1. Frank Smith

    Can anyone recommend a WiFi booster?

    Virgin Broadband struggles to get past the room it's in. Need something to help get the signal upstairs. Ideally something that does not create a new hot-spot. My budget it around the £30 mark and I live in a small terrace house.
  2. Spooksta

    Sky Q Mini vs Sky WiFi Booster

    Kit= EE Broadband Sky Q 2T box I’ve got a few poor signal areas in the house where the mini boxes struggle with drop out. Both areas are in extensions to the house. Was going to put a sky booster (EE120) in the middle to extent the mesh signal from the Sky Q box so it pushes a better signal...
  3. C

    Sky Q Ethernet/Wi-Fi Questions and Problems

    Hi, I have a 2tb Sky Q setup with a booster and 3 mini boxes. The system is basically the main box in the lounge at the front of the house, a room we don’t really use much, a booster provided by Sky in the hall with the signal going through to a kitchen with a mini box. The signal then goes...
  4. T

    Signal booster

    I have a 65 inch TV from richer sounds. Located in TN25 I did away with sky and now only use Netflix and Freeview. With the Freeview I scan and sometimes don't get most channels show up. On the occasions that HD channels do show, they definitely aren't watchable as they pause very frequently...
  5. A

    Sky Q / Sky Booster

    We have Sky Q in our living room and a mini box in the conservatory/play room. Due to the distance between the rooms the sky engineer wired an Ethernet cable between the rooms. We had loads of connection issues and sky kept coming out. They eventually sorted the problem with one of their WiFi...
  6. funforall

    Outdoor aerial and booster to indoors

    Hi We are in the highlands of Scotland and get no signal reception indoor on 3 or ee but outdoors about 10yards/meters from the building we get 1bar on ee and up the road, about 200 yards as the crow flies, we get 4 bars. We are very rural, not many buildings at all. I am looking for an aerial...
  7. B

    Aerial problem

    I've moved into a house but just can't work out how the aerial works. There is an aerial socket and coming out of the wall is an aerial and another aerial comes out of the side of the aerial socket. There is a remotelink a120d booster with 'input' and 'out 1' and 'out 2' and a white triangle...
  8. davindersangha

    Using a SKY Dish (no box) to connect to Freeview

    Tearing my hair about a bit. I couldn't get Freeview HD using my normal indoor aerial, so I had a bright idea of using my twin SKY leads. I cut them and combined the copper wire and slotted into a booster which at the other end connected to my TV. Voila! It worked. However, some of the non-HD...
  9. mmurdoch

    Question Portable battery booster for iPhone 5

    Hi everyone I’m looking for some help in buying a portable battery booster or a battery case for an iPhone 5. My lad is going to France on a school trip and it’s going to take a long time via coach & ferry around 14hrs and he asked me to get him a portable battery booster or a battery case for...
  10. stearman65

    GPS Signal Booster

    I will shortly be going on a boating holiday. I have purchased Navionics chart software for the area & installed it on my Lenovo android tablet. With the tablet inside the boat I am concerned the GPS signal could be intermittent. Has anyone fitted a plug in antenna or signal booster to an...
  11. D

    Question RF2 Booster with magic eye and SKY + HD

    Hi all, bit advice needed. I have a SKY + HD box that has a connection from RF2 to a powered splitter in the loft and then onto two remote TV's both using magic eyes. The system has been working fine. Yesterday I had to replace one of the remote TV's, (40" Samsung HD) as the screen had broken. I...
  12. U

    Orb Audio Booster for KEF Q100

    I just purchased KEF Q100. Got the pair for $250 and hope to be quite satisfied with them. I live in apartments, am not crazy about excessive bass, and love clear studio monitor quality sound. My question is this. Does anybody have an opinion on pairing the KEF Q100 with Orb Audio Booster Mini...
  13. B

    satellite signal booster

    Hi Can anyone recommend a satellite signal booster for FreeSat? Currently the box works fine when connected to the cable in the house which is direct from the dish, however we have an extension cable going to another room (about 15 meter cable) and the signal was weak but its now just not...
  14. windclipper

    What type of ethernet cable does a 'Q' booster box take please?

    Sky recently provided a 'booster' box. However the 1 meter cable is too short. I'm a bit confused to what plugs this device's leads has? For example, are they RJ45 to RJ11, is it a 2 or 4 din connection, does it need to be cross-wired? Any guidance will be most welcome ...
  15. topping1981

    Sky Fiber weak signal

    Hi I have recently got sky fiber broadband installed. The problem that i have as follows: 1. Only 2 ethernet ports? What type of ethernet switch do i require to use with finer? 2. I have a room at the back of the house that the wireless signal is poor to use with phones/tablets etc. I have...
  16. bigfecker

    Question Mobile Repeater or Booster for Virgin 3G/4G

    I get a very poor mobile signal, so looking at repeater. Any advice for one tha works for 3G/4G for Virgin mobile which is EE.
  17. S

    Question BT Booster with Sky Router?

    Does anyone know if I can use my old BT WiFi booster with my new Sky Router?
  18. D

    Question Sky booster stopping my Denon Remote app from working?

    Hi all, I have a network enabled Denon AV amp connected to my sky broadband router via a TP link and I usually control it through my Denon remote app on my iPhone and iPad. It's all been working fine for a number of years. In order to get our broadband signal to the garden I just bought a sky...
  19. Fat_Tony

    Question Can a mini mobile internet device connect to a router or booster?

    Hi folks We live in an old farm house, its very long with thick stone walls so all the usual predictable wifi issues. Ive tried numerous solutions over the years but in the end I've given up and we now get decent 4g broadband via mobile Mifi boxes with sims in. We have 3 of these, 1 for me, 1...

    Question WiFi Booster

    Hey there techno savvy people! I need help finding a wifi booster to boost the wifi from my house to my party barn. I have found plenty of wifi boosters with great ratings but the problem I'm having is the party barn is a tin building. The booster is of no help as long as it's inside the...
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