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black friday bargains

Black Friday (Shopping)
  1. kah22

    Question iPad Black Friday

    I want to buy an iPad Pro, to replace my old iPad Air (original A1474) which is almost out of space. I’ve been doing some research today and am coming to the opinion that refurbished or an older version maybe the way to go. In particular I’m seeing a number named as 3rd generation and as 2017...
  2. I

    43" TV from Currys - Black Friday

    I am planning to buy 43" TV from Currys on Black Friday. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– From the link: 4K ultra HD TVs - Cheap 4K ultra HD TVs Deals | Currys PC World Which one I should go for? My budget is £550 max I don't watch sport and I don't play games. I use TV for watching movies and TV shows.
  3. M

    Bargain Sonic direct Black Friday

    There’s a few TVs come up on their website, not sure if bargains but maybe of interest to someone. *Mod Edit to include picture correctly.
  4. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Hisense Roku TV gets Black Friday launch in UK

    Available in time for Black Friday and the ensuing Festive period, Hisense will release 4K UltraHD TV models in 43”, 50”, 55” and 65” screen sizes. Read the news.
  5. Spartagates

    Optoma HD143X black Friday deal

    Amazon have them reduced today to £336, seems a good deal, is there a better projector I should consider for this kind of money before I go ahead and buy?
  6. low-def.

    Question Smart home - lighting in Black Friday sales!

    Hi all, Looking to get some smart bulbs to put in certain parts of the house. Looking on amazon this morning i can see there are Philips Hue kits and Hive bulbs reduced as part of the black friday deals. My question is, what do i really need to get up and running? In terms of controlling the...
  7. I

    Question Help in choosing correct Hive product in Black Friday sale!

    Hi I'm looking to buy some hive products on BF sale right now. I have two boilers in the house. 1) One is a combi boiler that does hot water and heating for the ground floor. 2) Second boiler is a conventional boiler that does HW and heating for upper floors. Uses a mega flo type cylinder for...
  8. JabbaNut

    Bargain Get 41% off a Sky Sports Month Pass Just £20 a month for 6 months : Black Friday.

    https://www.nowtv.com/watch-sky-sports-online Read the T&C statement too
  9. A

    Black Friday purchases: Richersounds vs. John Lewis vs. Currys 5 year TV guarantee

    With Black Friday around the corner, I'm pretty sure I am likely to find the TVs that I'm eyeing at similar prices at several sites. I'm very inclined to go for a TV with a "free" 5 year guarantee. Have you had experience with the TV guarantees offered by these companies? If so, how would you...
  10. ErnstTheViking

    Bargain Up to 90% OFF Hostinger Services, create a website for good price

    Black Friday deals at Hostinger If you want a blog Go with Shared Hosting, you can save up to 90% on their plans (from £0.80/mo) If you wish to start e-commerce Cloud hosting will be the best choice as it is more powerful, you can save up to 79% (from £7.45/mo) If you want to build...
  11. low-def.

    Question Black Friday 43” Deals

    Hi all, I’m after 2 43” sets in the Black Friday sales for my daughters rooms. Ideally only want to spend approx £400 on each set. So far I’ve noticed: Samsung RU7400 Samsung RU7470 LG UM7600 Philips PUS6754 Spec wise I think they are all the same or thereabouts. The 7470 seems to be a...
  12. ahmedanas

    recommendation: sub $150 True wireless earphones (call focused - black friday deals)

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a recommendations on new wireless earphones. Hope you guys can help! Need: True wireless earphone Price Range: Sub $150 (on black friday) Requirement: Top requirement: Great call experience (highest priority) Secondary requirement: Good sound quality for movies...
  13. htliam

    Any Black Friday 7.2.4 Receiver Deals?

    I just saw Richer Sound Ireland said that their Black Friday pricing is now live as Curry's put out theirs early. I also noticed the Denon 4500 I'm after was €1130 a couple of weeks ago, then it went up to €1300 and now it's "€100 off" at €1200! :/ It's slightly cheaper in the UK - both Peter...
  14. URL

    Hisense purchase, Plex, Roku and black friday....

    Guys - I need some advice... Looking to buy a Hisense of some description - 50", and will use freeview and Plex. I have read that some Hisense models have (or will have?) Roku built in.... are these models available yet? Also ready that Plex on the non-Roku models is pants... and I would...
  15. T

    Sky Black Friday Deals - 2TB Box?

    Thinking of taking out a new Sky sub and noticed they appear to have started their Black Friday Deals. The Black Friday megabundle @ £53.50 seems like a good deal - although I'd be after Sky Q Ultimate to ensure as much as possible is in HD/UHD so that pushes it up to £60pm. The only thing that...
  16. M

    Question black friday or cyber monday???

    which will be the best deals day? im thinking of getting the LG B9 in 65" after ive seen quite a few recommendations on here for it Movies Sports Streaming(netflix etc) are my main viewing, i have a sound system so not overly bothered by on board sound quality.
  17. G

    Best Black Friday deal under £1000

    With Black Friday deals starting to pop up I’m looking to buy a new TV under £1000. I’m looking for something in the 50-55 inch range with a primary focus on HDR performance. I plan to play content from Netflix / Prime / external hard drive. Accurate colour reproduction is also a priority...
  18. L

    Richersounds Black Friday sale has begun

    At work so I haven't checked properly, but it looks pretty underwhelming. The LG C9 is 1399, you could have got this for 1375 only two weeks back with the RS125 voucher code.
  19. P

    Upgrade and WOW factor! Black Friday buy.

    Currently have Samsung 40 inch nu7120 an emergency purchase a year ago when our other living room TV died on us. It has served us well and we have been impressed with it, the previous TV was not that great and old! We are now on the look out for an upgrade to a bigger and better TV and the...
  20. A

    Best 55inch TV for films and gaming for £5-600 - preparing for black Friday!

    Hey, So, I'm looking for a replacement TV for my bedroom! I've read some threads here and see a lot of recommendations to wait for black Friday, and was wondering two things. What would be the best TV for my needs (able to be wall mounted, 55", good with games, netflix etc) and how to work out...
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