1. witters

    For Sale 2 x Sonos One Gen 2 Black + 2 Flexson Wall Brackets & 3 x 3m Extension cables

    As header. Excellent condition. Speakers are boxed. Looking for £220 for the lot Carriage not included. Collection ok. I'm in West Yorkshire.
  2. mikeclark007

    Wanted Kef Q series wall brackets

    Anybody got a pair of these for some bookshelf speakers? Looking at switching out my stands.
  3. N

    Who makes ultimate mount wall brackets?

    I have an ultimate mount 126m but lost the screw adjuster on the side. Any idea who the manufacturer is so I can see if I can get parts?
  4. Jester1066

    Wanted CA Minx Min 22, Monitor Audio Radius 45 or Mass

    Hi I'm after a pair of any the above. Preferably in black and ideally with wall brackets. Must be excellent condition. Can collect locally, otherwise will need posting. Many thanks.
  5. R

    Anyone own these brackets?

    Considering either alteco or diamond 9.0 so for diamond need two pair, for alteco need rear pair brackets anyone own these? Are they ok...
  6. R

    Wharedale diamond brackets

    I'm considering ether d300 or diamond 9.0.or diamond 9.1 for Atmos heights. Noticed the diamonds have mounting holes. I'd need considerable amount of downward sideways adjustment. What wall brackets would fit those speakers and have wide range of motion?
  7. W

    Are M-Form TV Brackets Still In Business

    I need to buy a new TV and would like to retain the bracket I previously bought from them that's still doing the job, beast of a bracket (32" to 50" Articulated Universal LCD/Plasma Bracket). The contact person that provided great service was Graham. Does anyone know if they are still about or...
  8. R

    Atmos brackets

    I'll be getting some bookshelf speakers and mounting them on side wall, so they need to be able to be rotated left and right and downwards. Speaker specs are Width...
  9. Doctor Smith

    Brackets for fix frame screen?

    I am building a dedicated cinema room. The screen will be hung over a window. I have attached timber each side and bottom of the window. My question are there any brackets available to attach screen to the timber so the screen can be removed easily? Thanks
  10. Blagmeister

    Advice for attaching ceiling speakers - brackets missing

    Hi there. My home cinema project is taking shape as I write (exciting) but I have run into a bit of an issue. I have picked up almost everything second-hand for budget and have four Kef Ci200QR in-ceiling speakers that I picked up off eBay. Unfortunately, the clamping brackets have not been...
  11. chalk40

    Wall Brackets for 4k Freesat & Humax Aura Boxes?

    Morning all. I have a need to wall mount new 4k Freesat and Humax Aura boxes but struggling to find a product capable of doing it. Space is limited and strapping them to wall is the answer. There isn't even any recessed screw holes on the base to use .... say similar to like you might find on a...
  12. G

    Wall mounting speakers horizontally

    I have a pair of B&W DM601 S2s which I now need to mount horizontally (i.e. landscape rather than portrait) on the wall due to a low ceiling. My existing AVF brackets (something very similar to ) don't extend wide enough to cope with these speakers mounted this way. The bracket would need to...
  13. TheGamer147

    question about brackets

    sorry for possible newbie question, If i going to put up a 55" tv on the wall is it best to use a bracket that for maximum size for 55" I currently have one that goes upto 65"
  14. S

    Brackets for existing mount

    Hi all, When we moved in to our home there was a TV wall mount already installed on the chimney breast but the previous owner took the brackets. Can I buy brackets without buying the mount and are they a standard size or do I have to work out the make of the mount to get the right brackets? If...
  15. darrenhaken

    Recommendations for rear speaker wall brackets

    I am moving into a new home and want to mount my rear speakers on the wall. At the moment I have Tannoy Mercury rear speakers which are half depth bookshelf speakers but eventually I might end up with small bookshelf speakers when I replace my home cinema setup. My current speakers weigh 2kg and...
  16. bobbymax

    Small satellite speaker wall brackets?

    Sorry if this has been discussed b/4. I have the Logitech Z533 speaker system and would like to mount the satellite speakers on my wall Unfortunately the are only 10 cm wide and do not have any holes/fixing points on the back of them So wondered if you learned guys knew of any brackets that will...
  17. G

    Wharfedale dx-2 speaker brackets

    Can any recommend a good wall bracket for wharfedale dx-2. Many thanks
  18. A

    Brackets for KEF HTS 2001 speakers

    Hi all I'm in the process of getting some AV gear together for my garage project, and managed to bag a bit of a bargain on ebay, 5 KEF HTS2001's. The centre speaker comes with the bracket for the wall, whilst the other four all came with the tall weighted stands. This isn't a problem for the...
  19. K

    5.1 surround speakers - stands or brackets?

    Pretty simple question really, do i mount the surround speakers of a 5.1 system as recommended, a couple of feet above the listening position using speaker brackets or do I mount them on stands which I know would be the recommendation if asking the same question for the front speakers. The...
  20. JackWolfie05

    Wall Brackets for TVs

    Hi all, I was going to buy 2 'HISENSE 50A7300FTUK 50"' TVs and bought the wall brackets before ordering the TVs and then realised that the TVs aren't in stock- so I have now ordered 2 'Hitachi 50 Inch 50HK25T74U' TVs but was wandering if the brackets will be able to fit the new TVs? I'll leave...
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