Bluetooth wireless technology
  1. Y

    Question CRX-N470 Bluetooth issues

    I've recently bought a new stereo system (CRX-N470) and I've noticed that it has very poor Bluetooth connection. I would connect it to my phone and listen to music just to have it disconnect after a few mins. I've done alot of things to try to get it to stop disconnecting. Such as buying a new...
  2. H

    Wanted WIFI + Bluetooth card (WIFI 6/Bluetooth 5)

    Anyone got one of these for the cheapies?
  3. O

    Question Riddle me this

    I have quite a few older clients, with their commiserate hearing problems. He can't hear so the TV volume is 10, she is out buying an ax because its too loud have been looking for TV's that are capable of both bluetooth (for headphones), and the TV speakers simultaneously. No joy, so...
  4. W

    Bluetooth earphones sound keep cutting in and out

    I think model my lg tv is um75 I got problems with Bluetooth earphones the sound keep cutting in and out most nights some nights it only plays up a bit is there fix for this
  5. rousetafarian

    Audio dropouts playing COD with Sony Gold Bluetooth headset

    What could be causing this? If I run a 3.5mm cable from the controller to the headset everything is fine but switch to BT and the audio dropouts are terrible. I have tried to compare COD with any other title yet so thought I’d throw it out here Thanks
  6. petrolhead

    noise cancelling bluetooth headphone reccomemdation under £100

    looking for some NC headphones to use with my tablet had a look and saw these any thoughts
  7. C

    Bluetooth hub/hardware to provide (20) shop floor workers with music at a business?

    We've decided to allow our shop floor workers (20 per shift at the most) to listen to music on bluetooth wireless headphones while they work, but we'd prefer not to have 20 people all using music apps on their personal cell phones all day as it will become difficult to manage that and be sure...
  8. A

    Denon HEOS bluetooth issue

    sorry if this is posted in wrong forum looking for help with a denon heos 7 series 2 speaker - source for speaker set to aux-in (from my computer) but it switches to some bluetooth desktop device of a neighbor (I'm in an apartment building) on its own sometimes i would like to disable...
  9. W

    LG NB2430 Bluetooth

    Hi, great sound bar for TV and USB, but cannot get it to show "BT Ready" to connect Bluetooth to my Mobile. Any ideas gratefully received. Thx Tony
  10. N

    Best wireless bluetooth headphones for an LG BX TV?

    Hi All, Pretty much says it all in the thread title, I don't really have a preference for any particular brand - but I'd like a few suggestions on where to start narrowing down my choices Thanks!
  11. 4Zen1

    CREATIVE BT-W3 Bluetooth 5.0 USB-C Audio Transmitter

    I've just come across the BT-W3 from Creative... Scratching my head at the moment on how to get APTx HD into my Hi Fi which will actually accept that codec via Bluetooth. My issue is that I'm currently not making use of this codec because my phone doesn't support for a platform like...
  12. Samt1

    Wireless/Bluetooth speaker for iMac

    Hi all, I currently use the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks to play music etc through my iMac. I'm looking at replacing them with a smaller wireless system. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a speaker to use? I use the Spotify, podcasts app, Youtube and iTunes for playing music and...
  13. P

    Question LG Bluetooth earbuds not connecting

    LG Bluetooth earbuds not connecting, I’ve just bought new wireless earbuds, my phone pairs with them no problem at all. But the LG does not see them, can’t find them at all. I have a Bose 5 sound bar wired connection. Any ideas? What might I be doing wrong?
  14. AlanX

    Question Seeking a low cost mixer with Bluetooth OUTPUT

    Apologies if I'm in the wrong forum here, but can't find a better match for this question. I'm looking for a low cost (sub £100) simple stereo mixer (3+ inputs) with wired inputs but Bluetooth OUTPUT. All of what I've found seems to be wired output but with a Bluetooth INPUT option. Basically, I...
  15. B

    Wanted XBOX Controller (Bluetooth)

    Hi Guys, Looking for an Xbox controller for use with Gamepass on my phone, so must be one of the post-2016 models with BT. Thanks.
  16. Pofadda

    Can two use Bluetooth to watch TV?

    We’re getting sick of snagging on the cables and connectors joining our TV to our earbuds. What kit will allow two people with Bluetooth earbuds to hear the soundtrack on an oldish TV, maybe via the 3.5mm jack, HDMI connector or optical out? Any issues with doing this that I should be aware...
  17. C

    Portable wifi (not Bluetooth) speaker.

    I have a Raumfeld One M in my kitchen which does a superb job of playing my network stored audio collection. I was wondering if there are other portable speakers that also have that ability to pull audio from local network storage? I managed to get an LG boom Bluetooth speaker to do this by...
  18. Begadoc

    Connecting early non-Bluetooth Echo to Bluetooth headphones

    My Echo is an early model without Bluetooth. I want to be able to listen to audiobooks whilst working at various things in the room. Background noise and my state of hearing means I can't hear it well enough through its speaker so want to use wireless headphones. Is there a Bluetooth transmitter...
  19. P

    Yamaha TSR-7850 Bluetooth / Apple iOS issue?

    I’ve never had an issue playing music from my iPad Pro through the Yamaha receiver via Bluetooth. But... all of a sudden, the iPad (and for that matter, my iPhone) don’t recognize the Yamaha. The Apple products do “see” and pair with my Bose stuff. And the Yamaha “sees” the Apple stuff, but...
  20. H

    Small TV with bluetooth for headphones

    Im after a 32" hd tv for my daughters bedroom but wanted to know if there are any that offer the ability to connect headphones via bluetooth. Her current one needs a 5 m cable. I want a smart tv and a fan of sony but not too bothered. Do I need to be looking at a specific OS for this? Any...
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