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Black Friday (Shopping)
  1. JabbaNut

    Bargain VSDC PRO money off coupon. Get as low as £9.25
  2. I

    Good site to find the best Black Friday deals?

    Hi Does anybody know of a good site or forum to find the best Black Friday deals for AV, tech, gadgets etc? Thanks
  3. I

    Black Friday deals

    It seems that Richer Sounds started already their Black Friday deals. Do you think that offers they do provide now are good or it would be better to wait just a bit longer ?
  4. D

    Preparing for Black Friday 49 or 50 inch tv max size

    It's time to upgrade my TV and I am trying to prepare for black Friday approaching. So where my TV is unfortunately the max size I can accommodate is 50inch. Ideally I want to keep the cost under 700ish. The TV is for the family, so general watching, you tube and netflix, (may upgrade sky if...
  5. Harfynn Teuport

    Question "Black Friday" prices

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience of following the prices in the aftermath of Black Friday. I had been all geared up to sort myself out with a Hisense U8B on or around Black Friday. However, life has got in the way and I've had to spend my savings on other things. I've noticed that...
  6. tooley1878

    Black Friday TVs to watch for

    Hi All, I will be getting a new TV black Friday and have a budget of around £600 but can go higher, I will be watching sport and movies not really gaming. I wanted to know if there was a way of getting the best deal on the day ? I've started to make a list so I can google the Tv's on the...
  7. R

    Samsung QE55Q6FAMT or wait for black Friday?

    I can get the Samsung QE55Q6FAMT for 600 Eur. Is that a good deal or is it better to wait for black friday for another TV at that price or lower? If it is better to wait for black friday, which TV would you recommend (49-55inch)? I use it mostly for PS4 and movies. thanks!
  8. sleepylaser

    Black Friday predictions

    What do people think we are going to see in terms of Black Friday OLED discounts? To declare a personal interest- I’m looking to get the LG c9. But this might be of wider interest- maybe lots of different OLEDs will get bought?
  9. H

    Question Black Friday speaker mistake?

    Hi I’ve almost completed our remodelling our lounge, part of the goal was to hide all the speakers which were wall mounted in the old layout (7.1). Due to aesthics and toddlers speaker placement options are limited, so for the front three channels, I’ve decided to build a custom cabinet...
  10. Countrygirl

    Samsung QE55Q8FN £1,358 or LG 55 OLED B8 £1196?

    I have a 10% discount on Samsung and 8% with Curry's. Which TV is better for the price? Trying to save as much as possible but want the best TV for the price! Really appreciate some input ☺️
  11. ristac

    Bargain Black Friday Please Share UHD Players

    If you discover a Black Friday deal on a 4K uhd player please share it, I wouldn’t mind giving one a try.
  12. HoisinCrispyOwl

    Answered Looking for a 55" 4K UHD HDR TV for ~£700ish

    Hi there. I've previously posted a similar question to this but having reviewed @Dodgexander's incredibly helpful Black Friday buying guide - I am still slightly stumped after rethinking my budget. Looking for some recommendations for a new TV to replace an ancient 32” LCD. I have a budget...
  13. M

    Need Help With Which Black Friday TV Deal

    I'm sure you are loving being inundated with these posts, but I guess it's my turn. I've read a bunch and they all are close but not exact, so I need to ask: I've had my current LED TV since 2009. I spent around 2k at that time and ended up with a nice 45" LED Samsung. I keep TV's a long...
  14. mmulho

    Bargain Selfridges Headphones up to 20% (and price reductions)

    Got my email last night from Selfridges for their Black Friday "Christmas Comes Early" event. Technology product on sale now up to 20% off but they also have a mark down prices, some really good Bose and Marshall offers. Headphones with Discount code SELFCCE Headphones with Was/Now price...
  15. J

    black Friday search for Dyson v10 and other bits

    Hi all, My wife and I have by far the most boring black friday wish list but hoping someone will be able to help us save a few £'s. We are looking for: (current prices are listed in brackets prior to any quido/top cash back type discount) Need 1. Dyson V10 total clean or absolute (£500 and...
  16. Exophonics

    Answered 55”: Q9FN or C8

    It’s that time of year again. The time when tons of people question what TV would be best for them at what is (hopefully) a great price. I’m no different. I’m sure it’s possibly one of the more commonly asked questions around, so I apologise if it seems like I’m wasting your time. LG C8 vs...
  17. R

    Question 4k ~50" under 400 GBP Black Friday

    Hi everyone, I know that i can't expect miracles but I'm looking for best option for ps4 pro gaming and movies in this price range. I found couple models but completely don't have idea what to choose because probably they differ in small details. 1. Samsung UE50NU7020 2. Hisense H50AE6100UK 3...
  18. EpsilonVaz

    Black Friday 2018

    Some prices have started to come down already. Amazon are selling the third generation Echo Dot for £25. Panasonic OLEDs are heavily down at District Electricals.
  19. Grangey.

    Bargain Echo & Echo Dot Black Friday 2018 prices (peek)

    Just posted in the direct relevant form, but since there may be people not in that section who'd be interested in this thought you'd like to know:
  20. T

    Black Friday 2018

    I know it's early and I'm probably suffering with the heat...... but what do people think will be the best black Friday deals this year. Personally I think that the Samsung Q series might be the ones with the big discounts if only for the reasons that their prices are fighting with OLEDS...
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