1. Phil.LFC

    SVS SB or PB to supplement BK Monolith?

    I’m just finalising my cinema room upgrade and Richer Sounds recommended I get the SVS SB1000 Pro rather than the PB1000 Pro I’d chosen. They seemed to think it would work better as they are both sealed subs. The BK is over 10 years old so it’s the original one, DF. Having done much research I...
  2. J

    BK Electronics Black Friday?

    Does anyone know if BK take part in Black Friday at all?
  3. A

    Upgrade from MA RS8, RSLCR, RSFX, BK Monolith DF, Onkyo NR905. New Square room with lots of windows.

    Had this setup since 2007ish with an Optoma HD65 720p projector in our living room, but now want to sell it all and put the cinema in another area. I'm lucky enough to have an outbuilding with a multi purpose room that I want to put the new system into. Unfortunately the new room is square...
  4. B

    BK subwoofer

    please could someone aim me in right direction, My amp is a cambridge CXa60 I run a bluesound vault2 and my speakers are moniter silver 50s, I have a smallish room and what opinions would you give on me getting a bk subwoofer
  5. M

    Subwoofer Advice: BK P12-300SB-PR vs Alternatives

    Hey all, Recently fallen into the speaker rabbit hole and I've really gotten lost trying to narrow down which subwoofer to pick. Here's my current setup: B&W 620 Floorstanders (goes down to 58hz apparently) 3m x 4.5m x 2 (W,L,H) Room - Guess work here Denon x2300w Primary usage is a split...
  6. A

    For Sale SUBWOOFER for sale BK XLS 200

    I’m selling a BK XLS 200 subwoofer . I have had from new it’s in birch wood finish vgc just one very small scratch on it .it comes with user manu and mains cable and a balanced cable. As it’s so heavy I don’t what to post it but can deliver or be pick up. I live near Sutton/Croydon area .£80.
  7. Shock

    Any point upgrading from BK XLS200 MK1 to BK XLS200 MK2?

    As per title, I have a BK XLS200 MK1 from a good while back, would I notice anything upgrading to a newer BK XLS200 MK2? Or is it waste of money attempting this? Living in a terraced house not sure about upgrading to the BK XLS400, as do want to keep the neighbours happy too. thanks
  8. John24ssj

    For Sale BK Monolith + FF subwoofer

    Hello, I am selling my BK Monolith + FF in mahogany finish. The sub is an immaculate condition, no scratches or any other marks. Works great and plays great. It's just over a year and a half old. Comes with all the original accessories. I will also throw in the top protective cover. Because...
  9. Nico72

    Behringer A800 and BK Gemini sub

    I have just bought a second hand BK Gemini mk1 to complement neat iotas in a small bedroom. My dac does not have pre outs or a sub out, so I am planning to connect the sub via the high level output to the power amp (behringer A800) with the cable supplied by BK. However the Gemini manual...
  10. V

    BK XLS200 FF/DF and placement

    Hi all, Looking to replace my old Yamaha sub which does the job but isn't that good really. Looking at the BK XLS200 which seems to fit the bill for a reasonable price and gets good reviews/comments here and elsewhere. Wondering whether DF or FF is best though. Placement will be on carpet...
  11. D

    Which sub to replace a BK XXLS 400

    I have a BK XXLS400 sub which has been serving me well for 11 years. I use it with an Antimode 8033C I am pretty happy with it but It is now time to replace it. However my room is pretty small at 5m x 2.3m x. 2.3m. I have the BK in the front left corner, the sofa at the back wall at the other...
  12. kenshingintoki

    For Sale BK Monolith Plus Black Ash

    Got a BK Mono Plus for sale. Reason for sale is I want to change cabinet size & colour. Otherwise great performer. Has a small dent on front, can attach photo. Based in Birmingham .Looking for £375, negotiable on price. I think it'd have to be collection. Can demo prior to purchase in a 2...
  13. FootHealer

    Are the BK Gemini II subwoofers good for music?

    Hi folks, I've been toying with the idea of adding a subwoofer (or two) back into my main system. I used to have a Monitor Bronze W10 sub paired with Bronze 5 floorstanders, but could simply not get the two to blend well, so eventually sold the subwoofer and kept the speakers. I have now...
  14. Z

    BK Electronics - measurements

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for a sub and there are many good reviews about Bk electronics subs on the internet. It is much more difficult to find some useful specifications. I've owned a few Rel subwoofers in the past and I wasn't very happy with them. Good reviews but no real performace. I...
  15. ddlooping

    Problem with BK XLS200

    Hey peeps :) I've successfully used a BK XLS200 for at least 12 years (it's even older as I bought it second-hand) but I'm now encountering a problem. A couple of nights ago I was watching Aquaman and in certain scenes with high LFE the subwoofer was giving up. The sounds got all chewed up for...
  16. D

    Worth upgrading Monitor W10 6g to BK P12-300SB-PR

    Hi, I recently purchased a Monitor Audio Bronze 6 surround set, driven by a Denon X4700H with a couple of Atmos speakers. The one thing I'd like to do is get a specialist sub, specifically the P12-300SB-PR. Is this a decent upgrade? It will be going in the living room (dimensions 4.9mx3.7m...
  17. grims dale

    Bk P12 300 SB DF no stuffing

    I bought a used BK P12 300 SB DF about 3 months ago had a look inside but found no stuffing inside
  18. Tom Tom

    BK Electric - Gemini - No longer Working

    So I have just moved house and have an Onkyo TX-SR505 and a Gemini Sub. Now plugging in the sub and no sound comes out. There is sound from the Amp to the 2 main speakers (missions) but nothing from the sub, I'm not sure what to try, How can I test if the Gemini is still working? (Power...
  19. J

    Possible ordering problem with BK Electrics.

    Ordered a Sub woofer today from BK Electrics using their online ordering system. Have received what appears to be an automated response that my message/order informing me that it hasn't been received if I'm to understand correctly due to. transient errors I noticed that when I put up the...
  20. B

    Blown my bk xxls400 subwoofer

    Hi all. I did have a previous account here but unfortunately I can't get back into it so I had to create a new account, Just wanted a bit of advise from someone who knows alot more about the xxls400 than me. Unfortunately I think I pushed it to hard and I've definitely cooked the 12 inch...
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