Blackberry Limited, formerly known as Research In Motion Limited (RIM), is a Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company best known to the general public as the developer of the BlackBerry brand of smartphones and tablets, but also well known worldwide as a provider of secure and high reliability software for industrial applications and mobile device management (MDM). BlackBerry's software and hardware products are used worldwide by various government's agencies and by car makers and industrial plants throughout the world, much of this activity being unseen by the public. The company is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It was founded by Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin in 1984.
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  1. Tom Davies

    Blackberry Movie Review & Comments

    What if this wasn’t a story about the heroic rise and tragic fall of the most popular mobile phone? What if this was a group of business illiterates serially failing upwards and, rather than an inspiration, we’re purely in it for the schadenfreude. That…could work. Read the review. Write...
  2. J

    Export/transfer contacts or texts from Blackberry Z10 to linux laptop

    Hi, folks, I need to somehow transfer my contacts and text messages from my Blackberry Z10 to my laptop running a Linux distro does anyone know if this is possible and if so guidance would be greatly appreciated? Thanks.
  3. dts_boy

    Blackberry Keyone - anyone recommend?

    So I currently have an LG G4 which I have had a for a while now and its perfectly good apart from battery life - I have about 50% battery left by lunchtime so if I#m not near a charger I can't get through a day! I don't game or push it too hard, mostly emails, social media and maybe a bit of...
  4. chaywa

    Blackberry KeyONE

    Just wondering whether anyone here has bought a BB KeyOne at all recently and has any comments on it at all? Having my Nexus 5X recently suffer the bootloop issue, I'm in the market for something new and the KeyOne appeals because it's something a little different. I've never owned a BB before...
  5. HeavenlyWarrior

    Question Blackberry Priv or KeyOne?

    Morning folks, I've been waiting for the KeyOne to come to the UK since it was known as the Mercury in what felt like an eternity ago. Now it's here I'm actually rethinking if I should get this or the Priv so I'm putting it out there for opinions. Reviews of the Priv were modest but everyone...
  6. P

    Question Blackberry on wifi but phone not working

    Hello all, can anyone help with the following please? I have a Blackberry Passport which works fine when connected to the Vodafone network. However, when I turn 'mobile network' and 'data services' off and connect to my home wifi, the Blackberry is unable to make phone calls (and anyone calling...
  7. HeavenlyWarrior

    Blackberry releasing three new Android phones instead of two

    Just came across this as I've been waiting to the new Blackberry's to come out. One released per quarter starting this quarter. Looks like two mid-range devices (one full touchscreen, one with keyboard) and one flagship to usurp the Priv: BlackBerry may release 3 Android phones called Neon...
  8. HeavenlyWarrior

    Question How can Blackberry be saved?

    I love Blackberrys, I still regard them as one of the elite in mobile handsets. But dammit Kanye, you are making it hard to be your fan. Blackberry are not what they once were, we know this. The move to Android was a smart move for a larger slice of the pie. But seriously - a £600 experimental...
  9. HeavenlyWarrior

    Question Is Android Wear compatible with a Blackberry Leap?

    Hi, My Samsung A7 phone has gone the way of the dodo so I'm looking to replace it with something more business orientated as I am beginning a new online venture, and the Blackberry Leap has caught my attention. I know that you have access to the Amazon App store on it and can side load Google...
  10. cirian75

    Question Did John Chen just destroy the values of the Blackberry BBOS10 phones?

    Back in April last year I bought the Blackberry passport in white I'm a long time Blackberry fan. I've had 4 of them. But I got rid, the reason, it felt too fragile and flexible with its strange shape.. So then up pops the Silver edition late last year with a milled stainless steel frame...
  11. AFM1

    avforums app on blackberry?

    Hi - I've Just changed over to a Blackberry Passport, running BB10, and it doesn't look like the avforums mobile app is available in Blackberry AppWorld or in the supported Amazon App Store. Surely there are blackberry users running running app?! If so please can you tell me how - is there no...
  12. aVdub

    Mobile Phones Boards???

    Is it me or have the boards related to mobile phones been removed from Avforums?? I was hoping to search through them for issue's with a Samsung and a Sony mobile phone that may have answers within them.
  13. jerryq7777

    Blackberry Priv Anyone ?

    Nice looking phone and great specs but the price £580 :eek: BlackBerry Priv registrations open in US and Canada, available for pre-order in the UK PRIV by BlackBerry contract deals and offers from £49 per month | The Carphone Warehouse
  14. snaithg

    Moving from a Blackberry Bold 9700 to iPhone 6s Plus

    I am giving my wife an iPhone 6s Plus for her birthday, she currently has a Blackberry Bold 9700. What is the Best/Easiest/Quickest way to transfer "ALL ?" of her Data and Apps etc. from the Blackberry to the iPhone ? Thanks. PS: originally posted in iphone 6 thread, but no response. Graham.
  15. snaithg

    Moving from a Blackberry Bold 9700 to iPhone 6s Plus

    I am giving my wife an iPhone 6s Plus for her birthday, she currently has a Blackberry Bold 9700. What is the Best/Easiest/Quickest way to transfer "ALL ?" of her Data and Apps etc. from the Blackberry to the iPhone ? Thanks. Graham.
  16. Dodgy_Geezer

    BlackBerry Venice (slider) and Passport 2 to run Android

    For anyone who missed the recent buzz, the BlackBerry Venice (slider like the Torch) and Passport 2 pics showing them running Android are now doing the rounds: BlackBerry Venice AND BlackBerry Passport 2 To Run Android In 2015/16 | Know Your Mobile
  17. snaithg

    "Yale Home System" App on Blackberry ?

    Has anyone managed to install the "Yale Home System" App on Blackberry phones? (Specifically "Passport & "Classic" mobiles). Graham.
  18. Chris Muriel

    Microsoft Onedrive unusably slow on Blackberry Q10

    Yesterday I decided to enable Microsoft Onedrive on my PC (upgraded to Windows 10 3 weeks ago). I then installed Onedrive for Blackberry on my Q10. My PC and Blackberry both confirm that the 2 folders I duplicated within MIcrosoft's Onedrive cloud site are synced ok. I find that I can open the...
  19. bl0ckev

    Question Blackberry Classic Tips

    Hi guys. Currently got a blackberry classic smart phone as a work phone and trying to get to grips with personalising but unsure if I can. Is there a way of adding calendar to home screen like an app type look?
  20. Zain

    BB services

    I have a bold 9900 which I use for work, calls / emails. Thinking of changing service providers on sim only. Just need to know if I need blackberry services to operate this phone for emails? Not bothered about BBM. Thanks in advance Z
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