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    Hey guys, I've been using a AVR DENON 2000 for the last 8 years with the passive subwoofer from my Bose AM10s. And just upgraded to a Denon avr-x2700h, I have tried nearly every thing to get them working and the bass is just not there. Denon believes that these new receivers don't support...
  2. T

    For Sale Bose 700 Soundbar in White- Brand New condition

    All as new. I'm not sure what the situation is for Bose with warranties. Think it is probably by serial number. I am not able to give the original purchase receipt which is why this is £520. It is unused and I am happy to set it all up when collecting. Or if you wish for postage then that's...
  3. S

    For Sale BNIB BOSE QuietComfort 35 II

    Got these as a present but already have a pair of SONY MX's so I don't need them. As you can see from the pictures they are still sealed in the box. ONO £120, postage £10 or free if collected. Regards Satpal
  4. quicksand

    For Sale Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds

    In excellent condition, not had much use. No marks on the earbuds or case. I forgot I still had these in the draws - working perfectly. Black colour. Info - SoundSport Free totally wireless earbuds for workouts | Bose Boxed with charging case, cable, etc. Not that they are dirty in the...
  5. RazerMouse

    Bose 700 Soundbar to an external 3rd Part Sub

    Does anyone know if I can use the 3.5mm jack that does allow connection to a Bose Sub700 to an alternative brand...something like an SVS PB16 Ultra?
  6. boomania

    For Sale Bose SA3 Power Amplifier x 2

    I have a pair of these amps that i no longer need having replaced a Bose system with Bluesound/NAD. Both working fine when they were removed (the main Lifestyle system was the issue). Collection only (between Spalding and Boston, lincs) as they are likely to cost almost as much to post/insure...
  7. H

    Bose speakers on denon 910 amp

    advice needed please i have a denon avr1910 amp in 5.1 i have a bose centre speaker 2 sony floor standers as fronts i have an accustimass 5 passive sub and matching cubes centre and fronts take after themselves am i ok in thinking i can wire the rears to the sub and from the sub to the cubes if...
  8. D

    Older Bose speakers need help w Receiver Selection

    I have older Bose in-wall speakers with cables running behind the drywall. It is the Bose PS28 iii powered subwoofer home audio system. The Bose receiver is not 4K so I want to replace the Bose receiver with something a 4k/8k Pioneer receiver using the older Bose speakers. The...
  9. JoshsDad

    For Sale Bose SoundDock Series II - Limited Edition

    Limited Edition colour, with original power supply and KS Bluetooth adaptor. Superb sound. Sensible offers considered. Can post but contactless collection preferred.
  10. S


    Hi everyone, first time here, and newish to audio. We are getting a new Rega Brio Amplifier. We have some bose 901 series VI with its eq and was wondering if it is possible to connect these speakers? If it is not possible to connect directly to it, what would be needed? Bose acoustimass 5...
  11. M

    Dot and Bose wave system

    I have one of the original Bose wave cd radios I want to try and Bluetooth music to it from iPad / phone rather than connecting via a jack lead Can I connect a echo dot to it using a jack lead And then Bluetooth music to it
  12. PsbakerEight2

    Modernising a Bose Lifestyle 18 system

    Hiya, I have a Bose Lifestyle 18 series II with a Bose PS18 II powered speaker system. It is about 16 years old but is still going really strong and does not need to be replaced. But I am looking to bring this setup as close modern day tech as possible. In particular I am keen to learn if I can...
  13. U

    Advice need about a defunct Bose system

    I have a Bose Acoustimass 15 home theatre system, driven by a Marantz 1506 receiver, but the subwoofer (SW) has failed. Bose stopped selling the system in 2006, and they don't make a powered SW any longer, so I have been looking for a replacement SW to use with the Bose wired speakers. At...
  14. N

    Help required with Bose Lifestyle AV35 in Faringdon, Oxforshire.

    Hi, I've just moved house, and there is an existing wall-mounted TV, with HDMI in the wall through to a small room adjoining. In there, there is a Bose Lifestyle AV35 (also left by the previous owners), into which they had plugged their Sky HD, Apple TV and Playstation etc. There are also 5x...
  15. O

    Bose Bass module 500 has two model numbers?

    Hi guys, I've recently asked John Lewis to do a price match on the Bose Bass Module 500. They've declined as they have the model number as 796145-4100 and the competitor has it as 796145-2100. Having done a Google search both numbers return the same product. Any idea if there's a difference...
  16. S

    Bose wave switching off

    Hi all I'm hoping somebody can help please. I sold my Bose wave AWRCC5 on Sunday on facebook Marketplace. Today (3 days later and a 50 mile journey with the unit) I have a complaint that the unit switches off randomly maybe an hour or so and he has to manually switch it back on for it to work...
  17. chrisrbrown

    Bose Wave Faulty turns off

    Hi all I'm hoping somebody can help please. I sold my Bose wave AWRCC5 on Sunday on facebook Marketplace. Today (3 days later and a 50 mile journey with the unit) I have a complaint that the unit switches off randomly maybe an hour or so and he has to manually switch it back on for it to work...
  18. A

    Bose Mini Link 2 SE Portable Speaker - Recently Purchased

    Hi Folks I hope you are all well? And sorry if I have post this in the wrong section. I am just looking for some advice is possible. I have recently purchased a Bose Mini Link 2 SE from Ebay. I purchased it as a new product and checked specifically that it was not used/refurbed. I wouldn't...
  19. C

    Wall mounts for Bose Acoustimass 10 series II

    I need to buy wall mounts for the speakers for my newly purchased (new to me, for my shop) Bose Acoustimass 10 series II speaker system. Suggestions?
  20. broona

    Replacement for Bose Wave 2 CD?

    My parents are looking to replace their ageing Bose Wave 2(?) CD system, so I'm looking for some recommendations please. They want DAB+ and CD playback, don't think they're bothered about too much else, but I'm struggling to find an all in one system with a CD player. I've found a cheap Bush...
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