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black friday bargains

Black Friday (Shopping)
  1. Stuart Wright

    Bargain Until 4/12 only - 20% off Amazon Warehouse Deals

    From now until 4th December 2016 only, Amazon customers get an additional 20% discount off of all products from Amazon Warehouse Deals. The 20% discount will be subtracted automatically at checkout. Click here to visit. What is Amazon Warehouse Deals? Amazon Warehouse Deals specialises in...
  2. sjackson

    Bargain Amazon Devices Black Friday Discounts

    Possibly going to be similar discounts in the UK Amazon announces Black Friday deals on Echo, Fire tablets, Kindle Paperwhite and Fire TV Stick If you were looking at buying an Amazon device in the coming weeks, you might want to wait. Amazon says the following deals will be available through...
  3. Stuart Wright

    Bargain Amazon Black Friday fashion deals 22/11/16

    Up to 50% off Winter Wardrobe Essentials Up to 60% off Men's Clothing Up to 40% off Women's Sleepwear 25% off Women's New Look Coats and Jackets Up to 70% off Selected Rocket Dog Women's Shoes 50% off Selected Rockport Men's Shoes Up to 50% off Kids Clothing Up to 50% off Women's Party Dressing...
  4. Stuart Wright

    Bargain Amazon Launchpad and Black Friday Deals

    Today we have a fantastic update from the Amazon UK Launchpad team. “Amazon Launchpad is a unique programme that showcases cutting-edge products from startups like yours to millions of Amazon customers.” There are already some great Black Friday deals live on site (and more to come). Be sure...
  5. T

    Virgin mobile double data Black Friday deal.

    If you are a virgin mobile customer you may like to know that they currently have a free Black Friday double data deal. Logon to your account, go to the manage addons option and select the double deal offer. Your monthly data will instantly double and remain doubled for the duration of your...
  6. CFC1


    Please post any photography related Black Friday Deals here. :thumbsup: ... but if you find a Nikon D500 for less than £1000, let me know first by PM! :lesson:
  7. RichardWiz

    Bargain VBox 50% OFF Black Friday sale

    VBox is offering the 4K UHD TV Gateway at £69 or €83 With it you can watch and record Freeview on any device, anywhere If you get one, you can also win your money back on their facebook page facebook - VBox Communications | Facebook 4K VBox page -...
  8. irgsefton

    Hue and Hive Smart Bulbs on Black Friday Sale Now

    £30 for both colour, £20 for Hive white ambience and £14 for Hive white.
  9. M

    John Lewis Black Friday price match

    Does anyone have experience of how quickly John Lewis will process a price match request submitted on Black Friday itself? I have a Samsung 49KS7000 being delivered by John Lewis on Wednesday however my local Currys (currently selling at the same price I paid - £899) have them piled to the...
  10. S

    LG OLED55B6P $2300 OLED65B6P $4000 Canadian black friday sale

    I am very tempted to pick one of these up... If the 55B6P was $2000 I think I would for sure. The Black Friday sale will be at Bestbuy. My question though is has the HDR input lag and hdr stutter issue being fixed by a promised by a LG firmware update?? I am thinking next year by this time on...
  11. Flecky81

    Bargain Panasonic ub700 £315

    PANASONIC 4K Ultra-HD PREMIUM SMART BD Player | Power Direct
  12. wingsart

    Bargain Amazon Black Friday Blu Ray Box Set Sale

    It looks like Amazon's Black Friday sale is well underway. I spotted some pretty good deals on box sets this morning. I'm seriously tempted by Breaking Bad at that price, especially as I haven't seen a single episode of that series. One to binge on over Christmas. Hmm, Sons of Anarchy too. Some...
  13. MarkyPancake

    Bargain Xbox One Black Friday Sales 2016

    Game have already started listing items and I noticed Gears 4 was £29.99. Shop Early Black Friday Deals at GAME There's a video the X1 dash advertising the store's digital sale and it featured Gears 4, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 amongst others. I think it said early access to the prices for...
  14. AshDavis3

    Good black Friday deal on 65" Bravia - Any good?

    Came across this on Amazon's black Friday deals.. any good...
  15. M

    Question Black Friday deals last year - past discounts?

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a new TV which i'm pretty sure is gonna be a Samsung 49" KS7000. This TV has dropped down in price from about £1300 to around £899 recently so i'm not sure if it's realistically going to see further reductions on black Friday? I'm really keen to just pop out and...
  16. S

    Is it worth waiting for black friday or just buy now?

    I'm wanting to buy a KS7000 or KS8000 and obviously like anyone in this world would like to save some money! Do Black Friday deals normally reduce prices of 55" TV's dramatically or do they normally only get reduced a small amount? So tempted to pull the trigger now...
  17. =adrian=

    Amazon Black Friday deals

    What have you bought so far?
  18. LicensedTaximan

    Bargain Indiana Jones the complete BD set, the cheapest...so far.

    Indiana Jones BD complete set £14.99 at "Zavvi". The link is below...I bought it some time ago at £23. Hmmph I knew I should have waited. :facepalm: Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures
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