1. E

    Sony HT -SS1300 when turned on shows standby 4 times blinking and than display turns off and indicator shows amber light

    Sony HT -SS1300 receiver when turned on shows standby written 4 times blinking on display and than display turns off and indicator shows amber light. cant do anything with remote. tried pressing all the buttons. i have just connected my computer to it through audio video cable no hdmi...
  2. N

    PC not posting, MB power button blinking

    Hey, Tried to start the PC this morning and nothing happened, changed the power cord, tried a few other options and nothing. Its an AMD 3950x on a MSI X570 Unify. I took it apart and I noticed when I plug in to the motherboard power cable the onboard power button starts blinking, but does...
  3. V

    Blinking black vertical line on screen

    Hello! got my samsung ru65 uhd TV 14 months ago. But soon after, after few minutes of watching tv, a flashing or blinking black vertical line appeard. Once it starts, it flashes every second. I contacted samsung support they said I should update the software and turn off the TV an push 10...
  4. micgaelthompson1991

    LG NB4540 soundbar, with subwoofer S44A1-D. Woofer not pairing and blinking green light

    Hi everyone, hoping someone can be of assistance. I have a LG NB4540 soundbar, with subwoofer S44A1-D. Woofer not pairing and blinking green light they’ve been working flawlessly for years and just suddenly I thought there’s a lack of bass, so I had a look and the woofer had a flashing red...
  5. C

    Question I need help with XRocker chair problem.

    Okay so, I bought my bf an XRocker chair for Christmas. It’s been working just fine. I turned it off earlier and when I turned it back on the lights won’t stop blinking and I’m getting no sound. I’ve checked the wires, the connections, the port and the wall socket. Everything seems to be fine...
  6. Loudnoize

    Sony TV went black, blinking 6 times

    My KD49X720E TV is used as my main monitor for my Mac mini. I've had it for 2 years and it's been great. Yesterday, I heard a pop and the TV went black. Now when I try to start it up, half of the left side is darker than the right, it seems to want to re-start 3 times, and finally goes black and...
  7. mrcin

    Samsung TV not swithing on. LED blinking

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with mine SAMSUNG UE75NU8002. TV in not able to boot correctly, this looks like the power supply issue, but I am not sure. Maybe someone know how to decode blinking LED signalizator? After connection TV to power supply, screen comes to be lightened but after few...
  8. T

    Panasonic DMR-BS850 will not record just has blinking red light

    Hi can anyone help me please? My elderly parents have a Panasonic DMR BS850 Blu Ray/DVD/ TV recorder. Recently when they go to set a new recording it keeps saying no signal and the recording light continues to blink instead of staying on. The strange thing is that it is still recording shows...
  9. W

    LG OLED 65B7v blinking 3 times fault

    Guys, does anyone know where I can get the mother board, reading up it always seems to be this and not the power supply ? If theres any old TV for sale with broken screen I presume I can whip it out of there ? any suggestions ? Thanx
  10. Amaterasu108

    Question Computer Shut Off Randomly, Blinking Orange Light

    So as you see in the video.. lately this happens sometime 2 times a day or sometimes 1 time in a couple of days.. My pc just freezes randomly and then black screen with no signal appears and the blinking orange light appears on motherboard...I changed my power supply because i saw somewhere that...
  11. Rhyshayes

    Red light blinking 6 times

    Hey, my tv (Sony KDL-48WD653) recently decided to stop working. I switched the tv off, went to bed and it wouldn’t work in the morning :-s. When I plug it in and switch it on the Sony logo shows with the black light slightly gray in colour, it comes on 3 times (on for 1 second then off for 1...
  12. W

    Panasonic TX-P42G20B Blinking LED

    So, my Panny shutdown last night and won't come on again. The relay clicks twice when switched on, then once more quickly after. The red LED light at the bottom blinks four times, pauses, then 4 times again, and so on. I've taken the back off and it looks incredibly clean and dust-free...
  13. Trademarc8000

    Samsung TV works Red light blinking

    Samsung TV un55ju6700fxza There is a red light blinking on my TV. What I notice the tv works on certain wall outlets. But the wall outlet where the tv is located now makes the tv turn On for five seconds and then shuts off all my other devices are working in this outlet...Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. seangcalifornia

    Question Samsung 60inch Blinking Lighter and Darker Help! (New TCON and LVDS)

    Hi, thank you for the reading! I have a Samsung UN60J620DAF that was flashing the picture on and off on it's own, but sound remained. This happened intermittently and was remedied for a while by a slight tapping on the back of the TV. After a while it was happening more and more and finally...
  15. A

    Blinking standby light

    Hi, I was watching tv this morning and it suddenly switched itself off, the standby light started to blink. The tv won't switch back on, if I try then the standby light blinks fast for a second and then goes back to the slow blink. I can hear a faint clicking from the back of the unit when I...
  16. jingaboys

    Monitor Audio Mass W200 blinking red led

    Hey all, My monitor audio mass w200 started acting up last week and does not work anymore. The red led blinks when turned on and nothing works. bad timing for this to go wrong with the covid lockdown and stuff, any chance if this is repairable?
  17. MMaRsu

    Question Sony Bravia KDL-48W705C 6 blinking lights (fixed?)

    Hi AVforum experts :) I am an owner of a Sony Bravia KDL48W -705c model. When I came home tonight and switched on my pc and tv, I had an issue where it would turn itself off after 30 seconds, and show me 6 or 7 red blinking lights. Now I've had this issue once before but I didnt notice it...
  18. W

    Denon CEOL Piccolo DRA-N4 - Blinking red light - protection

    Hi, I have a problem with my Denon CEOL Piccolo DRA-N4. Everything was fine and suddenly the device started to turn off and the red light began to flash. I disconnected the speakers and other cables and after turning on the device it works for some time and turns itself off. Sometimes it's 1...

    Panasonic tx-40ax630b Red Blinking Problem

    Hello guys, I have a problem with the panasonic viera tx-40ax630B is constantly flashing red light and I can not fix it in any way I also replaced the power supply to the TV also it did not help in any way or the combination of buttons on the back of the TV to turn off StandBy mode whether it is...
  20. Jaska1970

    Thomson 40FT2253 blinking menus

    Hi, My problem is blinking menu or input source pops TV->CMP->AV->VGA->HDMI1->HDMI2. Like menu or source button are allway down. Things what Ihave done; Cleaned remote control and TV inside. Receiver six button cleaned. And finally I removed those six buttons circuite. It can worked OK several...
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