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  1. J

    For Sale Criterion Blu Rays Malick

    Tree of Life pending Thin Red Line Sold The New World pending All in excellent condition £20 each posted
  2. Valen

    For Sale 2D and 3D blu rays

    Just moved house and doing a clearout. 2D blu rays are £2 each 3D blu rays are £3 each Back to the Future box set is £5 Postage is usually around £1.60 or so? (Whatever is cheaper for you) Complete 3D: Pacific Rim 3D (lenticular cover) SOLD Life of Pi 3D SOLD Civil War 3D SOLD Piranha 3D...
  3. J

    Question Can 4k BLU RAYS & NANOCELL

    Can 4k Blu Rays be enjoyed on a Nanocell TV
  4. MovieCollectables

    Flashpoint: The Complete Series. A Must See

    We all enjoy some great all-action crime drama and I just thought I would share I have recently started watching this truly fantastic TV series on Blu-ray that interestingly seems to be very rare in the public arena unless you live in Canada, Germany or USA... Flashpoint is an emotional...
  5. Fake Shempz

    Bargain 2 Marvel 3D Blu Rays (incl 2D version) for £18 @ Amazon

    2 3D for £18 List of titles: Avengers Assemble Avengers: Age of Ultron Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Captain America: First Avenger Captain America: The Winter Soldier Captain America: Civil War Doctor Strange Iron Man 3 Thor Thor: The Dark World Ant-Man
  6. Thug

    Question Is there a list of Blu Rays with Atmos?

    Is there an up to date list of Blu Ray movies that have an Atmos mix anywhere? I did try and search these forums, but only found a list of the best, rather than all. I know there probably is one, and if someone who visits it regularly could point me in the right direction I would be grateful. I...
  7. D

    Can JVC eshift projectors display 4K UHD blu rays ?

    Can the eshift JVC model projectors display 4K blu rays, such as X500 eshift and X55 eshift2 players? I’m struggling to find the answer on google. If they can what resolution would this be in? Thanks
  8. kevin7sub

    Question Reference Blu Rays Mentioned in the Podcast

    Hello Everyone I have just listened to I think it was last weeks podcast, Blade Runner 2049 was mentioned as a reference Disc for video quality. There have been few discs mentioned on the pod casts in the past as reference for either sound or video quality and i want to make sure i get them...
  9. mambo1888

    Question Other Blu Rays like Hans Zimmer: Live in Prague?

    After seeing a few people recommending Hans Zimmer: Live in Prague I ended up ordering a copy and its one of the best things I have watched/heard on my setup. We went to see an Orchestra in Edinburgh a year or two ago that was playing themes from movies and superhero themes, it was amazing too...
  10. gnomus

    Blu Rays on a NAS - Apologies

    As a complete newcomer to video streaming, I am finding this a complicated field with a language that can, at times, be confusing. What I would like to do is rip my Blu Rays to a NAS (or HD), and then have the facility to play them through my 'Home Cinema' set up. I have been 'streaming' audio...
  11. D

    Film mode on games

    Just a quick question, I've been using film mode set to high on my xbox one x, it looks incredible but you do get blurry ness around character models when swinging the camera, I can kinda live with it tho cus it runs so smooth, is there a way to get rid of the blurry ness or should I not be...
  12. nero0410

    Looks like dvdfab had added a limit of 10 blu rays per day!

    Looks like dvdfab had added a limit of 10 blu rays per day! I just lost an entire drive.... and because they can't be bothered to widen their bandwidth for their servers, with our money I might add, they limit us (the paying customers) the use of the software? It's going to take me a bloody...
  13. jwpepper

    Unplayable Blu Rays on Sony BDP 7200

    Whilst very happy with this machine, recently it would not play a brand new blu ray. I sent it back ordered another and it would not play. The message i get is unable to play this disc. Please check is the disc in a format playable by this unit? Is the disc clean? Yes to both. It is a James Bond...
  14. wingsart

    Bargain Criterion Blu Rays for £12.99 at Amazon

    Criterion collectors might be interested in the blu rays currently on offer for £12.99 at Amazon. Some highlights: 12 Angry Men Cat People In A Lonely Place Gilda His Girl Friday Dr. Strangelove Plenty of classics there if you've been holding out for a price reduction.
  15. roymunsen

    3D Blu Rays have suddenly stopped working

    I've been enjoying 3D blu ray on the PSVR for a couple of weeks now with zero issues. After getting a batch of new films to try today, it suddenly won't play the 3D version of the film, just 2D in both the headset and on the TV ( before the tv would go blank when a 3D film was played) I've...
  16. C

    why is the sound on Blu Rays getting worse.

    specifically speech. At first I thought it was my center speaker (Kef refefence 100) that was at fault so I replaced it with a Q600c. Then I thought it might be the reciever (Yamaha RX-v1067) so replaced it with a Yamaha RX-A1060, then I thought it could be my hearing thats going but finally I...
  17. C

    Question how to play ripped 3d blu rays without glitches?

    trying to play some ripped 3d blu rays on the following spec: i3 6100T 8GB ram win server 2016 Epson 5300 3d proj now ive tried TMT, wont play disc or if I mount the disc once TMT is running then it plays but not 100% glitch free. powerdvd ultra 15+16 plays, but has black bar glitch. windvd...
  18. Matt Wood

    Bruce Lee : The Master Collection

    Only bruce lee movies i have are on DVD apart from enter the dragon which the 40th anniversary Edition on blu ray. Im thinking of getting this. Bruce Lee The Master Collection - BD + bonus DVD Blu-ray: Bruce Lee: DVD & Blu-ray just wondered if anyone has this and if so what is the...
  19. chaz

    Answered How many Blu Rays can you get on a 4TB hard drive?

    Can anybody tell me please how many Blu Rays with just the film nothing else like menu etc you could get on 4TB hard drive Please as my maths and computer skills are not to bright o_O
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