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  1. J

    Playing regular dvd on Sony blu ray player

    When I play a dvd like old Dracula 1931 it has black bars on the side (this is normal I know) but if I turn the blu ray player OFF - when it comes back on, the aspect ratio has changed - no black bars and the picture is filling the entire screen. It doesn’t look stretched either! Why doesn’t it...
  2. H

    I Need 4K Blu Ray Player Recommendations

    Hey everyone, Hope you are all well. I am after some help. I have just ordered an LG C1 and am super excited. I am interested in getting a dedicated 4k player to go with it. I currently have a ps5 but I understand that does not support Dolby vision. So I thought it would be better to get a...
  3. pat clancy

    For Sale Sony Blu Ray player

    Model Sony BDP S5200, Has Amazon and YouTube only, Has Miracast built in
  4. J

    Sony Blu Ray player freezes when disc first starts?

    I have a new Sony blu ray player where the picture freezes for about 2 seconds when I start a disc’s main title. When this happens it seems like the laser is sort of “waking up” from hibernation. After that, there are no more freezes throughout the entire movie. It’s definitely not any of my...
  5. D

    Technical Help with my Blu Ray player dp ub 150

    Hi guys I need someone with technical knowledge. My player does not respond to remote controls and I've tried 5 already. I've unplugged, pressed the on button and 0 button on remote simultaneously to no avail. All remote controls emit light when using camera on Android phone and with brand...
  6. J

    Question for Sony Blu ray player owners

    In the attached picture can someone tell me what the circled portion in red means? This comes up when you hit “display” during the movie. What does the “film strip icon with the number” mean? I was watching Terminator 2 and the number was 15 through the whole movie. In other words, it’s not...
  7. S

    Setting 4k blu ray player to play discs with HDR off.

    Hi guys, I have found from playing around with my set up that I prefer the look of 4k disks with hdr set to off. As after playing with setting up hdr I'm not I huge fan of it, I think Its a result of my liking for the traditional look of movies and my TV's poor 350 nits output. Is this...
  8. G

    Xbox series X as a 4K blu ray player - playback issues?

    Hi, I was thinking of buying an Xbox series X. Since I dont' have (and don't really want to buy) a separate 4k blu ray player, I'd planned on just using the series X as a player too. I've read in various places, that there are issues with stuttering playback, issues with true 24fps blu rays...
  9. S

    Optoma hd131xe projector-connecting directly with Blu ray player

    Optoma hd131xe projector-can you connect directly a 3d blu ray player to a Optoma hd131xe projector?
  10. M

    Blu ray player recommendation

    Hi all. Just found out recently that the x box x doesn’t support Dolby Vision when playing a blu ray. So now that leads me down the yellow brick road to find a dedicated player. Any suggestions would be great. Have my eye on a pana 820. Outside of Dolby vision lacking in the x box x is...
  11. P

    Sony BDP-S185 Blu Ray player suddenly lost sound via HDMI

    My venerable Sony Blu Ray player seems to have lost its voice after 10 years of service. I've tried a new HDMI cable, using a DVD instead of a Blu Ray, but no luck. I tried a factory reset of the audio settings. It is running the latest firmware. Is there anything I could try so that I could...
  12. Drdense

    4k blu ray player to tv and receiver set up problem

    Hi, I'm new here so apologies if this has already been covered. I recently upgraded my TV to a new Philips 65oled+936. I have a slightly older (cheaper) 4k compatible pioneer vsx-933 surround sound system and my 4k player is a Panasonic DP-UB450. The issue I have is that I was wanting to put...
  13. D

    Cheap and quiet blu ray player

    Hiya-- I'm getting rid of my PS4 and looking for a blu ray player to replace it. I noticed it could get quiet loud when reading the disc, especially for the first 10 mins of the film. Does anyone have any recommendations for something quieter? £100-150. Just need something basic really. Don't...
  14. M

    PANASONIC Panasonic DP-UB150EB-K How do i change the picture on this player. on my panasonic blu ray player you could go into user and change colour,

    hello, i have a panasonic Panasonic DP-UB150EB-K 4k player and i cannot change the picture, colour sharpness etc, on my panasonic blu ray player you could go to USER and make changes, why cant i do this with the 4k player? any help welcome.
  15. HiFi Dave

    Fast choppy thrashing noise from new 4k blu ray player

    I bought a new Panasonic DP UB9000. Worked fine for several days with HDMI lead to TV. I then connected an optical lead from TV to my DAC then to amps and speakers. This worked for a bit but now mostly gives a horrible distorted noise instead of audio from disc, not even close to being music or...
  16. H

    Blu ray player no on screen menus

    My LG 4k blu ray player and Yamaha receiver stopped showing on screen menus.
  17. jambomakaveli

    4k blu ray player hdmi cable question

    Sons bought a new 4k tv and just bought a Sony ubp-x700 4k blu ray player. It didn’t come with an hdmi cable and him being a teenager needed one right this minute. I quickly went to argos before they closed, but am now not sure I bought the right thing. I’m confused, as it’s a 4k hdmi...
  18. P

    Recommendations for a 4K Blu Ray Player for my new LG OLED55C14LB

    Hey guys Was thinking of getting a 4K Blu Ray player to go with the new LG OLED55C14LB but wanted peoples input as the LG Range has two models I was looking at, the UBK80 and UBK90, but I suppose it doesn't have to be an LG one Also not sure whether they are actually a thing nowadays with the...
  19. R

    Which Disc Player for a 5.1 Surround System?

    I am looking for a player to complement my existing 5.1 surround setup. I need it mostly to play old CDs and DVDs (not even HD!). I have exactly one BluRay-disc and little incentive to buy more, since we already have Netflix. Were I to buy more discs they would more likely be opera than film...
  20. Willis1995

    Question about input resolutions

    Hi, I own a Panasonic LED LCD TV along with a Panasonic DMR-BWT850EB. Unfortunately, because my TV has a native resolution of 1366x768, there is always some scaling involved. What I would like to know is what resolution should I be setting the recorder to send to the TV when the source content...
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