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  1. A

    CCTV Videcon Aspect 8M poe-8 black screen

    After increasing the CCTV (8MP) camera recording resolution and rebooting the NVR, I am presented with black screen saying 'out of range'. I guessed that the monitor was not capable of displaying the increased resolution(?). Tried a video output to monitor via RCA connector, no change...
  2. N

    Logo shows then black screen

    Hey, so I plugged in the tv wireless netw usb and the screen went black so we turned it off and on now nothing shows, I’ve tried plugging in a usb with the latest software but same thing
  3. S

    LG C7 Intermittent Black Screen but sound OK

    Hi So my LG C7 65inch tv has started to have an issue over the last few months when I turn it on sometimes I get a black screen but sound is ok. This is over antenna and inbuilt apps. If I leave it for a while it returns to normal, sometimes its ok for a few weeks sometime it happens multiple...
  4. J

    turning on tv with pc connected causes short black screen on pc.

    I've had this with my previous q90t too, there it was a setting in devices turning some setting off, can't remember the name, but on that tv i never got hdr working anyway. But now i have the same with my brand new 65a1. Turning on the tv causes the pc screen to reset. it turns itself off and...
  5. tebbo65

    1-2 second black screen issue

    Hi all, this only happens during action heavy scenes when playing Gears 5. Screen will turn black for a couple of seconds with audio still playing, very annoying! XSX connected directly to LG65 c9 OLED. (Have tried a different HDMI cable). Running in PC mode on LG. Changing to Game mode makes...
  6. alkemy007

    LG 43UM7100PLB Black screen

    I switched on my TV this morning and it just went to a black screen. I pressed the Netflix button and you can hear the load up sound to Netflix. Also, when I plug in my PS5, you can hear the background music but nothing appears on screen. I have Google'd and YouTube'd the issue and have done all...
  7. V

    Please, I need help. My computer is showing a black screen after the start up and I don't know what to do.

    How do I fix this? It doesn't change whatsoever. Did I break it?
  8. L

    sony 42 inch black screen .Help please.

    hi, I have 42 inch sony tv about 10 years old. the screen goes black , but sound and connection remain I can pause ect... I have turned off at wall and tried another hdmi socket and checked the leads. any ideas . don't really want to try to justify a new 65 inch tv quite yet. although it would...
  9. whitty1976

    Toshiba 47L7453d

    Hi I’ve got a smart 3D toshiba 47L7453d tv and the screen went black. Took it to a repair shop and had various parts changed and it’s still not working. There’s no picture now even if you shine a touch onto the screen. I’ve had the tv 5-6 years it’s stayed in the same place and has not been...
  10. D

    Philips Ambilight TV, any way to make the Ambilight lights go off on black screen during scenes?

    Hi all, As the title says is there any way to make the Ambilights go off when the screen goes black during scenes? See I have some hue bulbs and led strips in entrainment area and I use the hue stream app and when the TV screen goes black during a scene the bulbs and strips go off but the TV...
  11. C

    Humax Aura Black Screen?

    I just bought myself a Humax Aura freeview PVR. After setting it up, I started to put some apps on it. When I came to add one called Notifications for Android TV, As soon as I launched it, the screen went blank although the sound from the TV program was coming through fine. I tried to press each...
  12. P

    Some VHS tapes only show black screen when importing to PC

    Hi all I have recently imported around 30 VHS and VHS-C tapes, digitally to my PC. Yet 3 tapes only show a black screen and no sound when I playback and try to import. I need help in figuring out what the problem is. My equipment: Grundig SE 9106 HiFi/NIC VHS player Pinnacle Studio 500 USB...
  13. D

    Sony Bravia XH9005 blank, black screen - TV box off

    Occasionally, when powering up my Sony TV, all I see is a blank, black TV screen. The internet is OK, so I can get Prime, I-Player U-tube etc. I can select the TV channel, however all just blank black. When I power reset the TV, on power up the TV asks - Do I want to switch on the 'TV box'. Once...
  14. T

    6900XT connected to Samsung Q90T causes black screen during FreeSync switching

    I have an ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero 3800X build with an Asus 6900XT connected to a Samsung Q90T ([email protected], HDR disabled). In desktop mode (e.g. windows overlaid each other) the output from the 6900XT is 120Hz. When there's a full screen 3D content, the 6900XT switches to FreeSync/VRR (great)...
  15. tigermad

    Denon 3700h and Sony Af9 black screen all sources

    I’m getting to the end of my tether trying to implement my 3700h in my system. I’m happy with the sound it produces and everything about that receiver apart from one thing. After a few days of checking all is ok I am getting intermittent black screen issues that last a few seconds. Sometime it...
  16. S

    OLED power consumption with black screen

    Hello, dear people. There is lots of information on the web as far as power consumption of OLEDs in normal operation or standby is concerned. I might have something of a special case though and require additional information. I have my TV, which I want to upgrade soon to an OLED, as second...
  17. M

    HDFury Vertex 2, V6 box and BenqW1700 black screen

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone could help with my v6 box black screen issue? Think it has a HDCP handshake problem, setup is: LG 60UH650v Benq W1700 Samsung N950 Atmos Soundbar HDfury Vertex 2 Xbox series X Nintendo Switch Virgin V6 Box. I've recently bough the Vertex 2 to let me use and Nvidia...
  18. jambomakaveli

    Intermittent black screen issue

    Hoping for some help/advice from the knowledgable people here. I have a Samsung KS7000 bought from John Lewis online a few years ago. I have used a PS4 pro on it without issue for around 3 years. I got a ps5 on launch day, and have pretty much suffered with the sound dropping out for a second...
  19. J

    KD-55XD8005BAE sudden black screen with no light

    Hello guys I have really enjoyed my Sony tv with no problems, but yesterday morning it was suddenly not responding. Ive tried both the power output(in and other tv) and my switches, but both are working fine. But perhaps someone might know what the problem could be? and how to fix it? The day...
  20. milkybargeek

    50PUS9005/12 50" - Black screen on loading some apps

    Hi All I've had the 50PUS9005/12 50" for about a week and a half now. I've found via Ethernet or Wifi that apps for iPlayer, ITV Hub and FreeView Play do not always load. The whirly icon shows briefly then goes to a black screen and nothing further. Disconnecting from one wifi to another may...
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