1. Garrett

    James Bond Posters And Prints

    Just received this today one of the Royal Mail James Bond collection and my favorite Bond and was surprised that of all the Bonds with the same print run this was down to the last few whilst the others still have plenty left.:eek:
  2. M

    Wanted Bond 4k Daniel craig boxset

    Hi, After daniel craig 4k bond box set posted to Dublin Thanks, Mick
  3. UKCDJ

    James Bond: The Complete Collection (4K UHD)

    Purchase Link: Coming Soon
  4. S

    For Sale OFFERS WELCOME- Blu Ray and Steelbook Clearout. Star Wars, Marvel, Bond and many more. Some rare collectibles.

    Time for a clear out. See pics attached. All are in excellent condition except Hateful 8 which has quite a dent unfortunately. DVD collection as pictured £25 Game Of Thrones Seasons 1 to 4 NEW SEALED £80 Star Wars Force Awakens Big Sleeve NEW SEALED £30 Steelbooks Skyfall £15 Spectre £40...
  5. mckee74

    James Bond Collection - Digital Code?

    Hello all. Looking for help from anyone who has bought the semi recent James Bond Collection. The 1-24 version with Spectre. I've bought it so I can rewatch the series before the new one. Front cover states there is a Digital Download but there is nothing in the box? For the folks who have...
  6. J

    Question NEWS UPDATE James Bond Complete 4K Collection 2020?

    Hello Is there any news, updates or rumours about a complete Bond 25 film 4k collection releasing this year? I am aware it will be really expensive. I have heard that Universal is releasing No Time to Die and that apparently the MGM/Fox deal ends in June. Do you think it makes the release more...
  7. johnny777

    Question Why are the Bond Steels cheaper than non-steels?

    I’m tempted to pre order the Zavvi Daniel Craig steels. Just a little confused how/why they are cheaper than their non-steel counterparts.
  8. silouette

    New James Bond Aghhhhhh please not James Norton.

    As above, the most wooden old school choice, please anyone but him....
  9. Doug Quaid

    Bargain The James Bond Collection on BLU-RAY Not bad for £44. If I buy it, they'll release the 4k versions!
  10. NYCFCFan

    James Bond HDR 10 vs Dolby vision My choice is always HDR10 front projectors don't do Dolby Vision anyway .
  11. simonlewis

    Michael Bond

    Paddington bear creator dies aged 91, RIP. Paddington bear author Michael Bond dies
  12. Harkon321

    Can you bond exterior wood using No More Nails etc

    Not strictly AV related but I thought I'd lean on people's expertise. The neighbours have built a 2.5m high timber 'shed' a long our boundary. The rear wall of the shed is made of OSB board and as such looks pretty unsightly. I fancy facing it with some shiplap timber but wondered if I could...
  13. pj

    Inevitable 4K restoration of James Bond movies are being worked on

    With the sad passing of Roger Moore comes the news that there will be screenings of spy who loved me and for your eyes only, brand new 4K versions we all knew the day would come (rebuy that box set we havent even opened yet!)
  14. snaithg

    Tax calculation on Finance Bond

    Hi, I have a friend who needs to withdraw funds from a Standard Life Investment Bond. She has been told by Standard Life that there will be tax payable on her gains within the Bond and that they (Standard Life) will notify HMRC of her gains. My questions are: What kind of tax is it...
  15. lucasisking

    Your perfect Bond film

    So a new Bond film will be in the works, and new directors and casting decisions are about to be made. Obviously, we here on AVF are best qualified to decide so lets hear your choices for the best Bond, villain, girls, and director. Let's keep it current though. Here's mine. Bond: Dan...
  16. raigraphixs

    Bond 25: No Time To Die (April 2, 2021) director Cary Fukunaga

    Seems like Tom is in talks EXCLUSIVE: Tom Hiddleston Confirmed To Be In Talks For BOND 25
  17. Roku2

    Free James Bond movies on Amazon

    Just saw that Amazon Video carries the first two 007 movies (feat. Daniel Craig), and they are FREE to buy:)
  18. wiz

    So what is the Best Bond theme

    Mods please move if this is not the appropriate place Gawd, cant make my mind up. :confused: Love Skyfall, Diamonds are For ever, Licence to Kill. Hated Spectre until I saw the film now like it alot
  19. Chris McEneany

    Book Review - Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall

    Movie-geeks and the franchise-devoted love their merchandise. From genuine screen-used props and laser-scanned sculptures of the stars and phenomenally articulated and equipped action figures so accurate you would swear that voodoo had been used in the creation process, to Darth Vader Pez...
  20. H

    It's Official - Entire Bond Collection Coming to Blu-ray in 2012

    Blimey, the Twitter rumour came true but we guess it was going to happen sooner or later with news just in that MGM have announced the official launch of the entire Bond collection on Blu-ray. Bond fans look below, that should be good enough to get the old pulse racing. In celebration of...
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