1. jsl20

    LS50 binding posts

    I'm currently running bare wire cable into the binding posts on my LS50s but purely from an aesthetic point of view I'm going to fit some banana plugs. I've just looked at the binding posts and there are plastic plugs in place, I guess to stop people plugging EU AC sockets in like you get on the...
  2. M

    Hubsan Transmitter

    Hello I've purchased a new 502e board and replaced it into the drone as it was faulty. What are the steps to bind/recode the board to the original transmitter.. I've message hubsan and they replied with a you'll need to recode the drone and the transmitter.. how... I dont know, as they wont...
  3. D

    Question B&W DM303 Binding posts

    Hi, I own a pair of B&W DM303's and one of the binding posts has snapped. Can anyone advise where I may be able to buy replacements please? Cheers.
  4. Sunand777

    Answered Wanted Arcam Fmj a32 speaker binding post

    Hi I am sunand from India, I am new to this forum, One of the speaker binding post of my arcam fmj a32 amp is broken, any one have spare part of binding post only? Attached images for your reference.
  5. stranger

    IS A 'Contractual Parking Charge Notice' Legally Binding?

    There may be old threads on this but I could not find one.I also need up to date information. I've looked at some other sites but they aren't clear (to me) and most are outdared. Info. A relative used my car on Christmas eve (with my permission and named on my insurance) and stayed 15 minutes...
  6. M

    RCD-DM38 Denon - cat causes binding post problem

    So our cat got up on a shelf where my Denon CD receiver was positioned and proceeded to topple it off the shelf causing deformation of the back of the unit in the area where the binding posts are. The back plate is a bit mashed and one of the binding posts is now a little loose. I have two...
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