bowers & wilkins (b&w)

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W)
  1. X

    For Sale New Bowers & Wilkins 803 Diamond

    Hi, I have a pair of 803 diamonds in gloss blacks I bought them for use in a second room what never happened and I have stored them since. They have been unboxed to take pics and tested to make sure they work fine. But other than that they are in perfect condition. Boxed with accessories and...
  2. GTR BaDBoY

    For Sale B&W 702 Signature (Datuk Gloss)

    Hi guys selling my mint B&W Signatures 702 in the Swazzy Datuk Gloss finish. With original boxes and unused accessories being plinth and grille. Amazing sounding speakers sale due to moving house soon and I fancy something different.
  3. S

    For Sale B&W MT30 Kit

    Selling 5 M1's and the PV1 sub. One M1 has a dent in grille (2yr old pushed it off the cabinet). The sub has some scratches to top of casing, no idea how but it doesn't affect performance. I will post pics later on as I'm posting the advert in bed. I have all boxes, manuals etc and each M1...
  4. M

    Setup with Bowers & Wilkins 684 (Front/ Center/ Surround) + B&W ASW610 Sub + Pioneer VSX-LX53 + Additional Sub Klipsch SPL-100

    So below is the background: I am a rookie Home theatre enthusiast. used to own entry level 5.1 setups 15 years ago but have been using sound bars ever since I moved to Hong Kong (tiny houses and living rooms) Now moving to a bigger house so plan to get a 5.2 setup which I would expand later to...
  5. T

    For Sale 7x B&W M1 (MK2) and 4x B&W M1 Stands

    I have 7 B&W M1s (MK2) and 4 B&W M1 stands for sale. All in as new condition, the speakers all come with their original boxes. The stands do not come in boxes. I'm looking for £50 per speaker, £50 per stand. Ideally i'd like them to all go as one job lot. Reach out if you have any questions...
  6. bill radley

    For Sale B&W 606 Bowers & Wilkins immaculate speakers white (S1), little used.

    Bowers & Wilkins 606 white, immaculate (series 1). With regret I am now selling these stunning and beautiful speakers. I purchased last year as part of a hifi upgrade and these have been just run in. They are literally immaculate, no marks or blemishes. Absolutely clean and free of dust, and...
  7. C

    B&W 706 S2 vs. Monitor Audio Gold 100

    Putting together a new medium sized 2 channel listening room for vinyl and streaming. I have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo, and will be purchasing either B&W 706 S2s or Monitor Audio Gold 100s. Still figuring out my integrated amp but leaning toward the NAD C368, and will be hooking up a Sonos...
  8. L

    B&O Beoplay H95 or B&W PX7

    Hey all, my trusty B&W P3s have finally bitten the dust after nearly ten years(!) so I'm in the market for a new set of headphones. I was immediately draw by the B&W PX7s which have got good reviews and I can get for around £250. However, the B&O Beoplay H95s have entered the fray somewhat...
  9. goatywoaty

    Wanted B&W 601 or 602 s3

    Hi everyone After a couple of pairs of these, anyone have any that are redundant? Many thanks GW
  10. L

    For Sale B&W ASW610 Sub

    B&W ASW610 Sub purchased new in June 2021 Perfect working order. comes with power cable, no box unfortunately. Prefer collection but can post £455 ono
  11. E

    Upgrading my current system to 5.1.4

    I've been given a budget to do some changes to my home cinema setup. Main use would be movies, with a mix between 4k disks and streaming services (30%/70%) My current setup: B&W 683 2xTowers B&W 686 2xRears B&W HTM61 S2 center (3 way) Denon X2400h Monolith 15" sub This is the room layout: Room...
  12. marksman

    For Sale B&W Bowers & Wilkins DM603 S2

    1 x Pair B&W Bowers & Wilkins DM603 S2. Very good condition, zero tweeter damage and good condition grills. Selling as Ive moved to wall mounted speakers for my home cinema. I also have another pair in beach, they have minor damage to corner but sonically fully functional, priced less.
  13. rustybin

    Are these pairs of old Tannoy / B&W speakers worth anything?

    I've inherited these but have no use for them. I've listed one set on the classifieds and there's no interest. Are they worth anything at all or should I take them to the skip? Cheers Rusty
  14. A

    Replacing tweeters/diaphragms in B&W 705 S1(!)

    Hello there, I have recently acquired a pair of B&W 705 S1 speakers which apear to have a broken tweeter on one side and a damaged one on the other side. This is my first set of real speakers and I am unsure how to proceed with repairing them. How do I find out to which extent I can and should...
  15. S

    B&W PX Headphones - tear down to locate battery

    B&W PX Headphones - tear down to locate battery Hello to anyone who has a PX headset and is suffering a dead battery like the pair I've been handed to try and repair. I realise B&W say "No" they can be repaired but that's the official response and no reason to not try myself. I'm an...
  16. P

    B&W DM601 S2 to Opticon 2 Mk2 - no longer confused

    hello, I've been thinking about upgrading my beloved DM601 S2 for some time now, after hearing the MA Bronze 2 in my flat, which sounded slightly clearer and more precise bass, I thought I would get them - then talking on a FB group someone told me it was "stupid" as it wouldn't be a real...
  17. gadgetfreaky1

    upgrade 4 B&W subs to SVS SV-4000 or JLF112v? max 19" depth 19" width

    My home theater is about 19' x 14x with 10' ceilings. I have in wall B&W CWM 8.3D for FLR In-Wall Speakers - Hidden Speakers | Bowers & Wilkins I have 4 of the CT SW12 subwoofers In-Wall Speakers - Hidden Speakers | Bowers & Wilkins with 2 in front, 2 in the back (hanging above seating area...
  18. Jaxkesa

    Upgrade from QA 3010i 5.1 system to B&W 607 S2 or something else?

    I have had the QA "home cinema package" with 3010is, a 3050 centre and 3070 sub for about 6 years and wanting to upgrade to something a bit better. Mainly for watching movies/TV in a medium sized living room along with a Denon-X4500H. I won't really be listening to music on them. Budget is up...
  19. E

    Are these upgrades worth it?

    My current setup is as follows (5.1 system): 2x B&W 683 towers 2x B&W 686 rear bookshelf speakers 1x B&W HTM62 center speaker 1x Monolith 15" subwoofer And a denon x2400h reciever. My use case is about 50% movies, 30% series (most of which don't really utilize the sound system) and 20% music...
  20. M

    B&W 801 D4 - nearest competitor

    Hi, first post here chaps so go easy. I've recently treated myself to a new setup, 1x Rotel Michi P5, 2x Rotel Michi M8's and a set of 702 s2's. Sounded lovely except for the large room in serious need of acoustic treatment. Low and behold after a glass or two of wine I've blown said...
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