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  1. R

    Black Level Calibration

    Warning: long post ahead. Hopefully it’s in the right forum, and describes properly what I am struggling with. Also I know that the equipment I am using is not exactly new, but this is really frustrating me so I’m turning to you all for some advice. My setup is an Oppo BDP-83 passing through...
  2. S

    Question PUS9005 and HDMI black level

    Hello! I have PUS9005. I have tried to find the setting to change HDMI black level (0-255 or 16-235). I just can't seem to find it, unlike on Samsung and LG. Any tips? Any particular picture mode that enables this option? The HDMI device (TV box) does not have this option either, so I'm...
  3. S

    4k replacement for PT-AE8000?

    I think I want to replace my PT-AE8000 with a 4k projector. There are a lot of new scans of movies I really like out in the last few years. The room light is pretty well-controlled--all windows covered, a little light leakage under one door. 135" Elite Screens 1.1 screen (might be 1.0, it's...
  4. F

    Panasonic Dolby Vision

    Does Panasonic TVs suffer from raised black level from Dolby vision content?
  5. VHS Gamer

    Finding it difficult to set black level on Samsung Q60R

    Hey guys, thought I might get some expert help for this as I'm not sure how to set this up in this case. Using the black level pattern on spears and munsil 2, all bars are visible including the two checkerboard rectangles on either side, but the below black bars. Hdmi black level is matched...
  6. R

    Epson 6700 vs Optoma UHD40/51

    Hi there, I am installing a projector for my dad - for his use, but mine too, as the family will be watching films together. Black levels are of much greater concern to me than resolution. I own a JVC X500 for this reason. But it would of course be good to upgrade to 4K if possible. The...
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