1. johndoe5591

    Need a good "lazy phone bracket"

    I've been looking for a lazy phone bracket (those long flexible tube things you clamp to your desk and can put your phone into). I found one in a shop, but there's 2 huge problems with it. 1. instead of having a screw-on tightening system like all the ones I've seen online, it's just like a...
  2. J

    Can I modify a glass stand for Panasonic Plasma 42PX80B

    I need to move my 42" plasma TV that is in my bedroom to another place in the bedroom. It needs to be higher than a standard 50cm/53cm high TV stand, closer to 75cm/80cm height for viewing while in bed. I was looking at whether it is safe to take 2 standard 80cm glass stands and take one tier...
  3. E

    For Sale Sony NPFW50 Batteries and Smallrig L Bracket

    4 Genuine Sony NP-FW 50 and 2 x 3rd Batteries, should have a 3rd party charger as well. Also have a Smallrig Grip/bracket for an A6400 as well, hardly used, I did spray the wooden grip black other than that it's in great condition. £50 for the batteries £35 for the grip
  4. A

    Struggling for TV Bracket

    Hi, my first post here. I am trying to find a TV bracket to fit my TV and wall, basically I have two sockets which were placed 6ft above ground in our new build house so a TV can be mounted near them. The problem is if I get a traditional flat mount then it will be virtually impossible to plug...
  5. H

    Sony XH95 49" Wall Mounting Help

    I just bought Sony KD49XH9505 TV, waiting delivery and trying to get everything ready so I can wall mount it straight up. Hoping someone could help. (My bracket is movable and TV will be turned regularly to either face my sofa or bed position.) 1) Does the 49" TV come with spacers ? 2) If yes...
  6. S

    Centre speaker bracket???

    Hi all, I have a q acoustics setup coming this weekend and I'm struggling to find some sort of bracket or mount for the centre channel. I have an oak bench that my TV sits on and I need to mount the centre speaker 3090Ci underneath it somehow with a bit of an angle pointing upwards. Any ideas...
  7. Garrett

    Chimney Bracket Strap For Aerial

    Does any one know where to purchase something like this in the UK. Just been up to check some wire to my radio aerial and found the bracket was loose and looks like the wire that was round the chimney breast stretched so tightend the bolts up that pull it and it just about tightened it up...
  8. Godiva1107

    Vesa 75x75 tilt only television bracket.

    I'm in need of such a mount for a the imminent arrival of a new 24" telly. Ideally, I would like a tilt only mount which caters just for 75x75. All the mounts I have discovered so far are not just for 75x75. The position of the mount on the telly is very high up on the telly, and I really don't...
  9. aandpwoodley

    Help with LG Oled wall mount bracket

    need some advice please. I have the official LG wall mount bracket OTW420B which is Vesa 400x200, 300x200 The new TV I'm looking at is 400 x 400. Can you get a conversion plate or something so I can use my existing mount ? Thanks
  10. S

    Help please: What screw size for wall TV mount bracket?

    Hi, I am just about to mount my new 55" TV and Sound bar all on the same wall mount. Total weight 30kg. The wall mount comes with 4 large 10mm x 65mm bolts and wall plugs. I am mounting on a wall where half of the wall behind the bracket is good breeze block and the other half is cracked...
  11. aandpwoodley

    Help with LG Oled wall mount bracket

    I need some advice please. I have the official LG wall mount bracket OTW420B which is Vesa 400x200, 300x200 The new TV I'm looking at is 400 x 400. Can you get a conversion plate or something so I can use my existing mount ? Thanks
  12. P

    M.2 SSD vertical mount bracket for Asus Z370-G

    I have an Asus Z370-g board and want to add a second m.2 SSD but cannot find where I put the vertical mounting bracket. I’ve been looking online but cannot find anywhere in the UK that seems to sell them, I emailed Asus and they do not sell them and said to try eBay and Aliexpress but only ones...
  13. jazzy2006

    Samsung T32E310EX - adding wall bracket?

    I am trying to wall mount a Samsung T32E310EX TV. However, the screw holes for the back panel (Vesta Screws) appear to be blanked off. Is there a blanking plate on these holes or is there an alternative method of fixing the TV bracket?
  14. D

    Use Minx 400M Bracket for other speakers

    Looking at getting some Minx Mini 12's for height channels. And I thought the mounting bracket looks to be amazingly small and unobtrusive. Has anyone adapted these to mount other brand speakers. e.g some Polk satellites?
  15. thedude

    Motorised TV bracket

    I'm looking for a swinging TV bracket thats motorised. I don't want the faff of having to get up (hard life). Anyone got one and any suggestions or experiences
  16. buckthehero

    unusual tv bracket request

    Hi Everyone After taking delivery of my new tv, our old one i would like to install in our bedroom, problem being we have no wall space where the tv would need to go. I have an idea of using a bracket that slides out from above the wardrobes, then drops the tv down to be able to see it. Is...
  17. Darthchaffinch

    TV bracket

    Hi, have just bought the LGCX65 OLED, and need a wall bracket. The LG VESA is 200x300, and am looking at the HAMA tilt bracket (I don't need tilt for viewing but though would be easier for changing cables if needed when up). Would a 800 x 400 bracket work? Is that just the largest VESA fixing...
  18. B

    Bracket converter for stand?

    Hi all. I've just got a lovely new TV. It's got a 300 x 200 Vesa mount at the bottom of the unit. Unfortunately the vertical brackets for my current stand don't fit it. Fits the old TV perfectly which seems to be 400 x 400. With bigger bolts and possibly spacers I could attach the new one to...
  19. MikeKay1976

    Quick question about cooling bracket.

    I have an asetek aio cooler for my I7 5820k I want to use it for my new 5800x so I need an adapter. I ordered one I know will fit from overclockers but it say un posted and was only going to come out 2nd.class. I didn't want this to be holding up my entire new build so I have cancelled and...
  20. DaveBro

    Can I use my old wall bracket?

    Hi all, I’m about to take delivery of a Phillips 65” Tv. I’ve checked on the website and apparently it fits the following VESA sizes 200x200, 300x200,400x200,600x400. I’ve got an old Pioneer PDP427 42” on the wall since 2007 believe it or not! I ordered the existing bracket off of someone on...
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