BK is the common abbreviation for the Burger King chain of fast food restaurants.
BK or Bk may also refer to:

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  1. A

    Wanted Looking for a 2nd hand BK XXLS400

    Looking for a BK XXLS400 in good condition, no humming/noises, etc., ideally in white or black, not too old (up to 3 years is ok), minor scratches are ok. Prefer to listen to the sub on pick up, up to couple of hours driving is ok, if the deal is good enough. Any offers?
  2. A

    Auto on/off on BK subs

    I wonder how does the Auto on/off function works on those recent BK XXLS400 and P12-300 models that don't have a dedicated Auto on/off switch. Do these subs not have the Auto function or it is there but can't bypassed?
  3. A

    Building a 3.1 system with £1.5K budget? (KEF, BK Electronics, Denon)

    Hello, long time lurker, ready to pull the trigger on this deal. Any feedback please? AVR: Denon AVR-X2800H - £540 (store doesn't stock X1700H) Sub: BK Electronics XXLS400FF - £488 (I spoke on the phone with Tom? and he recommended this or the P12) L/R: KEF Q150 - £411 (listened in store...
  4. S

    For Sale BK Monolith+ DF in Cherry - £250

    Hi all, I am selling the subs that i bought on these very forums a few years ago, as i've just moved to 2x Sealed dual 15" units and there's no space for all 4 units in my relatively small basement! The cherry one in this thread...
  5. jonjames

    For Sale BK P12-300sb-pr, £300

    Right, time again to try and sell my sub, includes everything as new, box and accessories. Perfect working order. Spends most of it's time off unless watching a decent movie. Asking about half price, no offers below this please, I think I purchased it in June 2021 but can check. Any questions...
  6. W

    BK Electronics XXLS400 Sub for Music?

    I'm looking at buying a BK Electronics XXLS400 Sub, whilst it will be dual purpose Surround / Stereo use I'm only really bothered about the stereo in terms of sound quality and would happily sacrifice surround / movie quality for better stereo. My set up's an AVR for surround using the Pre Outs...
  7. Sgoaty

    BK XXLS400 buzzing

    My Subwoofer is completely unusable as as soon as it has power applied it makes a horrendous buzzing noise. After a bit of googling it appears it could be internal capacitors to blame. I'd like to take the amp out for a look but it doesn't seem keen to come out. Does anyone know If it's glued...
  8. Ja55

    BK Monolith or BK P12-300 SB-PR

    Hi guys Has anyone owned or done a comparison of the BK Monolith with the new P12-300 SB-PR (P12-300 with passive radiator)? I currently have a BK Monolith and thinking of adding another one but would prefer smaller subs with similar performance. I tried a pair of XTZ 12.17's but they didn't...
  9. S

    For Sale Monitor Audio 4g Gold 200 + Gold FX + BK Elec Monolith Plus + Anthem MRX 510

    2x Monitor Audio Gold 200 (4g) floorstanding speakers piano black In excellent condition Absolutely terrific sound, will be very sad to see them go Purchased from Sevenoaks in Feb 2019 Fully boxed including everything, instruction manual, plinths, carpet spikes etc I have 2x 2.5m van...
  10. Bluedog

    BK Monolith plus Hum at higher gain

    There is a noticeable hum from my Monolith when going past 12. o clock on the gain. It only hums when connected to the source. No hub when RCA is disconnected. If I move the socket end on the cable it goes even louder. I don't mind a little hum but his is noticeable and annoying. Any ideas?
  11. N

    Help choosing BK sub please

    Hi, Thanks for everyone's help in sorting out my amp/speaker/furniture config in my office. I've settled on the NAD M10 amp at least in part because of the Dirac Live helping out (I've finally got it sounding decent with Dirac using the 'curtains' as per someone's suggestion. Triangle Comete...
  12. Call me Candy

    BK Double Gem should I pull the trigger?

    Hi. Anybody have any thoughts on The BK Double Gem subwoofer?It looks like a sound investment at £409 & its slim width will be handy in its placement. I know this company is highly thought of with Forum members, my little lady iust purchased a BK XLS300FF sub & is very happy with it, I think the...
  13. P

    BK sub - using both high and low level inputs for AVR and Integrated

    Wondering what happens to the bass that sneaks through crossover and LPF when high level and low level inputs are both connected to a BK sub and is it problematic... I have a Yamaha RX-A6A with no sub connected directly to the AVR, the front L and R preouts go from the Yamaha to an Arcam SA30...
  14. grims dale

    bk p12 300sb vs old velodyne spl12 bv

    i have bk p12 300sb i have seen a velodyne spl12 bv for sale is it worth buying £90 and would it go lower then my bk
  15. S

    BK XXLS400 sub no sound

    My BK sub used to work fine with my old Pioneer AV amp. Since switching amps to an Arcam 390 it isn’t producing any sound. This is how I have the system set up: Monitor Audio GS20s and centre set to “small“ speaker size. Number of subs set to 1 Sub connected using the sub preamp output on the...
  16. W

    Facing BK Mono + towards wall?

    I'm considering facing my BK Mono + towards the wall, would this cause any problems or make it sound different? The reason is my 14 month is getting too curious for comfort and pulling the front off and poking at it, and I can see one day he's either going to soak it or stab it with a pen. But...
  17. richardc1983

    BK XLS200 DF Buzzing fault

    Hey all, Just wondering if any else has come across this issue on the BK subs. Whilst I have had this quite some time now it’s barely been used, maybe once every few months since I got it. It has recently started making a buzzing sound coming from the power supply. Then recently the sub woofer...
  18. zsolt93

    BK XLS200 issue

    Hi , i have connected xls200 to Yamaha sound bar with subwoofer output , the soundbar bass is at the lowest level, everything sounds good but today I listened at a high volume and when the bass hit the subwoofer just cut out. i tried a few times and realized that I cannot go more than half of...
  19. J

    BK Gemini I sub dies but promptly comes back to life

    Long ago (2008), I bought a BK Gemini I sub. I was happy with it for many years but, in 2020, it developed a significant mains hum. After some discussion, I not only bought the newer Gemini II but also had the Gemini I repaired since the repair was just £35 including return shipping. So, I...
  20. Bluedog

    BK Monolith + Gain level during calibration?

    Just about to setup a Pioneer with MCCA and not sure what Gain level should be during the calibration? 9,10,11,12 o clock?
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