1. F

    For Sale Arendal 1723S Bookshelf Speakers

    Arendal 1723S Bookshelf Speakers in Satin Black. I only purchased the speakers in December 2020. They are in perfect condition and there are no problems or marks on them. I have been using them as surrounds. I have decided to replace them with the surround speakers from Arendal.
  2. Aziz Ismail

    Help needed to raise Bookshelf Speakers…

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone could help with this. My bookshelf rear speakers need to be angled further in but unfortunately my sofas’s are slightly too high. I have looked at isolation pads but even then at 40/50mm I don’t think they will lift the speakers high enough. I don’t want to hang the...
  3. C

    New Bookshelf and center speakers - KEF vs B&W?

    I currently have my brothers B&W Nautilus 805's with the Nautilus 805 HTM2 (center channel) with an older version of B&W M1 surround (B&W 600 series Sub from about 10 years ago - still going strong). AVR - Denon 7.2 3500h receiver - (105 w). Long story brother is coming back from...
  4. B

    Passive bookshelf spearkers & sub for dance music

    Hello, I currently have a Marantz PM6005 amp powering a pair of Wharfedale diamond 9.1 and a really old pair of Mission Cyrus 782. The Wharfedale are in another room so are fine, but i want to replace the 782's. I don't have room for big floor speakers, so bookshelf's are a must, and have an...
  5. mryan

    What are some recommendations for used bookshelf speakers in the £200-400 range?

    My current speakers are Mordaunt Short MS20i Pearl Edition and looking to upgrade. Looking at buying used, and was wondering where there was considered to be good value in the market. They would be used in a fairly small room, on my desk with my PC. I listen to a wide variety of genres and...
  6. OPN

    Bookshelf speakers for Music

    Experts, please suggest to me a good pair of Bookshelf speakers for 2 channel Music. I will hook this with my Denon X1600H AVR (Zone 2) and will mostly stream Tidal/local FLAC files via Roon. The budget is around $1000, no sub at this moment.
  7. R

    Small/Medium room buying advice, shoot for overkill or keep sensitive?

    Hi guys, Im planning on a 5.1 setup initially and possibly expanding to 5.1.2 in the near future. I have been all over the place from SVS prime 5.1, Klipsch reference theater pack (I know, small entry level sub-optimal speakers), but to avoid needing to upgrade in some years, I was looking into...
  8. R

    'Bookshelf' or 'Satellite' Style Speakers as Rears?

    Hi, I'm looking to source speakers for a Monitor Audio Monitor 5.1 setup. Very rough layout below (room is 3.1m x 5.3m) - just wondering what rear speakers I should go for? I'm planning on: Subwoofer TBD Monitor Audio Monitor 200 x 2 Monitor Audio Monitor C150 x 1 Monitor Audio Monitor 100 x...
  9. C

    Soundbar vs bookshelf stero speakers for movies & games

    Hi there! I've recently bought a Samsung HW-Q900T to use in a ~30m^2 room, and I must admit it doesn't sound nearly as good as I thought it would given the $1000 price tag. Due to the structure of the room, which is open on the back (the couch is just in front of a wall, but there is no room...
  10. S

    Hi, wall mounted speaker advice required!

    Dear forum I am about to move in to my newly extended room, it is rectangular open plan kitchen, diner living space measuring 9mx6mx2.5m high. I have cable routed into the wall at approx 1.7m from floor level with the view to use a bracketed wall mounted unit. At present I use old Q...
  11. Bob Sacamano

    Mid-range bookshelf speaker advice

    Having inherited a bit of money, I’m looking to put together a new, mid-range system from scratch. So far I’ve picked up a Rega Planar 3 (with the Elys 2 cartridge) and Rega Brio amp, but am struggling to choose a pair of sneakers to finish it off. With Covid, going to a shop for a demo isn’t...
  12. RMCF

    Active bookshelf speakers, which is right!

    I bought a pair of Creative Gigaworks T40 recently and really impressed with the quality of them. But I have a question, maybe a stupid one. I have them set up so that the Active speaker is on the right on my desk, with the passive one to my left as I look. I assumed this as they are marked...
  13. P

    Best Bookshelf Speakers for Inconvienent Spaces? Up High Elipson Planet L???

    Opinions, rants, experience? Best Speakers for inconvenient high spaces? I am looking to make my bedroom a bit better as my partner is spending a lot time recovering there this year. Primary Source: FLAC files, today through LMS Squeezebox Touch, with a pair of Tivoli Clock Radio speakers. My...
  14. C

    I don’t love my bookshelf speakers mounted next to the tv

    Hey everyone, I’m getting around to mounting my superzeros next to the tv and wouldn’t you know it, I got one up and I really don’t like the aesthetics of the bookshelf speaker mounted next to the tv at all. One thing that may help would be a lower profile mount, but before I do that I am...
  15. RedCarp

    What to do with single bookshelf speaker

    Hi all Through a series of events I find myself in posession of three bookshelf speakers, two right and one left. What can I do with the extra right speaker, can I use it as a 'mono' output somehow? Or should I either sell it or buy another left speaker to complete the set? I am currently...
  16. gasolin

    Best entry level high end bookshelf speakers

    I have change to a Rotel A11 Tribute and a Yamaha CD-S300 using B&W 607 S1 Better depth, wider soundstage and a sound where the soundsignature stays the same when playing loud. I could improve sound quality alot buy getting better speakers but for me it's not gonna be cheap Kef LS50 meta look...
  17. S

    Bookshelf speaker dilemma

    Hi all I wonder of anyone can give me some advice. I currently have a Rotel 1062 and 1072 amp and CD pairing with a pair of Monitor Audio Silver S6's. not bad tho I have never been overwhelmed by the clarity of the bass. I have now moved to a house with a smaller sitting room and am...
  18. A

    Speaker upgrade help. SVS ultra bookshelf, Dynaudio, b&w, any suggestions?

    I’m looking for some new speakers, I’ve narrowed it down to one of these below. SVS ultra bookshelf speakers B&W 606 or maybe the s2’s Dynaudio emit m10 or m20 All of the speakers above are known to be a little bright which is a concern, my amp is the denon pma 600ne which is quite neutral...
  19. R

    Need Advice!! Bookshelf speakers on top or inside Entertainment center?

    Hello everyone I'm building my first budget home theater system. It will be replacing my old bose lifestyle 48 system. I was planning to place the speakers in the same location as the bose cubes but after research it wouldn't be ideal.. I'll be installing a pioneer vsx 1130 av reciever with my...
  20. C

    Bookshelf speakers

    Looking to buy not good but excellent bookshelf speakers below $2000 to pair with my new Rotel A12 integrated amp. I was thinking of KEF LS 50 Meta !? Any other suggestions for even better ??
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