1. Tom Davies

    Is boutique publishing the future of 4K physical media? - AVF Movies Podcast Discussion Thread

    Hello, fellow collectors of shiny shiny discs, The next Movies Podcast hosted by me, @Mark Costello and @Simon Crust will be livestreaming on our YouTube channel on Wednesday 1st September 2021 at 7:30pm This time around we're having thoughts about the rise of the smaller boutique labels...
  2. bruce-leroy

    Which film would you like Arrow (or one of the other boutique labels) to release?

    Please forgive me if there is a similar thread like this - I can‘t find it - or if already discussed elsewhere. @VisionMan mentioned about Dredd (on the watching movies thread) having a poor blu-ray, so it occurred to me that Pete Travis’ Dredd would be an ideal candidate to get the all...
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