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  1. fearce

    For Sale Q Acoustics 3020i - Grey Speaker pair

    Like new, including all boxes, books and packaging. Only selling as changed colour theme so using a black pair instead. Viewing, testing and inspection welcome. Collection only. £150
  2. keenor

    For Sale STILL AVAILABLE - REDUCED - REL HT1003 Subwoofer (£325 delivered, £300 collected from Cardiff)

    REL HT1003 Subwoofer - black - 9 months old - £325 delivered or £300 collected Q Acoustics 3030i bookshelf speakers - carbon black - 11 months old - £175 delivered or £150 collected (Cardiff) 26/06/22 - 3030i now sold Speakers are shown below on matching Q Acoustics 3030FSi Floor Stands in...
  3. PeakyPaul

    Bookshelf speakers with built in upfiring atmos

    Hello, I am after some help and advice on a modest (read cheap!) lounge speaker setup. I am looking at upgrading my current 5.1 system to a 5.1.2 (or 5.1.4) system. Due to cost restraints I want to upgrade my AV amp and front speakers first. Space constraints mean I can't have floor standing...
  4. Wilkeh

    For Sale XLS200DF in Cherry and Monitor Audio MR1 in Walnut

    Hey folks, I have for sale an XLS200 which sounds great. However, cosmetically it isn't in the best condition. I was going to sand it down and paint it but never got round to it and I've bought myself a Monolith now. You'll see me trying different colours on it, so it is stained all over...
  5. B

    How to connect a subwoofer to bookshelf speakers

    I hope somebody can help me with this. So I have an edifier r1580mb Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. They are nice by themselves with good Audio quality. However I would love to have more bass and hence was thinking of buying a subwoofer (eg Yamaha NSS) but I am unable to find a way to bring all...
  6. E

    Arendale or Elac high End bookshelf speakers

    I have a pair of Elac Solar's for my fronts and center and rears. I got a very good dersl on them. They sound fantastic with acoustic music, bass, and vocals, but lack the sense of space and instrument separation I am looking for with classic rock. I am still within the return period and was...
  7. P

    Need help pairing bookshelf speakers with Cambridge cxa81 amp in small room

    Happy weekend and go Bengals! I have researched for many hours and decided I'll just ask as my head is starting to spin. Looking for an end game bookshelf pairing to this amp. I recently got the Cambridge Audio CXA81 integrated amp (well within return window fyi) currently being used with elac...
  8. R

    Bookshelf speakers placed on subwoofers

    I'm thinking about getting a new 5.2 system. I have limited space on either side of my TV. I think there's only room for a sub on either side or a tower speaker on either side. One option I'm considering is to use bookshelf speakers on either side placed directly on top of 2 subwoofers. Are...
  9. S

    Bookshelf speakers for Audiolab 6000A amp (with sub)

    Hi. I’ve recently got an Audiolab 6000A amp to replace my aging Arcam Alpha 5. Currently using Mission 780SE bookshelf speakers also from 30 years ago on sand filled stands, plus a Q Acoustics 3060s sub (more to help the Missions than produce masses of thudding bass). It feels like the...
  10. A

    Suggestions for Passive White bookshelf speakers for desk setup - Under £250

    Hi All, I am looking to pick up a pair of White passive bookshelf speakers for a desk setup. Preferably under £250, As they will be sat on my desk I am not looking at large bookshelf speakers. Cambridge Audio MINX XL are on my shortlist but I'm up for any recommendations you may have? Thanks
  11. malctAN

    Mixing Q Acoustics 3010i Bookshelf Speakers with 2010i

    I need a pair of speakers to go with the 2010is and its either picking up a pair of second hand 2010is ot buying a new pair of 3010i's I was using a pair of Q Acoustics 3050 next to the tv with a center speakers with the 2010is at the rear , I am now using the 3050s with my amp for playing...
  12. G

    Speak stand advice needed for Klipsch bookshelf speakers

    I'm just building a new setup, and have bought the Klipsch Reference Cinema 5.0.4 Dolby Atmos speakers Reference Cinema System 5.0.4 with Dolby Atmos | Klipsch, along with a 12" BK Sub that is being built. I need some speaker stands, but want something similar to what I have right now. However...
  13. G

    Pioneer VSX LX303 + bookshelf speakers for music?

    Hi Would Pioneer VSX LX303 with a pair of decent bookshelf speakers work for music? Predominant use would be music from a turntable or laptop (would need a DAC for that as well) and occasionally movies from either TV or laptop. If this makes sense then what set of speakers would match this...
  14. darrenhaken

    Placing bookshelf speakers on a sideboard - how bad is it?

    I've bought a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 100s and my wife would prefer I have them on our media cabinet - 180cm wide, 625cm tall rather than stands. This is because she doesn't want the room to be dominated and also she's worried our son will push them over. How "bad" is placing them on the...
  15. darrenhaken

    Advice needed - bookshelf speakers + amp for open plan room

    I am considering buying a second system for my back room which is an open plan kitchen, diner and living room. My wife and I spend a lot of time in the back room, especially when looking after our son (he's a newborn). We plan to add a TV into the room (next year) and I started to think getting...
  16. Aziz Ismail

    Help needed to raise Bookshelf Speakers…

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone could help with this. My bookshelf rear speakers need to be angled further in but unfortunately my sofas’s are slightly too high. I have looked at isolation pads but even then at 40/50mm I don’t think they will lift the speakers high enough. I don’t want to hang the...
  17. J

    Unsuccesful to connect Pro-Ject Phono E BT with Klipsch The Fives

    I just purchased the Pro-ject Phono E BT (V2.1, EDR) unit and works well with bluetooth speakers like the Bose Revolve. But to my disappointment I cannot connect this same BT to Klipsch 'The Fives' speakers (BT 5.0). I tried every trick and resets with no success. Anyone had the same issue and...
  18. mryan

    What are some recommendations for used bookshelf speakers in the £200-400 range?

    My current speakers are Mordaunt Short MS20i Pearl Edition and looking to upgrade. Looking at buying used, and was wondering where there was considered to be good value in the market. They would be used in a fairly small room, on my desk with my PC. I listen to a wide variety of genres and...
  19. JediMaster

    Bookshelf speakers for Music

    Experts, please suggest to me a good pair of Bookshelf speakers for 2 channel Music. I will hook this with my Denon X1600H AVR (Zone 2) and will mostly stream Tidal/local FLAC files via Roon. The budget is around $1000, no sub at this moment.
  20. mcbarlow

    What speakers should I buy?

    Looking to add front speakers, sub, and rear speakers here. Already to overhead speakers in the ceiling. Moving into the house and wanting to replicate something similar to shown. I’m concerned that the cabinet with the side walls may mess up rear ported bookshelf speakers. The base of the...
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