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  1. R

    Which Disc Player for a 5.1 Surround System?

    I am looking for a player to complement my existing 5.1 surround setup. I need it mostly to play old CDs and DVDs (not even HD!). I have exactly one BluRay-disc and little incentive to buy more, since we already have Netflix. Were I to buy more discs they would more likely be opera than film...
  2. N

    Blu-Ray player under £200?

    This is for a bedroom system for occasional use. Must have analogue audio out for RCA interconnects to amplifier for CD playback and be a lot quicker to load discs than the aged Sony 350 it will replace. Recommendations?
  3. E

    Best blu-ray player for Plasma?

    I have a Panasonic ZT60 Plasma and a Pioneer Elite SC-79 Avr, both made in 2013, and have been wondering these days as to which blu ray player would offer the HD best picture to the plasma. Would a UHD blu ray player be any better/worse or equal to an HD player? Like comparing a Oppo 203 to a...
  4. Pollywoggle

    Why set up speaker sizes and distance in Blu-ray player when receiver will be doing it?

    I can’t remember the probably obvious answer to this but can someone remind me... do I need to set speaker sizes, distances etc in my Oppo blu ray player when it will be connected to a receiver with Audyssey that will set all these?
  5. Music Video

    Question Sky Pink & Black HDMI cable with UHD Blu-Ray Player

    Has anyone tried using the Sky HDMI cable with the pink & black plugs with a UHD Blu-Ray player? I've read they're supplied with Skys 4K boxes so could they also handle 4K Blu-Ray?
  6. N

    A Blu-ray player for opera and live concerts.

    I have a small collection of opera and live music concerts including heavy metal and country and pop. I’m not into films and have no need for Netflix and all the other extras - I’m not interested in 4K unless they collapse in price. I just want a decent picture and sound quality for Blu-ray...
  7. DonnieDarko2020

    Question Help - Blu-Ray player with HDMI input - home cinema problem

    Hi. So I have a problem that I think can only be solved by a Blu-Ray player with an HDMI input. So I have an Optoma UHD40, hooked up via HDMI to a Samsung BD-H8500M Blu-ray player/freeview recorder. For sound, I have a Sonos Beam, connected to the Samsung unit via HDMI to optical. It works...
  8. Soundn00b99

    Question Budget of £1300 for Speakers, Amp and Blu-ray player - any ideas?

    Hi All, new here so hope this is the right place to post a question. Looking for thoughts and suggestions really. I had a Samsung HT-F9750 all-in-one system that was about 3.5 years old that went pop recently, and after a bit of wrangling with Samsung, they have agreed to replace it with new...
  9. D

    Blu-ray player which well converts DVD disc to Full HD or even 4K

    Greetings and for some time now I've been looking to buy a Blu-ray player that will convert a DVD disc well into a higher and better Full HD resolution or even 4K. Of course I know that some are very expensive so I wonder which ones are for the least money to buy.So far I have only found a few...
  10. A

    Placing Blu-ray Player on a Gemini Subwoofer

    Hi All, Just planning my Panasonic GZ2000 with DPUB9000 Blu-Ray. This is going into a small room/snug so am hoping the TV Speakers with Dolby Atmos will do a good job. It's possible to configure the Headphone socket to act as a Subwoofer output so the plan is to get a Gemini 2. As it's a...
  11. D

    Samsung HT-D5100 Home Entertainment System Blu-ray player disc playback problem

    I have a problem withe the blu-ray player where discs regularly get stuck on playback. Initially it might get stuck for a while and then skip forward a short interval and then it happens again or in worst case gets stuck completely. It doesn't happen with all discs, although it seems to be...
  12. cineman

    How can I tell if my Denon AVR is decoding sound formats, or my Blu-ray Player?

    Hi. My memory isn't what it once was and I'm sure I should know this but... Having gone through manuals for both devices, my BD player tells me to set audio through HDMI to 'Auto' rather than PCM, which I have done, but, having set up my AVR as I think it should be, Both the player and AVR are...
  13. Beaker 2016

    Question Thoughts on Panasonic DPUB150 UHD Blu-ray Player on sale for Black Friday @ £99

    Hi, What are the forums opinion on the Panasonic DPUB150 UHD Blu-ray Player on sale for Black Friday @ £99 I know it doesn't have a display but is there any disadvantages of this model I don't have a UHD player at the moment and would probably only be buying selected UHD discs to start with...
  14. tibrocks

    Question Poor Video Quality on Pioneer BDP-LX91?!

    Hi all, Used a Pioneer blu-ray player for the past 4 years (for audio CDs as well), a BDP-51FD and recently I got a BDP-LX71 (which is very similar to the 51, slightly better quality build and the unnecessary touchscreen fascia) While installing the LX71 I came across a LX91 so I got that one...
  15. F

    Question Advice for choosing Blu-ray player 4K HDR10

    Hi all, I am building my home cinema, and I have bought a 4K projector, with HDR10, and installed a dolby atmos setup. I am looking for a Blu-ray player from which I could play directly from a USB stick. I am considering the following options: - Xbox One X - Sony UBP X800 Any advice...
  16. A

    Sony UBP-X700 Dolby Atmos/Vision Issues

    I hope this is the right place for this question, I am new to the forums. Basically, I recently bought a new Sony UBP-X700 4k Blu-ray player, and I am having trouble playing Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos simultaneously. My first approach was to hook the Blu-ray player straight up to the my...
  17. ukcolin

    Question Recommendations on UHD BR Players

    Hi I was hoping some of you guys with experience of multiple UHD Blu-Ray players (I'm looking in price brackets above £600 up to c £1200) might be able to share your opinions on the choices available. I currently have an Oppo BDP103 which has just developed a fault (no Disk) and after ruling...
  18. lebellium

    New 2019 Sony 4K UHD blu-ray players line-up

    Hello guys, While waiting impatiently for CES 2019 I was trying to find some hidden information about a potential future AV receiver STR-DN1090 (successor to STR-DN1080). Back to the good old days of mp3 players/DAPs, as a Samsung expert and insider I used to do that frequently for websites...
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