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  1. D

    Need help choosing an av and extra speakers for atmos build

    HI everyone, I would like to see everyone opinion on adding the two ceiling speaker on top of my old bose acoustimass 10 series V system (5.1) and a good receiver for a decent Atmos experience at home. Not looking to replace my bose Acoustimass 10 cause i got it just 4 years ago and barely use...
  2. B

    Question on S1 speakers.

    Finding the items I want to add to the Arc SB is proving difficult, everywhere sold out, long lead times. Those being the S1's and SW Gen2. Alas located the SI's and as per my nature of being a very indecisive person when there is a choice (bane of my life). One set has voice and the other...
  3. A

    Bose acoustimass 15 speaker system, bass module replacement help please

    Before anyone says anything about Bose speakers!! - YES I know they are not liked and there is a lot of hater out there :) The bass module of my old Acoustimass 15 died completely so I threw it away, keeping all the twin cube speakers and cables. I am looking for a replacement bass module...
  4. H

    Bose speakers on denon 910 amp

    advice needed please i have a denon avr1910 amp in 5.1 i have a bose centre speaker 2 sony floor standers as fronts i have an accustimass 5 passive sub and matching cubes centre and fronts take after themselves am i ok in thinking i can wire the rears to the sub and from the sub to the cubes if...
  5. D

    Older Bose speakers need help w Receiver Selection

    I have older Bose in-wall speakers with cables running behind the drywall. It is the Bose PS28 iii powered subwoofer home audio system. The Bose receiver is not 4K so I want to replace the Bose receiver with something a 4k/8k Pioneer receiver using the older Bose speakers. The...
  6. BigNevster25

    Question Linking Bose speakers together (for stereo)

    Morning all, Question from the gf, she has a Bose Soundlink 10 speaker she uses for her turntable. Now she wants to link two speakers to create stereo sound. ideally she wants to stay in the Bose family and is looking at Soundlink 2 as it’s cheaper than another Soundlink 10. I assume any...
  7. deantown

    Question Bose speakers for iMac

    I have an old Bose lifestyle series 11 system that I no longer use for 5.1 surround for my TV. I moved the system in to my Conservatory mainly listening to CD's and occasionally radio. I am happy using just the front 3 speakers in there, so was wondering if it would be ok to use the 2 rear...
  8. R

    Speakers Compatible with Helmer L50 Wall Amp

    Hi all, –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Not familiar with setting up audio systems and could do with some advice! We are refitting our kitchen and I am putting in a small sound system. I have bought a wall amp (Helmer in-wall audio amplifier) >>> HELMER In wall audio amplifier, white, L50 | Bluetooth...
  9. Venomx999

    Question Bose

    Are they still regarded as one of the best for speakers ? Got myself some Bose Companion 2.0's for my PC and blown away by how good they are Upgraded from a philips and logitech 2.1, so a 4.2 basically, the boses have much more clarity and have a cleaner bass
  10. C

    Bose professional review for home

    Hello All, This is my first post and i have an interesting thread, how about Bose professional in home ? 24 x 18 feet theater(integrated). Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 Bose RMU 208 LCR Bose RMU 105 SR x 4 Bose DS100F overhead x 4 Bose MB210 passive subs x 2 Bose PM8250 x2 amplifier Denon X4500H for Pre...
  11. A

    Question ATMOS with Bose Acoustimass 10 and Yamaha R.

    Hello everyone, I have recently fell in love with the ATMOS setup Ive seen in one of our local stores here where I live. I am not an expert in setting up HT systems and would like to get an opinion from anyone who has experience with the topic. The idea is to setup a Dolby ATMOS system in a...
  12. Terrybull

    Upgrade from my Bose Speakers

    Afternoon I wish to upgrade from my Bose Acoustimass 6 series 2 Just Updated my av receiver to the Sony str-dn1080 want some better 5.1 to go with it many thanks
  13. M

    Old Bose speakers to new AV Receiver

    Hi, I have just moved into a new house where the previous owners had installed a BOSE lifestyle system many years ago. There are 5 satellite speakers physically attached to the wall for a 5.1 system. The wires for these run through the walls to converge at one point. The end of each wire has an...
  14. G

    Question Old and new: Integrating Bose speakers with a new setup...

    Hi guys, Currently have a new(ish) Samsung TV that has Digital Audio Out and HDMI Audio Out I also have a set of Bose Accoustimas speakers (5+1). In an idea world, I would love to be able to just plug the speakers into the TV and happy days; easy surround sound. I have just decommissioned a...
  15. A

    Denon AVR and Bose Speakers

    Hi I'm a newbie. I have a Denon AVR 2106 and will soon buy a Smart TV (Samsung KU7000?). I am also looking at a set of Bose AM5 speakers with sub-woofer. It says I must have a 2.1 Receiver. Will my Denon do and how would I connect it up. Also how wold I connect my TV and DVD Player into...
  16. D

    Answered DSTX ON ONKYO646

    I have a Onkyo 646 with Acoustimass 10 V series speaker, Want to Active DTSX on my receiver, Can anyone advice, is it possible or not?
  17. M

    New AV Amp & Wireless Home Audio

    I hope someone can help, it is time to replace my aging Pioneer VSX-1015 with something a little newer that includes HDMI etc. My lounge is set up with mounted 5:1 Anthony Gallo Nucleus speakers & sub however the wife has brought a new cabinet that the AV reciever doesn't fit into. Therefore I...
  18. S

    Question Which 5.1 setup (speakers + AV) should I buy for music and movie (50/50). Budget £1000,

    Hello Experts, I am new to this and planning to buy 5.1 speaker package. I am currently using Bose Companion 3 for music and movie (projector + TV). While they're not bad, I am now looking to spend some money to enhance the overall experience. Also (a long shot), what's the best use of Bose...
  19. J

    Question Yamaha RX1040

    I'm in the process of considering upgrading my old AV amp and was wondering if the Yamaha RXA1040 would be a good match for the Bose Acoustimass Series 10 IV speakers, or is the amp to powerful. Really not sure about upgrading amp for new Dolby Atmos or DTS X, as I have no interest in...
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