1. O

    Wanted B+W M1’s Mk2 wall mounting bracket.

    Hi, anyone got a spare one or two of these? Thanks. Owen
  2. leeince

    Assistance selecting a new TV bracket please.

    Hi All, Im having the living room renovated and so need a new bracket for my TV The one I currently use is one of the flat style ones where the arms that go on the back of the TV hook over the frame thats on the wall. Im looking to go for a bracket that will allow me to pull the TV out or...
  3. Apsilon

    Bracket/mount recommendation

    Hi all, I’ve built an extension which is now nearing completion and am looking at mounting a decent 75 or 85” TV for the feature wall. What’s a recommended bracket to hold it? My mate told me to steer well clear of the brackets on eBay and Amazon and go for something like a future automation...
  4. R

    Wall bracket mounted fronts

    I'm looking to upgrade my three front speakers to replace my aging Teufel Theater 100's. The sub that came with the package has been replaced with a new BK P12-300SB, and the system is currently powered by a Denon AVR-X2600. The main issue with the Teufels is a general lack of clarity, and...
  5. GTeng

    TV Bracket weird question

    I've got a large bracket bolted to the wall at the moment, and my two previous TV's sat perfectly on it. However my new TV now sits way too high (about 6-7") on the same mounts. It's a tilting bracket with 2 hooked ends that clip onto the wall bracket, is there any way I can extend these so...
  6. N

    Wall bracket suggestions (tilted or fixed)

    Hello - I am going to get my TV (most probably KD77AG9) wall mounted above this fireplace (lovely but not in use). As you can see in picture the mantle is 110 cm above the ground. We will be watching it from the sofa 4metres away. My son may occasionaly play his games from 1.5 m away as he likes...
  7. M

    Bracket to hang LG Soundbar from 65 OLED?

    Hi there, I am hoping that one of you might be able to help me out. Have a new 65 OLED that is wall hung. The power socket is concealed behind the display. So the panel looks like it is floating. All good so far, and I think the display is stunning. I've been thinking about adding an LG...
  8. Kev Ratters

    Question Offset Wall bracket

    Im looking for a suitable TV Wall bracket to suit a 55" LG Oled CX that has a canilever arm. On our new living room build, the Amp, Sky box and xbox will be hidden behind the TV in a false chimney breast so i need a bracket that can pivot out the way to gain access as required. Can anyone...
  9. I

    Ultra Slim bracket for Samsung Q90R?

    I might buy Samsung Q90R 65" or Samsung Q90T 65" but I have not decided which one to go for yet. I like to put the TV on the wall flat, which mount bracket would you recommend? I am renovating my house and rewiring the house, do I need to put power socket behind a TV if I go for Q90R or Q90T...
  10. Derkster

    Bracket for 65" TV

    Hi all. Looking at getting one of these in the near future Sony KD-65XH9505BU. Does anybody have any recommendations for a TV bracket? After a slim one, doesn't necessarily have to have tilt. Also I want to put the holes in the wall before it gets decorated and I could really do with...
  11. TheGamer147

    Question TV bracket question

    Sorry if this is a silly question never put TV on wall before. I have a got a tilt TV bracket few months ago but decided I don't want to tilt tv..I now want the TV to be flat on the wall. Using the tilt bracket I have will I be able to have it flat. Or will I need to buy a new flat bracket. Thanks
  12. P

    Epson EH-TW7200 Wall Mount Bracket Help

    Hi, i have recently bought a secondhand Epson 7200, however the mount i bought to use, a Duronic PB10XM i cant seem to get to fit, the mount arms dont seem to go wide enough? Ceiling mount isnt an option, it must be a wall mount, can anybody help me if i am using the Duronic mount wrong or...
  13. Irene

    Wall bracket part

    Hi, this is a bit of a long shot I have a UM105M wall bracket ( photo attached ) on the wall at the moment, it's 8 years old, I'm changing the TV, now I know the new tv will be ok with this bracket, but we took this bar out and nor sure what it is or where it goes 🙄 hope someone can help.
  14. Irene

    Wall bracket part

    Hi, this is a bit of a long shot I have a UM105M wall bracket ( photo attached ) on the wall at the moment, it's 8 years old, I'm changing the TV, now I know the new tv will be ok with this bracket, but we took this bar out and nor sure what it is or where it goes 🙄 hope someone can help.
  15. bogart99

    TV wall mounting bracket.

    Why do the makers of wall brackets state suitable for tv of so many inches up to so many inches,. Surely what matters is the VESA sizes and weight it can take. I have just received one, which is going back, which states suitable for 26 to 47 inch , weight capablity 50kg and up to vesa 400 x 400...
  16. S

    Cantilever wall bracket for 55" C8

    I'm looking for a tilt and swivel wall mount for my 55" C8 . I've currently got 2 in mind (Sanus VLF728 and the Vogels Thin546). They're both suitable but a bit pricey. Just wondering if anyone has either of them. Additionally, can anyone suggest an alternative (cheaper :)). Minimum extension...
  17. Yatrilia

    What bracket can I get for this mount?

    Hi all, I’ve just moved into a new flat and found this TV mount on one of the walls. I was wondering what type this is and what bracket I need to get that would fit? It’s dimensions are 12.5cm x 10.5cm Any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. P

    Quick relese bracket do they exist

    Hi all I am new here but I need some advice or help pls, does anyone make a quick release bracket for projectors? The problem is I suffer with the rainbow effect but love 3d so I now have two projectors An Epson EH-TW5650 for normal viewing as the 3d on this projector is garbage terrible cross...
  19. S

    Question VonHaus Tilting TV bracket advice

    Hi. I installed the VonHaus tilting TV bracket (3005004) yesterday for my new 55inch TV. The product itself is good but the instructions are terrible. Is it correct that TV just literally hangs off the top of the bracket with no securing to the bottom of the bracket? In fact the bottom of the...
  20. TheGamer147

    Question All for One TV Bracket

    Anyone use this one any feedback on how it is...
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