1. T

    Question BluSound 2i vs NAD c658

    Hi My current stereo system contains BluSound 2i, Arcam Cd37, Arcam A49 and Spender A6R speakers. I am using Qobuz hi res for streaming and happy with the sound. However, my CD player give slightly better sound than Qobuz CD quality music. Qobuz high resolution music i feel is equal to the CD...
  2. V

    NAD MDC BluOS 2i

    Hi all. Forgive me, but all this new fangled streaming is new to me ! I was looking at a way to add streaming and file playback from usb drives to my system. What is not clear to me, is can I play flac files from a usb stick inserted into the module, and how do I select the file/folders for...
  3. K

    Bluesound Mini 2i

    Trying to get some opinions on this Bluesound product, I see that What Hi-Fi rated it 4 stars out of 5. These reviews are always subjective of course. Any Mini 2i owners on here? If so, what do you think of it? Is it worth the £499 asking price? Looks like good value to me, single-box with amp...
  4. K

    NAD C658 BluOS Streaming DAC/Preamp

    Any forum members have one of these? If so what do you think of it? Have you tried Dirac with it? I'm looking to get one and pair with the NAD C268 power amp.
  5. HiFiRuss71

    NAD C658 BluOS Streaming DAC

    This isn't a full review with pictures, description of every technical aspect and all that jazz. I could talk about MQA over Tidal, Sabre DACs (means less than digital filter design anyway) MDC upgrade modules, etc, etc. There are people paid to do that. No; it's a story. It could also fit in...
  6. C

    Question New AV Receiver/Amp - Arcam, NAD, etc.

    Hi all, I've been looking into replacing my Denon with something of better quality and also really like what I've heard of Dirac room correction. As my room isn't large at all right now I'm not too bothered about overall output and especially so if there's an option for pre outs to use with a...
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