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  1. P

    Wanted Looking for a very cheap but working Blu Ray player.

    As title really, it’s for my elderly dad who is getting bored with lockdown, the plan is to send him loads of films I have here to keep him occupied. As cheap as possible really as long as it works, what have you got?
  2. P

    oppo bdp93eu blu ray player

    hi can anyone advise if a oppo bdp93eu blu Ray has any value in it second hand. I've got that I don't use any more as bought a newer Sony and debating selling but if not worth much I'll keep and re use it elsewhere. Thanks.
  3. fiorito82

    Blu ray player question...

    Hello! I have blu ray player Sony BDP-S6700, and i like to ask about upscaling to 4k, cuz this player have only upscaler.. however, i found that picture, when im watching blu ray movie, looks very smooth and nice with upscaler, but when i put to 1080p mode on my 4k tv, i can see that picture is...
  4. Kafka001

    Setting up WiFi on my new Panasonic Blu Ray player

    My new Panasonic Blu Ray player (DMP-BDT280) arrived yesterday. I have been trying to set up internet access so I can access Netflix, etc. but I can find no means of connecting the player to my router. At no point do I find the option to select LAN or WiFi connection. I have read instructions on...
  5. Kafka001

    How do I make my Blu Ray Player DMP-BDT280 Region free?

    How do I make my Blu Ray Player DMP-BDT280 Region free?
  6. i7gamer

    Panasonic BLu Ray player black screen everytime? on a new tv..

    Hiya guys can anyone help me please? I live in England and I bought a new Blu Ray player "DMP-BD84EB-K" and I also have a Philips 4k tv (50 inch), So when I switch them on the tv flashes the players icon "Blu Ray" and then its a black screen? Both of them are new and I have tried numerous...
  7. markjb

    Best budget 4k UHD blu ray player? sony?

    hi.. i have a sony x900e tv which only does hdr10...i am looking for a budget 4k player..was looking at the Sony UBP-X500 more because of it size, but i have seen so many bad reviews about sony 4k players freezing, is this still the case? or can anyone recommend any good 4k players? tar markjb
  8. M

    Issues with DVDs on Blu Ray player

    I’ve recently bought a new Blu Ray player but my dvd films seems to show glitches on it, the films play but the picture pixelates? in certain scenes. I've tried putting it on my computer and the disc works fine in the exact same scene, the picture always has issues in the exact same scene in my...
  9. marcaaron22

    Help needed in finding a good 4K Blu Ray Player

    Hi all, it looks like my two Blu Ray Players have moreless had their day, My Panasonic player has stopped recognising Blu Rays but still plays DVDs and my Samsung player plays Blu Rays but has stopped recognising DVDs.. I am well due and upgrade anyways, as I have now got a 4K TV, (since last...
  10. C

    Help! blu ray player sony x700 apps this emby?

    Hy in blu ray player sony x700 disponible the app EMBY our EMBY THEATER? a big hug!
  11. M

    Question Dolby Atmos 4K Blu Ray player

    We've just treated ourselves to a 55" Panasonic GZ2000 OLED TV. It has excellent, on-board, Dolby Atmos speakers and Atmos decoder, as part of the TV...Okay, it's not total Amos with separate rear speakers, but the TV's upward firing speakers give a good effect. We're looking to upgrade our Blu...
  12. Silverz

    Soundbar setup with blu ray player

    Hi, can anyone explain to me in simple non-technical terms the significance of a blu ray player only having one HDMI port in regards to connecting it to a soundbar. I've seen reviews mention players only having 1 port and it affecting my choice of soundbar but I'm new to all this stuff and the...
  13. O

    4K UHD blu ray player that decodes DTS to DD

    I'm in the market for a 4K UHD BR player. The old Samsung BD-H5500 won't support the modern format. Current TV is UE40MU6400, which is 4K but not 10-bit. I plan to buy a sonos soundbar as it's small enough to fit under the TV. But sonos will support only DD5.1 and not DTS. DTS has to be decoded...
  14. C

    Blu ray player sony bdp6700/x700 inclued the app apple tv?

    Hy Members could you do yourself a favor? If you have any of these blu ray players, could you check if the apple tv app came into the app apple tv? a big hug!
  15. LuvCVs

    Question Blu Ray Player converted to region free?

    I want to buy a mid priced - flagship Blu-Ray player but I also want to be able to watch movies from usa etc etc. Alot of TV shows I have noticed is region usa. Is there companies that can alter them to do this? Thus unlocking it.
  16. Mallardo

    BBC I player on Samsumg Smart Blu ray Player (or not!)

    So I clicked on the BBC I-player today to be greeted by a message informing me that from the 6th December I will no longer be able to access it from my device (Samsung Smart Blu ray). No explanation as to why. So now I've got to buy another streaming device if I want to access it on my TV. I...
  17. Nayfne

    Question Marantz SR6012 and multiregion blu ray player, can't get a picture? Help!!

    So i have a marantz SR6012, had it well over a year and its great, no issues whatsoever. Ive just purchased a Sony bdp s5200, which has the hardware modification to enable region A, B, C playback...now the player works perfectly connected directly to the TV, but wont pass an image through the...
  18. K

    4K 3D Blu Ray Player for Optoma Protector

    Hi, I have bought a Optoma UHD51A projector recently, and have been disappointed to find that it does not support many audio files, so I can't watch my movie files. I'm predominantly try to view large UltraHD files with 7.1 Dolby Atmos. I also have a Samsung N950 7.1 Dolby Atmos soundbar...
  19. 2000AD

    Question Why does my blu ray player stutter during playback?

    Hi - I need help! Ever since I purchased it, I have had issues watching any disc on my Samsung UE49KU6100. I can play anything via my old Toshiba HD-DVD player without issue. I have tried 2 different blu ray players now - a Sony and my new Panasonic DP-UB391 4K player. I am connected to HDMI...
  20. 2000AD

    Question Blu Ray problems

    I recently upgraded my player to a Panasonic DP-UB391EBK 4K Ultra HD. It is connected to my Samsung UE49KU6100 Smart TV. I keep experiencing intermittent pauses in playback - the player doesn’t make sounds as though it is struggling but the image and sound just freezes for a split second at...
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