1. B

    Anyone with a Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad 10 W measure the plug socket please?

    Can anyone with a Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad 10 W measure the plug socket please? The dimensions below how far it sticks out after being plugged in, see pic attached thanks?
  2. H

    Question Do you notice much of a difference in the Now TV app using Boost from 720 to 1080?

    Just wondering how much of a difference you can notice if any? Is it worth paying the extra £3 a month?
  3. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: OLED TV sales boost post-pandemic predicted

    Industry analysts are forecasting strong growth for OLED TVs which will emerge as winners in a post Covid-19 TV market suffering from low demand. Read the news.
  4. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: LG Display OLED production boost expected from May

    LG Display has faced problems surrounding its China based OLED manufacturing plant long before coronavirus appeared on the scene. Now though there could be some good news for the company upon whose shoulders the business strategies of many TV manufacturers rest. Read the news.
  5. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Mini LED Active Matrix to boost market uptake

    Mini LED backlighting, which is being championed by TCL on several of its higher end models, has seen manufacturing costs come down and new Active Matrix technology emerge. Read the news.
  6. J

    Question Signal boost

    Hi I've got a caravan in Cumbria and the signal is spotty at best I was wondering if there is a good cost effective way of boosting my signal inside of my caravan cheers the only option seams to be costing £230 upwards
  7. JAy3001

    Boost your Switch GFX power!

    So there is a new accessory out called the mClassic which promises to boost the graphics on your Switch. ( in fact it works on most consoles ) and can even upscale to 4k, although I'm not sure how well that will work! And surprisingly it seems to work! From the review below you find out that it...
  8. JabbaNut

    Ofcom boost for fibre broadband investment

    Ofcom boost for fibre broadband investment " Homes and businesses up and down the UK are set to benefit from much faster and more reliable fibre broadband, under major proposals set out by comms regulator Ofcom. As demand for Internet data accelerates, the UK’s infrastructure needs to be...
  9. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: NOW TV Boost adds Full HD and 5.1 audio

    It’s long been an affordable way to tap into the newest TV shows and movies shown on Sky but that affordability came at the cost of reduced picture quality. That situation is now no longer the case. Read the news.
  10. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Netflix gets subscriber boost ahead of rival's challenge

    Nearly seven million viewers join Netflix during Q3 in the last few weeks before the company faces some serious competition from the like of Apple TV+ and Disney+. Read the news.
  11. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: LG Display to boost OLED production as new factory opens

    LG’s much heralded 8.5 generation panel production plant opens in Guangzhou,China, ready to boost OLED production. Read the news.
  12. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Video streaming will boost 5G uptake predicts report

    Research points to video streaming being a main driver for US consumers to upgrade to 5G for both mobile and home networks. Read the news.
  13. Stuart Wright

    NEWS: Electric cars to get a much needed boost

    Ultra-rapid charger roll-out continues as UK government ploughs £37m into charging tech. Read the news.
  14. T

    New Firmware For Nvidia GPUs Gives Performance Boost

    This has probably been posted elsewhere on these boards but I only visit this sub-forum here so I thought I'd post it here. Nvidia have a new firmware update that primarily is to fix some sort of problem with Display Port performance but also gives HDMI a performance boost. Download here...
  15. T

    Audio Hi-Fi Boost - Thoughts

    Hi Guys, I've been learning tremendously from you. Thank you for that. I gave up my bose plans and got my initial 5.1.2 set up as follows: AV receiver Onkyo RZ-TX 820 Vizio P65-C1 klipsch RP-280FA klipsch R-115SW (a beast) klipsch RP-450C klipsch RP-250S I am amazed and now ready to explore...
  16. Slater82

    Question TV Aerial Boost & Split?

    Hopefully this is a simple one. We’ve just built a new house and my electrician has left me the following tv aerial puzzle that I wasn’t expecting. I have two cupboards containing aerial cables. Cables marked ‘main aerial’ and ‘booster feed’ are located in a cupboard 1 along with a power...
  17. nugget2014

    Question Oppo ha-2 bass boost function?

    I am wanting to replace my Fiio E17 with the ha-2 or SE version but I like quite a bit of bass I was wondering how many db the bass boost function adds. I have +10 on my Fiio (don't judge me please!) And was wondering if the oppo will leave me wanting a tad more.. Also Is the SE worth the...
  18. S

    Economy 7 Heater not heating up overnight but we can still use the boost to get hot water

    Hi Hope someone can help me! i have been in my 1 bedroom flat now for a week or so and i have nothing but trouble trying to get the boiler to heat up overnight. When we need hot water E.G. shower/Bath on an evening we are having to boost it and hour before. I have changed all the settings...
  19. M

    Boost TV Audio

    Hi, Just joined. Probably a bit basic for you guys. I ecently bought a bog standard Samsung 28" TV. Sound poor so I bought a Prosound sound bar A67TF from Maplins and connected it with an optical cable. Sound quality is now better but not loud enough. Is there some sort of (fairly cheap)...
  20. M

    Question GTX 1080 boost clock stuck at low speeds after PC has been idle few days.

    Hi. At some point after having my system powered on, while the system was 4 days on idle, my GTX 1080 becomes permanently throttled in 3d. The graphics clock was halved from a maximum of 1950-1960mhz (factory OC) to 1285mhz . Memory clockspeed was not affected. When this occurs, it doesn't...
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