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  1. W

    Bookshelf speakers high end

    hi. I am new in speakers world and currently have kef lsx wireless for about a week. Tried aux and optical connections and for me they sound absolutely horrible and app is a joke. Can't wait to get rid of them and was looking around for speakers for small-medium size room where my desktop PC is...
  2. swartzy

    Wanted Tannoy 7.1 bookshelf speakers walnut

    used as description in mint or near mint condition need posted paypal payment thx may consider as a second option tannoy mx1 maple if I cannot get above
  3. S

    Budget bookshelf speakers - Tannoy or AE ?

    I am looking at buying a pair of used speakers for a system I’m trying to build for a room that is occasionally used. I’ve got all the components pretty much except the speakers. I’m looking at Acoustic Energy Evo 1 or Tannoy Mercury MX1-M Does anyone have any experience of either of the above...
  4. djbone

    Wanted Cheap but decent studio monitors or bookshelf speakers

    I'm after the above for a bedroom DJ setup. To play nice with my NAD 3030 amp with two sets of speaker outputs. I have some great B&W floorstanders in the room but need some monitors at head height too. So doesn't have to be top audiophile quality (although I do have a spare Concept 20 on...
  5. chronics

    5.1 bookshelf speakers to pair with Denon AVR X1600H

    Hi So I'm hoping to buy a set of bookshelves in the next few weeks to pair with Denon, budget total is about £1500 over the next few months while I add the surrounds and subwoofer. My idea was to start with what will become my surrounds and initially use them along with center as LCR, then in...
  6. keithsizer

    For Sale 4x Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 Bookshelf Speakers

    Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 Bookshelf Speakers In good condition and in full working order I have used these for around 4 years, and only selling due to an upgrade I have lost the speaker grill for both speakers. These in no way affect how well these work. Details for the speakers can be found...
  7. P

    Wanted KEF Q300 in cherry finish (pair)

    Hi all I'm looking for a pair of KEF Q300 in cherry finish. Good to excellent condition please. I'm in West Sussex and am willing to travel a bit if needed.
  8. N

    Question Spendor bookshelf speakers.

    I have had a pair of S3e Spendors for many years, still in great condition. They now sit on shelves on a side wall around 8 feet apart soon to be driven by a new Marantz PM6006 UK edition. Despite their closeness to the walls I get no sound distortion I'm aware of like a too heavy bass. The...
  9. K

    Yamaha Ns333 bookshelf speakers

    I am planning to buy yamaha ns 333 as those are less powered 60w 6 ohms as I am using a entry level amplifier vsx924 pioneer? Pls suggest and your opinions.. basically I do hear music's than movies?
  10. mooperman

    For Sale **SOLD**Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Bookshelf speakers in Walnut.

    as title. Good condition but with some age (and house move) related marks (see pics in below thread). Will come packaged in original box. I had planned to use these at some point but trying to slim down the various bits i have in storage. Original ad and pics here: For Sale - Wharfedale...
  11. ShardsOfMe

    For Sale Sonos Sub, two IKEA Symfonisk by Sonos wireless bookshelf speakers, Logitech Squeezebox Boom

    Logitech Squeezebox Boom. Boxed with all accessories. Usual light signs of use to the high-gloss plastic. £50 + delivery. SOLD to Timmy C Sonos Beam with two IKEA Symfonisk by Sonos bookshelf speakers (each is like a taller Sonos One SL) for 5.0 setup, or add a Sonos Sub for 5.1. Symfonisk...
  12. S

    For Sale Mordant Short MS20i Bookshelf Speakers £40

    MS 20i speakers for sale in good condition. no Rattles, cones perfect, no dents cabinets in good condition. Pick up only or can deliuver in Edinburgh Area
  13. J

    Question Question about Wharfedale bookshelf speakers

    Dear friends I am putting together a budget but decent system for a medium sized bedroom (around 2.5 m by 5 m) consisting of: Lenco L-400BK turntable Marantz PM4001 amplifier but it is a bit old and I am thinking of replacing it for an Onkyo A-9010 The record player feeds into the phono input...
  14. D

    For Sale SOLD - Dali Oberon 3 Speakers in White - Like New

    I have reluctantly decided to sell my recently purchased Dali Oberon 3 speakers. The 2 week old speakers look and sound great and I'm very pleased with them. But after a chance hearing and testing of the Dali Rubicon 2 speakers in my local Richer Sounds store, I have decided to bite the bullet...
  15. Smiffy 2

    Question How good are Q Acoustic's 3020 speakers???

    Currently have a Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 system (only just purchased). Very happy as well. Friend of mine has offered me a pair of 3020's with stands, along with a 3090 centre for a ridiculously cheap price as he owes me a favour. Would I notice a big difference between these and my 7000i F/R/C...
  16. Waynester

    Bookshelf speakers? These options

    Hi Guys just sold my 4 x Q Acoustics 3010 speakers from my home surround setup, I’ve never really liked the sound of them and find them gutless, I do have the 4 x Q Acoustics ST3000 Stands which they sit on and the Q Acoustics 3070S sub... my choice to replace the 3010’s are The Mission LX2’s...
  17. Vivfou

    For Sale Tannoy Eclipse Mini Black Oak Bookshelf Speakers

    Hi, I'm selling a pair of the Tannoy Eclipse Mini, there are in the box, in great condition, I have used the speakers for about 4months but due to moving to a new place I won't need them anymore. Bought them in april 2019, they come with a 6 year waranty.
  18. Ascotbilly

    Bookshelf Speakers

    Evening all, I'm looking to upgrade the speakers (Mission M71's 15 year old) on my system Yamaha RN602 & Nad Turntable. Hifi is in small room approx 2.5m x 2m. Speakers are presently located on shelf at waist height / ear height when seated. This limits me to quite a narrow speaker less than...
  19. .Griff.

    Question 800mm tall speaker stands for bookshelf speakers

    I'm looking for some speakers stands >800mm in height that are suitable for a pair of Q Acoustics 3010's. I've seen some generic stands of that height however I'm concerned that they don't offer much 'surface area' for the 3010's to sit on. What would people recommend?
  20. Laz75

    For Sale Reduced SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers and XTZ Spirit Sub12 (dual)

    Hi, Up for sale a few of my speakers, unfortunately can not use them anymore. A pair of Svs Ultra Bookshelf speakers with all the original packaging, grills, papers etc. They are 6 months old in perfect condition. Prefer to be collected. 770£ Two XTZ Spirit Sub12 Prefer to sell them together...
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