1. RetroDaz

    Wall bracket for LG 65 Inch C8

    Does anyone have any good recommendations? Ideally I want something that can swivel and allow access to the back of the TV. According to this the Vesa is 200 x 300 mm which seems a weird measurement. I'm assuming you don't want to cheap out on something like this as it's holding an expensive TV.
  2. Lee OD

    For Sale Pergear 10mm fisheye lens and L bracket for Sony A6600

    Selling these as I no longer have the A6600. Both in perfect condition, hardly used. Any marks on pictures are just dust. L bracket is very good quality and fits perfectly. Pergear lens fits any 6000 series camera. I don't want to split as they are of no use to me. Looking for £60.00 for both...
  3. Evostance

    Extendable soundbar bracket?

    Does anyone know of a bracket or similar that lets you pull out a soundbar? I know Sonos do one, but it's proprietary to them (Sanus Extendable Wall Mount for Arc | Sonos) Have a media wall, and want to be able to pull my soundbar out for Atmos enabled content,
  4. deliairj

    Can I mount my TV to this bracket?

    My landlord has left a TV bracket up for us to mount our TV to. I can’t work out how to do this though as the screws they left are too big for my TV and it seems like the holes in the back of my TV are too small for the bracket? Is there any way I can make it work?
  5. GamingKing21

    Which Bracket - OLED Or this one Thanks
  6. GamingKing21

    Which Bracket - OLED Or this one
  7. S

    Corner Wall Bracket

    Looking for a corner wall bracket for a Panasonic th-42px80b (42"). Does anyone have any recommendations as we are having problems finding the correct vesa measurements. Thanks
  8. Sunshinewelly

    LG G2 /G1 Wall bracket width

    Can anyone tell me the width of the bracket. Behind my plaster board I have a vertical chanel cut in the brick work where an old chimney or channel was placed. My current vesa mount on my Sony 75 inch TV easilly crosses the gap so its screwed through the plaster board into the bricks either side...
  9. mr gothic

    Looking For Advice For A Ceiling Bracket For A Dali Zensor Speaker For The Voice Of God

    hi looking for advice for a ceiling speaker bracket for a dali zensor speaker for the voice of god in a auro 3d setup. the dali has a keyhole on the back not sure if that would be secure enough for a ceiing placement,ceiling is a false ceiling plasterboard joists look in the right place...
  10. swift1

    55JZ1500B Flat wall bracket?

    Hello People, I'm contemplating of getting the 55JZ1500B and understand the screw holes for the bracket is on the lower part of the TV as oppose to being on the centre and was wondering what bracket is best for this TV? Does not have to be slim but better build and easier to fit. Thanks
  11. hedgepig

    Tv wall bracket for Panasonic tx750eb

    I need a good quality fixed wall bracket for my 50” Panasonic tx750eb tv. Any suggestions please, with pics if you are able. Many thanks, Pete
  12. G

    A80J Wall hung with Sony SU-WL850 Wall-Mount Bracket advice / photos please 😊

    Hello, I’m looking at getting the Sony 77 inch A80J ( or possibly the A80K when available) as it gets really good reviews. I will be wall mounting the TV so was originally looking at getting the LG G1, however I’m tempted with the A80J. Has anybody wall mounted their A80J with the SU-WL850...
  13. K

    Thinnest TV bracket

    Hi all, I'd like recommendations on the most low-profile TV bracket. Flat to wall needed, no tilt. But also... is it a good idea to go for the slimmest, did anyone struggle? I have a 65" LG C1. I imagine I'll need right angle HMDI and TV aerial? I've seen this Vonhaus one, which is 19.5mm...
  14. M

    Techwood 32A010FHD TV AND ONE FOR ALL wm 4421 TV bracket

    Hi, the bracket comes with an assortment of threaded screws, however the 4, holes at the back of the TV are smaller than the threaded screws! The shop insists the TV bracket is compatible with the TV! Am I missing something? No instructions with the TV any info please.
  15. G

    LG G1 77" Bracket measurements

    Hi, does anyone know the measurements from the top of the tv to the bottom of the bracket of the G1 77". Thanks in advance
  16. H

    Help! I Need a Full-Height Bracket for the MSI GeForce GT 1030 2G LP OC i cant find any online! :(

    The title says it all. Im currently upgrading an old pc and bought an MSI GeForce GT 1030 2G LP OC off Ebay assuming that it would come with a full height normal profile bracket however the card came without a normal bracket only a low profile! No body appears so sell then and I can only find a...
  17. A

    B and w 686 wall bracket...

    Hi guys...I need a pair of wall brackets compatible with b and w 686 bookshelf speakers...can anyone recommend me some...?...thanks in advance...
  18. Belbels

    BDI Arena 9970 bracket wanted

    BDI Arena 9970 TV mount/bracket wanted please. This is now a discontinued item and I would like to get my hands on one. Many thanks.
  19. S

    Any suggestions on a TV bracket/ stand that allows outward and then a lot of sideways movement

    Hi everyone My living room is quite long and thin and owing to the position of the door and the chimney breast our 50" panasonic TV is currently sat on top of a TV unit to the left of the chimney breast and the settee is infront of the chimney breast. This means that anyone sat on the settee...
  20. E

    Mounting bracket problems

    Hi - previous house owner left the wall bracket but not the mounts for the TV. Does anyone recognise the bracket? It's 10cm top to bottom (outside lip) A long shot I know but I would prefer to keep that bracket to avoid drilling new holes. I have a Sony KDL 55 to mount on that bracket - and...
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