Bravia can refer to:
Bravia (brand), a range of televisions from Sony
Bryansk Air Enterprise, an airline also known as Bravia
Bravia (automobile), a Portuguese vehicle manufacturer

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  1. S

    Question A95L Bravia Sync Question

    Looking for some help solving an issue I have with the Sony A95L that i just upgraded to from LG. I have an AVR that nearly all my devices are connected to which is connected to the TV HDMI 3 eARC port and i also have zone 2 of the AVR connected to HDMI 2 and my PC connected to HDMI 4. The issue...
  2. TallGuy235

    Sky soundbox without Sky

    I’m looking for some help. I have a Sony Bravia TV KD43X (from what I can make out), a Sky Q box and a Sky soundbar. It’s been months since we watched anything on Sky so I’m getting rid of it (£109 a month better off). However I’d like to continue using the soundbox. I’ve managed to get it...
  3. NewbyPC

    Question How do I get dual output for Bluetooth earbuds and Sony Bravia TV

    I'm struggling with how to set up my TV to output sound from both the TV and Bluetooth earbuds at the same time. I can only get sound via either the TV Speakers or the ear buds but not both.. I have; Sony Bravia 49XH95xx TV Panasonic SC-HTE80 Soundbar' 5.3 Bluetooth Generic...
  4. V

    Question Wall mount for Sony BRAVIA FWD-85X90H

    Hi Has anyone wall mounted one of these tvs?if yes can you tell me which mount you are using.Or can anyone recommend either a flat to wall or tilting mount,vesa is 400x400.So many different mounts available, not sure what to go for.Looking for one that still has a bit of room between back of tv...
  5. M

    Question Use sky sat cable with sony bravia

    I have a sky q box and I would to pull the plug with sky and use my Sony bravia with freeview and installed apps instead. The cable that comes out the wall and went into my q box is split in two. I have tried connecting one of these to my tv, photo below. When i try and auto tune my tv no...
  6. traveller4

    Disable notification about audiosystem when switching on Sony Bravia 65X95L

    Hi there, I just set up my Sony Bravia 65X95L and am very happy with it; one thing is bothering me though. I hooked up my SONOS Beam to the TV via eARC and everytime I switch on the TV, I get that annoying white notification bubble, stating that the audiosystem is activated. I would like to get...
  7. guysmiley

    Banding on Bravia LCD

    I previously posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry... still stumped though. TV: BRAVIA KDL-46XBR2 (LCD) This colour banding/polarization just started happning on my 20 year old Sony Bravia Plasma. Colours flicker when a frame is frozen and the banding is even more pronounced. What I've...
  8. semiret1949

    Question Sony Bravia 43W75 Lost all transmitted channels

    Lost all off air tv channels, screen just goes blank. Also unable to access catch up channels via internet although can still receive streaming services eg Netflix, Youtube so connection OK. Ariel checked and cables and everything seems OK. Do you think the TV digital tuner has stopped...
  9. steve

    Sony Bravia X90S - Is this the best for me, or could an alternate be recommended?

    Hello All, I'm upgrading from a 10 year old Sony Bravia KDL-40EX653, and am very interested in a 50" Sony Bravia X90S currently retailing at £899, which whilst this suits my needs, I'm wondering if anyone could suggest a better alternative in the sub-£1000 price range. Firstly, the...
  10. Tito12

    wrong information

    Sony BRAVIA FWD-85X89K
  11. P

    Yamaha RX-V675 IR Control Issue

    Hi all I'm after some help / advice please on solving an issue I have controlling my amp via my Sony TV. I have a Sony Bravia KD-55A1 tv mounted on a wall in my lounge and a Yamaha RX-V675 amp located in my loft space. They are connected via a HDMI cable into the 'ARC' inputs on both devices...
  12. M

    Mirror iPad (gen 8) to Sony Bravia XBR-55A8H

    I found HomeKit in the Bravia settings. A QR code came up when I tried to join. But when I took a picture with the iPad's camera, nothing happened.
  13. J

    Question Sony TV and Yamaha soundbar - AV sync issue

    Hello! I've just bought a new TV + soundbar and currently I'm facing some so called lip-sync issues. But first, my setup: Sony KD-50X85K - specs: Yamaha SR-C30A - specs: SR-C30A - Specs -...
  14. G

    Question Wifi connection comes and goes on Bravia

    Hi. The Wifi connection comes and goes on my Bravia XR-85X90K TV. On occasion, a notice in the upper right hand corner of the screen will alert me that my WiFi connection has been lost and then 15-30 min. later a notice that a WiFi connection has been made. This has been happening since I...
  15. P

    New Sony Bravia KD43X75WL (2023) - Headphones don't seem to work

    Hello, Can anyone help. I've recently bought a new Sony Bravia KD43X75WL (2023) tv. I have one problem with it. I have two pairs of older basic stereo wired headphones (Logitech, Panasonic) with a 3.5mm jack plug but neither of these will work if I plug them in to the yellow socket (see...
  16. W

    Bravia KCD-55X75WL

    This question may apply to other similar TV's. How do I switch OFF the sounds generated by the TV when I am using the remote control to navigate the different settings menu's. I find this particularly annoying. My Samsung SoundBar does not improve the sound, in fact the opposite. Does this TV...
  17. IL Cattivo

    Question Sony Bravia XR5090S + LG SL8YG Soundbar

    Hi Folks.. Our budget range LG TV decided to start playing up so we've replaced it with a Sony XR5090S The TV is ARC/eARC and our LG SL8YG Soundbar is ARC plugged into HDMI 3 on the TV [Arc/eArc] Setup keeps saying to plug your audio device into HDMI3 and ensure it is powered on - Which it...
  18. M

    Question Display Mode - Sony BRAVIA TV KD-32W800

    Hi Everyone, Please could someone help me with this. I have a 32” Sony Bravia TV, model KD-32W800. My TV appears to have installed an update and now one of the settings seems to have been removed or relocated. Under the ‘Device Preferences - Picture’ there was a setting called ‘Display...
  19. A

    TV choice after Sony Bravia issue

    Hi we have owned a Sony Bravia 55AF9BU for the past 4yrs 9 mths and it’s developed lines. Generally happy with the TV although it does flicker sometimes on ky. John Lewis have written it off and fortunately under their 5 year guarantee have offered £1499 or exchange for a Sony Bravia XR55A80 L...
  20. FennekFox20

    Buzzing of my Snoy Bravia KDL-37EX500

    So... My Sony Bravia (Model is KDL-37EX500) has this really loud buzzing that is hearable in a distance of roundabout 3 to 5 meters. It starts right at the startup of the pc and is (as far as I could hear) not related to the soundcard or the speakers. My best bet is that it could be a problem...
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