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Black Friday (Shopping)
  1. flonz

    Best 65" 2021 TV?

    Hi I'm looking to replace my 55" Samsung tv for a newer 65" oled or Qled TV. It's located in the living room with brightly lit windows during the day, and dark netflix / movie viewings at night. Budget is around 3k. I was considering LG but the C1 is out of stock here. 1. Samsung 65" QN85A...
  2. 9

    M&K BLack Friday

    Any M&K Black Friday deals anywhere? I know , wishful thinking….
  3. D

    Oled black friday bargain...wanted

    Looking to be tempted by a cracking deal on something 75" plus.... anyone seen anything tempting......?
  4. Stuart Wright

    Bargain Large Samsonite luggage cases on offer for Black Friday. £375 reduced to £239.40

    The large petrol blue one.
  5. Y

    Pre-Black Friday Deal on Samsung - take the plunge? Or wait on Sony...?

    Hi All, We plan to replace our old(ish) Sony 46-inch LCD with a wall-mounted 65-inch TV in our new place. We don't have a TV antenna or satellite dish and we don't game at all. The primary input source will be a Windows PC playing content off of our NAS or streaming on the PC from the usual...
  6. KEENEtechwares

    Bargain KEENE Black Friday Deals - Now Live!

    Black Friday Deals from! The online store designed for AV Forums Members..... CLICK HERE to Shop All Black Friday Deals Now
  7. DanH23

    Replacing VM Router - Black Friday Deals?

    Have decided to take advantage of Black Friday to try and fix the poor wifi issue most VM customers seem to experience by putting my VM hub into modem mode and purchasing a new router. Is there a particular router I should be looking for in terms of spec/features? Is anyone aware of any good...
  8. J

    BK Electronics Black Friday?

    Does anyone know if BK take part in Black Friday at all?
  9. Matt Wood

    Black Friday deals?

    Has anyone taken up the offers? I think it’s only for new customers because whenever I log in it disappear. Compare Broadband Packages November 2021 | Virgin Media
  10. U

    Buy during Black Friday or wait till next sale period?

    Hi All, I am currently in the process of refurbishing my house which won't be ready until Feb/Mar. I need to buy 3 tvs and have decided on these: 55" Sony A80J (Living room) 48" LG C1 (Bedroom) 40"+ TV for the kitchen (Leaning towards Samsung Frame for looks but may decide on something...
  11. R

    Advice on 65inch TV - Black Friday Deal

    Hi All, This is my first thread on this forum and I am hoping I will get some advice or recommendations. I am based in Ireland and looking to get a 65 inch TV, my budget is 1300-1400 EURO. I normally watch Netflix, Prime and rarely games. Main requirement is good picture quality and Tv should...
  12. K

    Early Black Friday sales are coming in my region - help to rank my priorities for picks.

    Hello everyone, and Jesus I apologize for the giant post, I got way overboard. And thank you for any answers you might give me. I posted a thread here back in June. You can go and see it over here for more details and information (and a big thank you to Dodgexander and next010 for answering back...
  13. V

    Simplisafe Black Friday Deals?

    Anyone know if simplisafe usually do black friday deals? i know in the US they have 50% off which is massive compared to prices here :( They currently have an offer on the uk site of £100 off plus free indoor camera (ends tonight). Not sure if to take this offer now or wait until black friday...
  14. R

    What TV are you going for on Black Friday?

    Hi just wondering what TV you have your eye on for a discount for Black Friday and why?
  15. D

    65 inch TV recommendations for best value - £2000 and under

    I'm currently looking to buy my first TV, and have around £2000 max that I can spend on it. I will sit around 9 feet from the TV itself, so am looking to get a 65 inch. I will be watching Youtube, Netflix, and streaming Twitch the majority of the time (90%), and will occasionally stream content...
  16. S

    Samsung Q950A - buy now or wait for Black Friday?

    I have my eye on the Samsung Q950A soundbar and was planning on getting it during Black Friday sales when I am expecting discounts. However I see it already has £600 off and is listed at £999 from many retailers. Probably an impossible question to answer but I'm wondering whether to buy it now...
  17. L

    Buy Now or Wait for Black Friday?

    Hi - We're looking to replace an elderly 37" LG373000 about 8 years old. We run a BT Freeview box through this, and it's used to watch Netflix, Now TV, movies, and regular TV. Would like access to You Tube on new set up too. We don't do gaming & don't watch much sport. The TV sits in a...
  18. W

    Will the New iPad Pro 2021 go on sale on Black Friday?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting the new iPad Pro, but will it go on sale on Black Friday? Did previous iPad Pros go on sale on Black Friday? Or does the price just stay the same as it is now? I'm thinking of getting the 256GB 12.9" model but if there's a sale, I might be tempted to get a higher...
  19. MikeKay1976

    So what is your black Friday (week longish) haul

    So far this week got flight sim 2020 £89 (to be fair an Xmas present), star wars squadrons (£16), halo collection £11, division 2 DLC, virtual desktop for quest (£12 I think) beatsaber + DLC for quest (£30) and a free copy of Asgards wrath... Humble VR bundle (£15 iirc) None gaming...
  20. Maxson

    £300 max Open back wired around the ears headphones - Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals?

    I'm looking to replace my AKG Y50s with something better. Any deals? I'm going to connect them wired to the front panel of my PC which apparently has a decent headphone amp built in and can work with 250ohm sets (Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO according to reddit) or possibly higher IDK. I don't like...
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