1. O

    For Sale Bluesound Flexi2i plus Vebos floor stand

    Bluesound flex2i black wireless speaker. In great condition with original box and packaging, also comes with a white stand designed for this speaker which is £75 alone. Moved to an apple homepod solution therefore no longer needed. Collection from Portsmouth £160 ono
  2. L

    For Sale Bluesound Powernode - Purchased in September 2021

    Hi, selling my Powenode, only 3 months old, comes with original box and all accessories. Only selling, as I've got the upgrade bug !
  3. wiz

    Wanted Bluesound Node 2i Black

    as above says it all
  4. S

    Using Yamaha RX A2070 with Bluesound Node for Tidal MQA

    Hello all, I am a bit new to this thing so, desperately in need of some help from any of you knowledgeable folk. I would like to stream tidal MQA files to my 5.1 Yamaha A2070 system. The problem I have is that I don’t think The Yamaha A2070 receiver is compatible with MQA. If I added a...
  5. moggi1964

    FOUND A SOLUTION: Upgrading and downsizing receiver - advice needed

    Let me start with the equipment: Pioneer KRP500M - love it Yamaha RXV663 - time for a change Oppo BD103 - love it BT box - tele stuff Xbox S - streams Apple TV. Son plays it when he's home from Uni. Polk Audio 2.1 CSII range - Do a decent job but I have decided to drop the centre speaker and...
  6. A

    NAD 778 with Bluesound Node

    First timer here so please chirp away. I have a NAD 778 connected to my home stereo system in my basement, then a few Bluesound speakers throughout the rest of my house. This works great for everything except my Phono source.. the NAD won’t send the phono signal to the other bluesound...
  7. N

    Bluesound Node 2i Connection

    Sorry to ask an old question, but I can’t seem to find an answer after searching through threads. I have just got a Bluesound Node 2i, I use this for streaming Qobuz via a Arcam SR250. Currently, I am using the analog outputs and an old pair of interconnects. Firstly, it sounds much better than...
  8. V

    Buying Advice - changing my streaming setup - Bluesound Node N130 or Marantz NA6006

    Hello, Having a look around and asking in the forum for streamers, DACs etc I ended up with the following options. (Budget is stretched already) Bluesound Node N130 (2021 model) Marantz NA6006 I can get any of the two at around 550euro Both devices tick all the boxes that i need (Spotify...
  9. V

    Streaming Setup Advice - Replacing a Chromecast Audio and Rotels Amp internal DAC with a Bluesound Node ?

    Hey all, I am slowly moving into a more smart home setup and the next thing on my list due for an upgrade is the streamer. I am currently using a Chromecast Audio (nice little cheap device that does the job for the last 4 years or so) which is connected via optical cable to a Rotel RA-12...
  10. V

    Bluesound Node (N130) - Homekit / Siri shortcuts. Automations and N130 presets function

    Hello guys, I am looking at the new Bluesound Node (N130) 2021 to use it as a music streamer for Spotify, FLAC library and some Internet Radio (a couple of stations to be honest and maybe give it a go with Radio Paradise). Before i proceed with my purchase I have some questions, or lets say...
  11. G

    New System Amp Advice

    I have recently purchased a Hi-Fi set up and am awaiting delivery in the next few weeks. Sonus Faber Lumina II speakers REL HT1003 subwoofer BlueSound PowerNode 2i The system is mostly for music listening however it will also be connected to the TV therefore the Amp/Streaming Device needs to...
  12. eddiewww

    Bluesound Node 2i setup

    Hi, Got a Bluesound Node2i to give the digital input a workout on a Lyngdorf TDAI2170 I have just bought. I havent really checked out any digital stuff since my meridian kit a few years ago and thought this was supposed to be pretty much "plug n play" as much as the software integration...
  13. Flipper71

    Home Streaming Solutions - Help please

    Hi all, hope your all well, I've got a bit of a (first world) streaming problem and was hoping the collective knowledge of these boards would be able to help me. I'll try to keep it brief*, but I'll list my set-up first so you can understand what I'm trying to do. Are you sitting comfortably...
  14. ahaydock

    My First Week With The Bluesound Node 2i & 4 Major Streaming Services

    So after having my Bluesound Node 2i set up for about a week I thought I would share some feedback.... Firstly remember this is based on my set up (see signature), type of music, my ears and how I use the services. Overall for the price the sound is very impressive and have no regrets with the...
  15. T

    Minimalist combo on a budget

    I am looking to upgrade my speaker+receiver combo that is set up in my living room. Music would be streamed primarily on Spotify and Chromecast (using google home mini). I mainly listen to electronic music and also jazz and easy listening. A vinyl player with builtin in pre-amp would also be...
  16. A

    Which streamer for Naim XS2 and PMC GB1

    Hi everyone It's been a while since I've posted on here, so forgive me if I'm a bit out of touch :) Having recently completed an extensive amount of building work at home, I sold the majority of my hifi which consisted of an Arcam/PMC setup. Part of the build at home, consisted of converting a...
  17. D

    Question In need of some help

    Hi all, I'm in need of a little help if you could. i've recently fallen in to the hifi rabbit hole and im having some trouble getting the best from my setup. Im streaming mainly Tidal via wifi from a Bluesound node 2i onto an S.M.S.L-M400 DAC then on to a Denon PMA 60 amp. The speakers are DALI...
  18. bogart99

    Question Bluesound powernode2i

    Going to try out using a Powernode2i with a turntable. Not all phono stages have a 3.5mm out connector. So is just using a RCA(pair) to 3.5mm plug a decent way to go about it bearing in mind the less connectors in the chain the better?
  19. A

    Question Alternative to Bluesound TS100 TV/Soundbar stand

    Hi there I'd rather not spend £250 on a TV stand, so am looking for an alternative. Needs to be height-adjustable to give 6" clearance to accommodate the soundbar, would also need to be relatively shallow - the furniture it will stand on is just 15" deep. The TV is just 43" so that side of...
  20. S

    Bluesound Node 2's optical out affected by tone controls?

    While I was testing I found something that really surprised me! I have an external DAC connected to the optical out of node 2 (I'm using node 2 and not 2i). I find that changing tone controls to adjust bass and treble would change the optical out signal as well! That makes me really question...
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