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  1. Y

    Pre-Black Friday Deal on Samsung - take the plunge? Or wait on Sony...?

    Hi All, We plan to replace our old(ish) Sony 46-inch LCD with a wall-mounted 65-inch TV in our new place. We don't have a TV antenna or satellite dish and we don't game at all. The primary input source will be a Windows PC playing content off of our NAS or streaming on the PC from the usual...
  2. R

    Advice on 65inch TV - Black Friday Deal

    Hi All, This is my first thread on this forum and I am hoping I will get some advice or recommendations. I am based in Ireland and looking to get a 65 inch TV, my budget is 1300-1400 EURO. I normally watch Netflix, Prime and rarely games. Main requirement is good picture quality and Tv should...
  3. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Black Friday Deal: Richer Sounds - Sonos Beam - Save £100

    Richer Sounds: Sonos Beam (white, limited stock) Save £100 (25%), was £399, now £299. See the AVForums Black Friday article for more offers and deals.
  4. SilentSniper

    Question Gaming and Movie Projector (High Refresh and Response Time)- Optoma UHD50X?

    Hi All, I am trying to snipe a deal on a pj for movies and gaming 50/50. I came across this Optoma PJ and wanted see if anyone knows of a better option at a great price point. High Refresh Rate at 4k and Good Response Time is ideal. I noted on the UHD50X the response time drops substantially...
  5. O

    Philips 50pus8204 black friday deal, initial thoughts VS my 11 year old 37" Sony Bravia

    I've been using AV Forums for pre purchasing advise, and didn't want to end up with the often quoted worse picture than my old TV by buying the wrong size or panel type. I eventually settled on the Philips 50pus8204 @ £500 on sale. *wanted Ambilight which kept me with Philips, *didn't want IPS...
  6. M

    New 4k TV, black friday deal

    Hi I'm looking into getting a new TV, 65 inch. I really don't want to spend more than 1K. I was looking at the JG nano cell TVs. I know the advice is to wait for the OLED to come down in value, but I'm a bit impatient! Obviously there are always going to be better TVs out there. Is the OLED...
  7. Spartagates

    Optoma HD143X black Friday deal

    Amazon have them reduced today to £336, seems a good deal, is there a better projector I should consider for this kind of money before I go ahead and buy?
  8. ErnstTheViking

    Bargain Up to 90% OFF Hostinger Services, create a website for good price

    Black Friday deals at Hostinger If you want a blog Go with Shared Hosting, you can save up to 90% on their plans (from £0.80/mo) If you wish to start e-commerce Cloud hosting will be the best choice as it is more powerful, you can save up to 79% (from £7.45/mo) If you want to build...
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