1. Ayrton

    Proliant N40L - no video? Or doesn't boot?

    I've had a Proliant N40L running in the cupboard under the stairs for years. Never missed a beat. However I've got some old drives lying around, and I found an N54L on eBay for buttons, so I thought I'd get myself another server. It's not here yet, but I thought I'd pull the old N40 out and have...
  2. R

    silent no boot pc

    hey guys, so i been building up a basic gaming rig, i5 7500 1151 gigabyte ga-z170xp-sli board basic power 480 psu for now corsair vengence ddr4 dual 8gb modules 3200mhz no gpu right now. i have it all installed, when i power it on, the fans all come on, the motherboard lights up (has onboard...
  3. Manhattan Mike

    Manhattan Plaza HDR.S might be dying - boot problem.

    My Freesat PVR appears to be getting old and wonky, the problem is that at some point while being on standby it switches to on as in light goes from red to blue and yet the screen is blank with "no signal" message and no response from the remote. Previously I just needed to do a cold boot...
  4. C

    TX-55AS802B fails to boot

    This TV will not turn on unless the on/off button is held down. In which case it stops at the Panasonic logo screen then restarts again. The power must then be turned off and when turned on again it boots to a blank screen. I feel it is a relay which the button activates but the power is not...
  5. JonnyTester

    Toshiba L670D turns on but doesn't POST or boot up

    A friend asked me to have a look at a laptop he owns. It turns on but just a blank screen. The laptop is a Satellite L670D. I turned it on, and after the dvd drive making a couple of clunking sounds (being detected by the BIOS most probably), it just stops. The "Toshiba" POST screen doesn't...
  6. Xenomorph

    Dell laptop beeps 8 times and won't boot

    I'm trying to fix my daughter's laptop, which has developed a problem. It won't boot, and gives me 8 loud beeps. I think this is due to an LCD failure. Anyone had this problem before and fixed it?
  7. MrStavros88

    55OLED903/12 failing to boot / very sluggish

    Hi all, our 55oled903 has started to play up today. Philips logo appears when switched on but wont boot up just a black screen. The android loading screen then stop / starts. Then Philips logo appears again as if it is stuck on a loop. I have downloaded the latest firmware to a usb but still...
  8. A

    Bluetooth adapter and keyboard connection at system boot

    I have an Asus BT500 BT USB adapter plugged into my front panel USB 2.0 port. The panel is linked to the main board by an internal cable provided along with the PC chassis. I'm using an AMD 550M Plus board. Usually, I leave the computer in sleep mode, and my BT keyboard re-connects on resume...
  9. AMc

    Article: Secure boot for UK electric car chargers isn't mandatory until 2023 Not sure how big a risk random code is on chargers at the moment but I can only imagine it offers an interesting route into the car? The potential for public chargers to spread something unpleasant far and wide must be...
  10. Damian1978

    Audio, boot screen but no dashboard??

    Hi guys, Strange one here but since the last update (I think as don’t use my 1st feb One much) I have no dashboard displayed so can’t use my One. Get audio via my AVR and the Xbox splash screen then Hi Damian but then screen is black. Hold down the Xbox button on the controller and can log...
  11. D

    Dual boot PC (Windows 10/Ubuntu) issue

    Would appreciate a solution to correct my error... I save my personal files to the Windows drive on my dual boot PC but I have accidentally saved one document to the Ubuntu drive. Whilst I may eventually be able to work out how to move (or copy) the document onto the Windows drive, past...
  12. K

    Crash and boot cycle

    Hello, I'm having issues with my windows 10 pc. It's used as a plex server and gets very light use. Recently it has been crashing after being on for about an hour. It will just stop responding and the screen will go black. I am forced to turn it off and then when I turn it on it goes into this...
  13. p9ul

    PC won't boot - help needed to identify the culprit.

    My PC is (very) long in the the tooth at 12 years old, but worked well enough for what I needed out of it - mainly internet browsing, iTunes, and some light CAD work. It's recently "died" and I need some advice on where the issue lies - I'm pretty sure it's a hardware fault, and I'm just...
  14. Zippy77777

    Why does my computer do this on boot?

    Hi friends It has never done this before today. Can anyone shed any light on why it has all of a sudden started doing this and what might be causing it? Starts just after the 30 second mark and happens a few times. Machine seems to work perfectly after boot. Thank you
  15. R

    Laptop will not boot up after new battery fitted.

    Hi there. After my Assus laptop battery stopped accepting a charge (wouldn't even work when plugged in) I abandoned it and bought a new laptop. As there is stuff on there I would like to keep I eventually bought a new battery for it which now holds a charge ok. Problem now is when I start it...
  16. A

    Gpu and boot up issue

    Hello, I'm having trouble getting a display out of my gpu. I recently took out my cpu cooler and gpu for travel and after putting it back together I'm not able to get a display (All lights and fans work, even the gpu fan). I've factored the issue to the gpu because after removing it and using...
  17. DodgeTheViper

    Dune HD Solo boot up options

    I can’t find a way to do this, but is it possible to have a HD Solo boot up straight to the movie wall in My Collection ?
  18. MrFraggle

    Strange screen pre boot up.

    What is this, marked with an arrow that appears before my PC fully loads? I can find nothing in msconfig/system configuration. The only thing I am not so sure about is in the general section of System configuration, 'Selective Startup' is selected as opposed to 'Normal' or 'Diagnostic' which of...
  19. outoftheknow

    Very fast boot from power off

    I have reinvigorated my Acer Aspire X3995 i3 2nd generation, by replacing the failing HDD with a Crucial MX500 SSD and the single 4GB DDR3RAM with two 8GB DDR3. I also loaded defaults in BIOS and now from power button press to Windows is so fast there is no POST beep and no BIOS splash screen. I...
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