfect picture settings appears to be a good start but talks about using a blu-ray player...
  17. B

    New streaming channel update - Sony Bravia

    Wonder if anyone can help please. I've got a notification on my Bravia TV that TVirl streaming channels are now available for my TV. When I click on continue it asks me to select a playlist url or local playlist. I've no idea what this means! I wouldn't know what url to enter and I don't...
  18. martwho

    Anyone advise on a keyboard/mouse for my Sony bravia

    Hi, just replaced my 55" LG oled with a 65" Sony Bravia and I think the only thing I'm really missing is the smart remote with the on screen pointer. I did actually use the Web browser occasionally and I think with the new TV this will be a pain using the standard remote. Anyone give me some...
  19. C

    New Legs For Sony Bravia

    I have a 4K Sony Bravia TV. It is a KD-55X8509C. I am about to purchase a new soundbar, which will sit in front of the TV. Unfortunately, the soundbar (The Sonos Arc) is too tall, since my TV sits on a TV unit, and there is very little distance between the bottom of the TV and the surface of...
  20. P

    Apple TV 2nd Generation and Sony Bravia KDL-40W5710

    Apple TV 2nd Generation and Sony Bravia KDL-40W5710 I know this is old technology but it’s become a challenge ! Connected the Apple TV 2nd Gen to Sony Bravia KDL-40W5710, I get the apple logo and then a black screen. I've done the hold menu button and down arrow so it’s scans and Adair get the...
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