bowers & wilkins (b&w)

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W)
  1. S

    B&W M1 MK2 wall mount

    Looking for one wall mount for the mk2 if anyone can help ?.
  2. Storry

    Cinema room - Where to start?

    Hi everyone, we are currently waiting on a decision with our planning application to remodel our family home, which will include sort some sort cinema/games room. I have some 10 year old B&W CM8's, CM2's, a CMC, BK Electronics Monolith Plus sub and some other bits including a Pioneer amp and a...
  3. swall101

    Atmos Up-firing and B&W 704s Dilemma

    Hi all Ive just moved into a new property and this has given me an excuse to look at enhancing my set up with Atmos and a new sub. I currently have B&W 704s (pic attached) which as you can see have a curved top and tweeter embedded. So ceiling mounted atmos at present is out of the equation as...
  4. T

    For Sale B & W CM7s, CM1s & CM centre in wenge

    For sale a pair of B & W CM7s, a pair of CM1s and a CM centre all in Wenge. The cabinets are in pretty good condition apart from a few small nicks on the edges. Both the tweeters in the CM1s have dents in them due to being highly attractive to small fingers. One of the tweeters in the CM7s has...
  5. UpgradingAgain

    B&W 805 D3 vs JBL L100 classic vs focal vs Dali Vs dynaudio heritage and...

    Hi guys, I’m on the AV thread about home cinema speakers and kit that also does music. Having considered this, I think I’d rather go at a music system which can do tv as stereo until later when I can add the AV receiver and surrounds to it. In this way, I’m getting high quality audio first and...
  6. ManorParker

    For Sale B&W 685 Black pristine

    Following the successful sale of my Amp Sale Up next are my B&W 685's. A rough estimate of usage is 100-150 hours use but certainly no more than 200 before I packed them away in the original box...
  7. J

    Upgrading my B&W 602S2s -- to a 683? a C9? a C8?

    Hi AVForums friends, Looking for some tips on what to do with my home setup. I love the B&W brand and would ideally like to stick with them. Currently have some older B&Ws that were built in England rather than China, but not intense on that one way or another. I want to upgrade my front L/Rs...
  8. whitehart

    For Sale B&W AS1 subwoofer for sale

    I dont have original box unfortunetly, all working in good order £120 in good condition has LFE sub in
  9. N

    What Next after Arcam and B&W

    Hi Everyone, My first post here, have ben lurking in the background for a while, just joined today to post this thread and ask for your advice. So...Ive had a Arcam alfa7 amp and cd player, connected to a B&W DM603 S1 set of speakers (biwired) for the last 20+ years. Looking to go to a...
  10. M

    Marantz NR1200 + B & W 606sa does lossless matter?

    HI folks, Apologies if this is asked already. I bought a Marantz NR1200 last week and picked up a pair of B & W 606sa speakers for some stereo listening. I started intending mainly listening to Spotify premium on it which sounds good. I've been messing with Tidal and Qobuzz and flac files from...
  11. V

    For Sale B&W 683 s2 + HTM61 s2 + 607 ( new) - Mint + warranty.

    Hi. For sale I have the following Bowers & Wilkins speakers . Collection From Camberley. Gu17 -B&W 683 s2 Black. These are mint condition. Comes boxed with all accessories. **£600 -B&W HTM61 S2 - Still has a years warranty. Unfortunately the bottom does have some marks on it from i am guessing...
  12. rus2159

    For Sale Arcam sa20 arcam st60 b&w 707 S2

    For sale is my brand new setup less than 1 month old all boxed in perfect condition can be split or sold as a full system can be collected or possibly delivered genuine reason for sale any questions just ask will be listed elsewhere All have 5 year warranty amazing sound
  13. lowrider007

    looking for an upgrade from B&W 606?

    I recently upgrade to the B&W 606 from the classic B&W DM602's, I've given them a good few months of listening and tbh I'm not really happy with them, they sound good, but I really want a proper step up from my original 602's and these weren't it really. Primarily what I'm looking for is...
  14. S

    Question B&W M1 vs high end set up

    Hi all Been thinking a while about moving up from my awsome M1 mk2 speakers to something like monitor audio gold or platinum range. Just worried how much difference I'll hear for such an outlay as only used for movies. Thing is I had a full on XTZ cinema set up before downsizing to the M1's as...
  15. G

    Wanted B&W HTM61 S2

    B&W HTM61 S2 wanted to upgrade my home cinema centre speaker....Must be black ash in colour....
  16. Splash

    Question B&W CCM 65 grille

    Recently had to pop out my ceiling speakers (B&W CCM 65s) and in doing so must have put a microscopic kink in the rim of the grille (no idea how anyone manages to get these off without doing the same) .... net result is they are now impossible to get back in the slot ... may have received...
  17. A

    What can i get for my B&W DM604

    I have a set of B&W DM604 speakers what i can i get for them? Great shape
  18. A

    B&W 804n

    Hi all, I have recently purchased a pair of 804n speakers, this was an impulse buy and one that was done with admittedly very limited knowledge (heart over head). I have been a longtime fan of b&w, more so of the design side of things over the sound (I know) as I haven’t listened to many...
  19. A

    Speaker upgrade help. SVS ultra bookshelf, Dynaudio, b&w, any suggestions?

    I’m looking for some new speakers, I’ve narrowed it down to one of these below. SVS ultra bookshelf speakers B&W 606 or maybe the s2’s Dynaudio emit m10 or m20 All of the speakers above are known to be a little bright which is a concern, my amp is the denon pma 600ne which is quite neutral...
  20. N

    Wanted B&W CM Centre 2 (S1) Gloss Black

    Looking for a CM Centre 2 S1 in gloss black to match my CM8s. Collection in or delivery to North London.
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