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  1. Zippy77777

    Question Opening my pics I get a black screen windows 10

    Hi guys. Can anyone tell me why when I open my pics/screenshots (this is not all the time but randon) they open as a black screen and then do nothing. I close them down and try again and the machine hesistates for about 10 seconds and then opens them. I just cannot work out what the issue...
  2. D

    2012 MacBook Pro black screen issue

    Can anyone help me please? I have a 2012 MacBook Pro, which I bought from Apple as a refurbished unit back in 2013, so I am the only owner since then. I hardly ever use it now, but it's handy for working from home, so I attempted to start it up and the following is what happens.. - I get the...
  3. S

    Question iphone x camera black screen

    Hi,Guys my daughters iphone x camera has gone to a black screen have tried all the youtube fix videos and still no camera front or back she had been out for the day to wales and said the phone was on 6% went off and when she came home took ages to get it to charge once charged discovered no...
  4. mrclose

    Question Brand New Vizio Going Dark

    Hi everyone! I, just this week purchased a Vizio V-Series 50” HDR Smart tv. (V505-G9) Here is my problem. I'll be watching a program and the screen will shut off. There will still be sound but no picture! Sometimes it happens when changing the channel! The only way to get a picture back is...
  5. D

    Black screen Bravia logo

    I think this affects a number of models in the Sony range. Is there a fix or workaround for this? My A8 does it intermittently, today it keeps going to it after around 30 seconds (watching youtube on apple tv into HDMI2 and skyQ into HDMI1). Some days won't happen at all
  6. quillouga


    My PS4 SLIM it's stuck on black screen after the PS logo, but is not turning off by itself (stays on blue light) . The PS4 goes into safe mode, but the reset/update/anything do not do anything. As soon as you do it, it comes again into black screen with blue light after the PS LOGO. but still...
  7. Daniela Melo

    Question Laptop doesn’t recognize external Graphics Card

    Hey guys, what’s up? So, I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L755 with the following specifications: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz RAM: 8GB (it came with 4GB, I added 4GB more) 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M Windows 10 Home I bought an...
  8. S

    SAMSUNG LE32A457C1D black screen

    I have had this television for quite some time and suddenly my screen is black. The backlight works and the channels are heard, but no image is seen. I thought the T-CON might be damaged. How could I check it? Could this error be caused by the main board? Thanks and best regards.
  9. J

    LG 55C9 flickering to black screen

    Hi I recently got an LG 55C9PLA and noticed an issue when the screen is fine then all of a sudden it goes to a black screen for a few seconds and turns to normal. This happens randomly, but when it does it keeps happening for a while. I normally have to turn the tv off and leave for a few...
  10. P

    Question Anyone Ever Had Trouble With Nintendo Switch (Black Screen) On Their 9 Series OLED?

    I’ve got the E9 model. Went to dock my switch and the source changes on my TV. However it is just displaying a black screen. I tried troubleshooting my dock before noticing if I go onto the main sources menu on the TV, it actually recognises and displays the Switch and plays the audio in the...
  11. G

    Question Samsung black screen? T-Con Board?

    Hi, hoping for some advice. Today I switched on my Samsung UE50F6670 and the screen is just black, no boot up screen although I can tell the back-light LEDs are working. I've searched and apparently this can be an issue with the T-Con board so I stripped it down and got the part number but it...
  12. L

    LG C9 - black screen - no signal before displaying image

    Hi, my C9 has started to act up when i start a series or movie via Apple TV 4K.. It applies to all the apps, not just netflix. It goes to black for 2 sec, and then no signal image is displayed for 1-2 sec before the movie etc shows on the display. But the movie has then played for 2-4 sec...
  13. S

    Question Black Screen and Audio Cut Outs

    Hi everyone, really need some advice please! I have a Yamaha RX-V375 receiver. Two of the inputs are an HDMI Chromecast and an HDMI Blu Ray approx 1 metre away. The output goes on a 1m HDMI cable, through a (now unused) powered HDMI switch, and onto an approx 10-15m HDMI cable, through a...
  14. S

    Question Onkyo black screen

    Hi I have bought an onkyo nr1030, I have been getting the occasional black screen for a few seconds but I can still hear what's playing, I've tried different hdmi leads, a different screen (TV and projector), Xbox and virgin box, all do the same think. Firmware is updated to the newest on all...
  15. J

    Panasonic TX-43GX555B Black Screen Intermittent fault

    Don’t quite know the right technical questions to ask. Have an ongoing problem with Panasonic and their approved TV repairer. Any help greatly appreciated. The TV developed a black screen – no display but sound retained. Followed the advice on this forum and on internet videos and managed to...
  16. C

    Plasma Panasonic Viera TX-P42G-T30 black screen no sound

    It no longer starts from the remote control and we can't even turn it off from the remote control. I start from the button on the panel, turn on the relay, the flashing green LED about 5sec, turn on the 2nd relay, the light stays green continuously, headlight sound and imagine .. I can only turn...
  17. clemenzina

    Question Panasonic TX-P42UT50B intermittent partial black screen

    Purchased in 2013. For the past week or so the left quarter (maybe slightly more) of the screen has been turning black. It started when I was watching via a PVR/HDMI switcher which I'd been using for a couple of weeks without a problem. At first the black area juddered, but now it remains...
  18. i7gamer

    Panasonic BLu Ray player black screen everytime? on a new tv..

    Hiya guys can anyone help me please? I live in England and I bought a new Blu Ray player "DMP-BD84EB-K" and I also have a Philips 4k tv (50 inch), So when I switch them on the tv flashes the players icon "Blu Ray" and then its a black screen? Both of them are new and I have tried numerous...
  19. V

    Question PS4 "no video/black screen" via Onkyo TX-NR696

    My friend has an original PS4, connected to a newly purchased Onkyo TX-NR696. The PS4 is connected to the Game input. When powering on the PS4, audio plays out through the Onkyo and speakers just fine, but there is no video. Things tried, to date; On the PS4 - Set PS4 to 480p Resolution -...
  20. T

    Question LG C9 - black screen goes grey-ish in movie end credits?!

    hi all, I'm very happy with my LGC9, but i've noticed a strange fault(?) during the end credits in movies. The blacks are superb throughout the movie, but when it gets to the end credits something odd happens. When there is text on the screen (i.e. directed by...), the background black is...
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