1. R

    AppleTV+ not recognized on Sony Bravia

    Hello, i have a Sony Bravia xbr75x900f I have not been able to figure out how to cast Apple TV + from my phone or other mobile device. When I click on the airplay button on any mobile device while a movie is playing, the tv doesn’t show up as an option. Not sure what’s going on. Any...
  2. paulmcp2403

    Sony BRAVIA XR65X95JU or Panasonic TX65JZ1000B ???

    I have a budget of about £1500 - I've seen the Sony BRAVIA XR65X95JU or Panasonic TX65JZ1000B ??? Panasonic seems to be winning in my research....varable framrates plus all forms of HDR, Dolby vision etc supported ....Thought folks? Ps I see Sony appear to have pretty poor support in relation...
  3. marty1

    Sony bravia vertical lines

    Hi All, I just bought a second hand Sony bravia Kd 75xd9405 and the picture looks amazing but I noticed on grey colour screens there is very faint, fairly wide vertical bars, going across the whole screen, they are only visible on blank colour screens, like Amazon prime homepage. Is this...
  4. N

    PS5 and Sony Bravia 4k problems

    Hi I have a 2021 Sony Bravia capable of 4K 120fps and which is also VRR enabled. Im able to get 120fps on games like CoD Coldwar or Vanguard but only at 1080p. Ive all my settings on the PS5 setup correctly (performance mode turned on, 120fps set to automatic etc) so im assuming the problem...
  5. W

    Sound Corruption Through HDMI on Sony Bravia KD-75X89J

    Hi all, hoping I can get some help, I've run out of ideas to remedy this. I have a new TV (Sony Bravia KD-75X89J), purchased in Jan, as it has 4k 120Hz HDMI we've started to use this with a laptop for gaming, youtube, etc. but have been having some intermittent sound corruption issues through...
  6. N

    JL Sony Bravia KD65XF9005 replacement

    Hi All, Aware similar has been posted before, but i couldnt see one for the 65" model. So TV was rebooting a lot, which seemed to be a known issue. Went in for repair, and have been told it beeds a part thats not not available so i will be offered a replacement. Not had an offer yet, but want...
  7. theeflash1

    Sony Bravia KDL 46X3500 serial number 4000134

    Need help setting up wiifi on this old Sony Bravia KDL 46X350 serial number 4000134 and fire stick wont work Help appreciated
  8. ehead

    Bravia Core - problems

    Hi, just got my lovely XR 65 80 , I wanted to try Bravia Core , I have registered, it shows my email but when I try and redeem a movie nothing happens. I assume I am missing something - any ideas ? Thank you
  9. R

    Sony Bravia XR X95J Hulu Quality

    I've looked around in here to see if I can find something on this before I posted and haven't seen what I'm looking for so I'm hoping someone has dealt with this and can explain it to me. I'm using the native Hulu app that's built into the TV itself on the 75" Sony Bravia XR X95J. I have 1...
  10. B

    Older SONY Bravia tech question

    I have an older SONY Bravia TV. Recently tried to assist my daughter setting up the TV as a larger monitor for her job. Found a solution elsewhere. However, when I fired it up after she left, there is a vertical band of colored stripes in the middle of the screen. I've tried resetting the TV...
  11. G

    Sony Bravia audio outputs

    Hello, looking to replace my 15 yr-old TV. I’m considering the Sony Bravia XR55X90CJ from Costco. Looking at the specs, the audio output from this TV is 2 channel only. I have a Vizio 5.1 soundbar with inputs: optical, stereo audio, and HDMI. What would I need to do to get 5.1 audio from...
  12. S

    Sony BRAVIA KD-75XE8596 error

    Sony BRAVIA KD-75XE8596, sales price more than 3000€, less than four years old. Vertical lines had appear. Official Service for Sony confirms that LCD panel failure. I turn to the official representative for Sony, where they kindly regret and sympathize with me... Really generous... .. .
  13. S

    Sony Bravia X90H Sound Output/eARC question

    So here is my ordeal. I currently have a Sony Bravia X90H "75 TV. I also have a Denon AVR-X3200H Receiver. The receiver I have doesn't have eARC, but the TV does, but only on HDMI input #3. Is there a way I can plug in my PS5 into the eARC input on my TV for just video and then the audio to...
  14. T

    Bravia Store buffering

    I have a XR65A80J when streaming 4K HDR on Bravia Core I get some buffering issues although the TV internet speed is +- 300mbps. using an ethernet to usb3 adapter. I use the usb port because the 100mbps ethernet port only downloads at 26-30 mbps. So two problems has anyone had the same issues...
  15. aerodynamic18

    Harmony elite with a Sony BRAVIA XR65A80JU

    Guys I have a situation with the harmony remote and turning on the TV. I have set the TV to turn on, Sky turn on and then it sends a command to switch to input3. When this happens it all operates ok but when it sends the signal to change to input3 it changes from the tv Home Screen to input3 and...
  16. W

    New Sony Bravia 75" X89 J - dark cloud/spot in corner of screen

    Hi all, just purchased above TV and noticed a dark cloudy spot on the top right. Quite noticeable on bright scenes. Could this be the backlight/diffuser/LEDs? Is there a chance this could be fixed easily? Purchased on Amazon, they are offering either a replacement/refund or will send someone to...
  17. D

    Best way to connect Sony Bravia to multiple audio devices

    Just got a new Sony Google Bravia TV. I'm sure I'll love it once I figure it out! I have a soundbar for everyday tv watching And a new Yamaha audio receiver with surround sound. HDMI ARC, Bluetooth etc. I want the ability to watch tv with the soundbar (most of the time) but to be able to...
  18. O

    Sky Q & Sony Bravia Sync Device List (HELP)

    Hi there guys, I am in of help here please! The issue im having is that when im using sky with my reciever and my sony a90j i cannot see sky on my bravia sync device list at all and i have tried every single hdmi port on the tv, what should i do???
  19. A

    Play .mkv to Sony Bravia A90J

    Hi guys and Happy New Year! I have a Sony Bravia A90J and I would like to ask for your help: I have a massive collection of movies and I would like to play them in A90J. Most of them are .mkv files. I remember 10 years ago there was the WD TV box in which you could plug in your USB device...
  20. R

    Receiver for Best Sound with Sony Bravia A90J

    I want to use my Sony Bravia A90J Smart Google TV, as central speaker. My configuration will be with 2 external speakers only. Which setting would give the best sound?: Denon DRA-800H 2 channel stereo ARC receiver (Release year 2019) or Denon AVR-750H 7.2 channel eARV receiver (Release year...
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