1. 3dbinCanada

    Pioneer CT-S99WR Dual Well Cassette Deck

    My first ever purchase on EBay was accidental when I asked for a lower price (not thinking the seller was going take it) and he accepted. So I bought this deck and figured what the hell and plugged it into my system. I was disappointed to say the least as tape speeds were different across both...
  2. Bert Coules

    Has anyone bought from EZ Spares?

    Just wondering if anyone has traded or attempted to trade with a company called EZ Spares. They have a website here . I ordered a replacement Panasonic remote some three weeks ago and received a confirmatory email and (next day) a tracking number which the courier site doesn't recognise...
  3. R

    Newbie- Bought PX401-4k projector - not sure what I am doing wrong

    Hello - This is my first experience with a projector. I have a room in which the projector is ceiling mount and about 13' away. I have a 120" Elite Screen non-perforated. My source is a Roku ultra. My hopes were to be able to watch 4k movies in a dark room and 1080p for football in dimly lit...
  4. davglen

    Broad grey hazy background vertical stripes on new LG tv

    I have a new LG43UP81006 that is showing broad grey faint hazy background vertical stripes(2 inches) when background is sky or similarly plain colour.Appears on all inputs,Wi-Fi,set top box,aerial. Anyone any ideas please.Sorry this is my first post,so may not have it all down correctly.
  5. swordsquid

    Just bought an LG C1 and need advice on upgrading my receiver.

    Hi there I've just bought a shiny new LG C1 55 inch, upgrading from my old 42" VIERA Plasma. The rest of my set up is pretty ancient too. My receiver is an Onkyo TX-SR605 wired to some Kef KHT3005SE Eggs and a Klipsch SW308 sub. Obviously I want to get the most out of my new C1 so could...
  6. mattyredsox

    Advice on a new system: bought Audiolab 6000A, Oberon 5, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Possibly adding...

    Hi All. Newbie here, but old human. Kind of what the title says: I need advice on a new system: I've just bought an Audiolab 6000A, Dali Oberon 5s, a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Thinking of adding to it from my old stuff. We've just moved to Geneva, Switzerland from Hiroshima, Japan. My...
  7. D

    I bought and returned a projector and got a handling fee but now refunded

    Can they do this? Thanks I returned the same day that it was delivered. Just didn’t get on with the projector!
  8. bizon

    What TAG McLaren processor have I bought?

    Hi all! Hope there are any TAG McLaren owners left in this forum... I recently purchased a dirt cheap AV32R processor. But I'm so confused with all the updates that were available for this processor. How do I know which updates this one has? How do I know if it has the 192 kHz DAC? Please see...
  9. grims dale

    Just bought some KEF tdm front 3 which model should I use for surrounds

    As in title I used to have a pair of KEF 34DS and I thought they worked nicely with my KEF ls50s at the time I'd like to buy another pair of KEF TDM23F for surrounds but the only place that they could go would be where my KEF IQ 10s were in the picture you can see where my original TDM34 s were...
  10. MahaRaja

    Bought a PS5 from Ebay, it said brand new, sealed and un-opened..but not sure?

    Hi Guys, Just got a delivery from Ebay for my son as I got fed up trying to buy one from the shops. Saw this from a guy advertising, who is established and has good rating. 'Brand new, sealed and unopened PS5'. However, when I opened the packaging, the PS5 outer box was torn a bit and the...
  11. P

    Just bought a pair of Q Acoustic concept 20's with stands after my interest being piqued by the 3030i's but decided that they're way too big...

    for the small listening room I'm setting up. At the moment I have them attached to an old Tangent ampster 1 amp that I had with a view to a decent amp going forward. My music sources are Plex and Amazon Prime via a networked Samsung TV then optical into the amp. This gives a decent user...
  12. T

    How would customs work if I bought something from Germany?

    This is not a question about Brexit per se so I didnt want to put it in there so I wasnt sure where to ask this question but if I buy something from ebay from Germany to the value of around £53 will there be customs charges on top?
  13. M

    Finally bought B&W M1 speakers - cable choice?

    Finally bought 5 x B&W M1 Mk2 speakers as a likely replacement for my existing B&W CM series setup. My REL T7 sub will remain. The rears will use my existing QED micro cable (likely wall mounted). For front LCR, I currently have Van Damme blue 2.5mm cables. Does anyone know if these will fit...
  14. D

    Bought 4D registration plates (EBay) and ...

    I'm concerned that they requested my V5C and photocard driving license. I'm worried about identity theft and registration plate cloning etc. This wasn't Halfords but an EBay store. It isn't like Halfords who just look at your doc then give you it back this company asked for a picture of these...
  15. bag head

    Anyone bought from this place?

    I can't find a silver Yamaha CD S300 anywhere in the UK so found this place - WiFiMedia in Holland. Has anyone used them before? I suppose the other problem is the horror stories that have been circulating about buying from...
  16. Captain Ted

    Where’s the music I bought on iTunes??

    Where has it gone? There’s a few albums I’ve bought and I cannot find on iTunes anymore. have I been robbed??
  17. Waynester

    Question Hyperfi?? What they like? Anyone bought AV stuff from them?

    Morning😂 any of you used Hyperfi online retailer? They seem to sell a lot of B Stock stuff whatever that is, prices seem very good but only a years warranty what they like to deal with and if you have warranty issues before I shell out dosh on a new Denon AVR would prefer to use Richer Sounds...
  18. J

    Question Bought Toshiba 49 Inch 49UL5A63DBS Smart 4K may return, need advice for a better TV, similar price

    Hi all, Recently bought a Toshiba 49 Inch 49UL5A63DBS Smart 4K. First 4k TV so was definitely an improvement on what I had but I just expected a bit better from this TV. When I'm watching 4k titles, it only looks like it's around 4k, sometimes it looks HD. Tried a few Netflix titles and...
  19. Derek S-H

    Just bought a new Switch.

    Yes, I finally caved in! I also bought a Pro controller and copies of "Zelda: BOTW" and "Zelda: Link's Awakening" at the same time. My queries are: 1. I understand the on-board storage capacity is 32 Gb - will that be enough space to save data on the two games I bought? 2. If not, any...
  20. G

    I bought a 4k disc palyer but my lg oled 65v only says its playing in 1080p?

    Thats pretty much it, all the kit I'm using is in my bio, I unplugged the tv from the soundbar and directly connected to the tv but same outcome, when i watch 4k netflix the tv reports watching 4k when you press the info button, what am I doing wrong?
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