1. D

    Wanted Bk xls 200 FF or double gem, black or gloss black.

    I'm after a double gem or an xls200 FF sub, either in black or gloss black. Anyone have one they would like to sell Thanks
  2. B

    Wanted BK XXLS-400 Subwoofer

    Evening everyone, following some advice from kind forum members I'm looking for a XXLS400 Sub. I live in East London with no transport so would need to be delivered or close enough for me to get an Uber. There's one on eBay currently for £300, so expecting to pay something similar.
  3. D

    Wanted BK Sub any model/colour considered

    Looking for a bk sub or similar anything considered
  4. E

    For Sale BK Electronics XLS 200FF

    Almost brand new BKE XLS200 mkii forward facing sub. Change of plan means this 6 week old sub is for sale with a saving of over £50. Light oak finish. See the attached images as this was a grade B off ebay and the reason is an area of mild fading on the top of the sub - like a piece of paper...
  5. macmac96

    Wanted BK subwoofer (XXLS400/Monolith/Monolith plus)

    Hi, Looking to buy any of the bk xxls400/Monolith or Monolith plus subwoofers. Open to any colour but preferably black. Let me know if you have any of these?
  6. F

    BK P12-300SB-PR / Double Gem measurements

    Hi Are there any actual in-room frequency response graphs available for these subs? Would anyone that owns one of these (or both :)) be willing to post some SPL sweep measurements? Thanks in advance!
  7. O

    Wanted BK XXLS400 or P12-300SB-PR

    As noted, I'm interested in anyone of the above. Black or White. Cosmetic condition doesn't have to perfect, however item must be in full working order. I'm in SE London
  8. GAJA1971

    Wanted BK P12-300SB-PR Subwoofer

    Hi all, I'm after a BK P12-300SB-PR Sub woofer. Anyone out there have one for sale please? Thanks. GAJA1971
  9. K

    Question XTZ 1x12 vs BK P12 300SB-P

    Have recently taken delivery of LCR xtz cinema m6, awaiting a pair of s5, so think I should be looking at upgrading my b&w ASW 608 sub... Does anyone have thoughts on comparing the above XTZ and BK? Will be used in dedicated room about 40 cu mtr 1500 cu ft.
  10. Audi0Newbie


    Hey guys just a quick one hoping that anyone can help me I was listening to music and all of a sudden bass is gone I check to see if the driver is moving nothing so tried all the Basic stuff unplug and plug back in again and checked all settings in my denon 2400 amp nothing I can’t see that I’m...
  11. M

    Wiring Up BK XLS200 Hi-Level input to only 1 channel/mono

    Hi Guys, Just purchased a XLS200 from another member and will be receiving next week. I am looking to use the Sub on my Sonos system via the hack that has been much talked about (taking hi-level feeds from speaker). Long story short - I have the output from a single play 1 speaker (hi-level...
  12. J

    Question Is it worth upgrading Bk monolith to svs sb2000 pro?

    I've heard good reviews for the SVS SB2000 pro. Question is whether its an improvement from my Bk monolith (not the plus version). I'll be moving away from a ported sub. I just can't accommodate size of pb version. It's got to be max size of current bk. Does anyone know the spec of the...
  13. T

    Question Is bk elec open in lockdown?

    Please forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I've rung them 4 times today with no answer, it goes through but no one picks up. On Google it says it's open, and well... Their website hasn't been updated in what seems forever.
  14. P

    BK Electronics / REL over Monitor Audio and the like

    Hello - Hope everyone is well I suspect I know the answer to the following question but I am looking for reasoning. I have the Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 Speaker set including the BXW10 Subwoofer which I thought was ok but have always noticed a bit of the low end extension lacking. Even in Pure...
  15. mole

    BK Double Gem

    Hi I'm looking at the BK double gem, can't seem to find any reviews - so does anyone here own one? Primarily for movie watching. I like the look of it, that or the XLS200-DF. cheers
  16. T

    BK XXLS400 actual frequency response?

    Hi, Just been reading WozzaB's thread on the BK400's and it has basically got me wanting a new sub, or at the very least has motivated me to spend some time investigating/setting up the one I have in room first. Unfortunately it's in the only real place it can go, and any replacement would also...
  17. Garry123

    For Sale BK XXLS-DF 400

    Selling my BK XXLS-DF 400 in black. Excellent condition. Comes with spikes, mains lead, high level lead and phono lead. I still have the original box.
  18. D

    Wanted BK Electronics Sub - black

    Hoping that someone has one these for sale? Ideally the Gemini or the XLS200. Happy to collect in the Norfolk area, or postage if further. Thanks in advance
  19. J

    BK Monolith with Minidsp

    I'm going to keep this quick and simple. I have a BK monolith Plus subwoofer connected to a Minidsp 2x4 and a Denon x3300w. The Denon AVR subwoofer output is rated at 1.2v (RMS). According to forums the Bk Monolith input is rated at 0.1v (RMS) and the Minidsp has a jumper that can be set to...
  20. C

    Question BK XLS200 query.

    Hi folks. Around Christmas I bought a Mission SE + M Cube surround sound system for £150 to dip my toe in home cinema without spending too much money. As usually happens I got bitten by the bug and although the Missions are great for the price, the limitations are obvious, especially in the...
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