1. J

    Automating Venetian Blinds

    Is anyone familiar with a solution to automate venetian blinds that can be connected to alexa? I've looked into the MySmartBlinds but like the early days of Phillips hue it has an additional hub which is another £100 which I'm trying to avoid. It will be close to £400 to convert 2 existing...
  2. Johndm

    Somfy Blinds

    Does anyone know if there is anything that will convert my Somfy RTS blinds to smart except the Somfy Connexoon RTS Home Automation Hub? I tried a Broadlink RF unit then learned it cannot capture rolling codes
  3. T

    Best place to get quotes for bifold powered blinds?

    Has anyone ordered Somfy electric blinds (roller type) for bifold doors? I need to get a set of 5 blinds, and I've seen a few online places but none have been able to give me an instant quote. I've submitted my details but was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for those type of blinds...
  4. Saalty

    Question Blackout blinds for conservatory roof.

    As stated in the title, I'm after a company who make blinds (ideally blackout) that can be fitted into a conservatory roof. thanks in advance :)
  5. G

    Perfect Fit Blinds

    I had "Perfect Fit" blinds installed this week by a well regarded blind company in Edinburgh. While I love the design, I am a little surprised in the amount of light creeping in - these pics were taken at 09:25.this morning on what is to be fair a very sunny day. Maybe I was expecting too...
  6. J

    Electric blinds

    Hi all, I need to buy blinds for the whole house and am interested in electric (battery operated) blinds. I'm based in Harrow, NW London. Can you help with: 1. Recommended supplier? 2. Which brand should I short list? 3. Are there any brands I should avoid? 4. I'm considering battery operated...
  7. Dancook

    Low foot-print bifold black out blinds

    Our bifolds have inbuilt blinds, but they aren't black out. Does anyone know of any good solutions, either temporary or with a small elegant footprint?
  8. D

    Blackout Blinds

    Does anyone have any recommendations for Blackout Blinds for my cinema room? I have been looking at the BlocOut Blinds from Bloc Blinds, but seem quite expensive. But don't mind paying that if they do an excellent job of giving total darkness in the room. All I have is one large window to cover.
  9. I

    RM PRO Broadlonk and Somfy blinds

    Hello Together, Im new in this Forum and I have been reading very interestinf things. I have a question where I hope you guys can support me to answer. is there any way to control a Somfy blind? I have been trying and I can do it with other blinds but unfortunately with somfy I can not in...
  10. M

    Google home to control window blinds

    Hi all, Just bought a Google home mini and the main purpose for it will be for home automation. I've seen a few videos on how to set it up to control your roller blinds but not for vertical blinds. I have vertical blinds with a wand that you have to twist 360° to open them. Does anyone...
  11. Saul Goodman

    Blackout blinds for French Doors

    Can anyone recommend where to purchase from?
  12. N

    Teptron Move Motorised Blinds Review

    Hi Thought I'd post a quick review of the Teptron MOVE product, others might find it useful So we have Morley bi-fold doors on the rear of our house looking out onto our garden, 6 doors in total and all with integral venetian blinds on a magnetic control through the glass. It was a real pain...
  13. B

    Question Ebay Motorised Blinds

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience of the 'cheap' motorised blinds that you can get for about £40 on eBay? (DIY 12V Roller Shade Motor Electric Blind Tubular Motor Remote Control 0.5A/1.5A | eBay) I've got a couple of windows in my living room that I'd like to convert to motorised blinds...
  14. Killak

    Question Electric Blinds which are controlled with Harmony / Alexa / LightwaveRF

    Hi Guys, Apologies if is posted in the wrong forum but can anyone recommend a blind company which will work with either Logitech Harmony, Amazon Alexa or LightwaveRF Preferably the blinds should be battery controlled... Any suggestions would help...
  15. A

    How to wire an electric blind

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase 4 remote controlled blackout roller blinds. I'd like to have them connected to 4 switches in a single grid plate, so they match my light switches. I'd like each switch to control a blinds individually (using a 3 position retractive switch - up/down/off). I...
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