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  1. jsl20

    LS50 binding posts

    I'm currently running bare wire cable into the binding posts on my LS50s but purely from an aesthetic point of view I'm going to fit some banana plugs. I've just looked at the binding posts and there are plastic plugs in place, I guess to stop people plugging EU AC sockets in like you get on the...
  2. G

    Binding post front or side hole?

    Hi I've just finished connecting my speakers inserting cables on the side holes of the binding posts (see photo). As soon as I finished I've noticed in the user's manual a picture where the cables enter the binding posts via the front holes, where you would normally insert banana plugs. Would...
  3. I

    Parts help: I need a replacement Sony STR-DH540 binding post

    Hi, Does anyone know a good source for a binding post (or banana jack socket) for my recently purchased Sony STR-DH54O? It looks like the screw shank is about 2mm, not sure. The diameter of the part of the barrel that interfaces with the receiver is about 6/16 inch. There are so many out...
  4. IvanichIvanich

    BFA connectors too big for spendor?

    Hello! I've recently purchased spendor classic 4/5 speakers and analysis plus oval 12 cables... With native BFA (wavey banana) connectors. However, i can't fit them into the speakers' holes in the binding posts (they go well into my amp though). Is it possible to make the diameter smaller with...
  5. B

    Yamaha DSP-A1 - Damaged Speaker Socket - Advice...?

    I'm not 100% sure I'm posting in the most appropriate forum on this site, but anyway...I'll give it a go. I own an old Yamaha DSP-A1 home cinema amp. This one doesn't have banana sockets, just screw-in binding posts that only accept bare speaker wire (I think most of these amps were like this...
  6. D

    Question B&W DM303 Binding posts

    Hi, I own a pair of B&W DM303's and one of the binding posts has snapped. Can anyone advise where I may be able to buy replacements please? Cheers.
  7. spoonuk

    Question Speaker wire quick release/disconnect using binding posts?

    I was looking at being able to quickly disconnect my Diamond 225 speakers so I can behind the telly etc. and thought why not use binding posts to accomplish this! Speakers (on stands) are currently wired all the way back to the amp and trying to get behind the amp/telly is a real pain as I have...
  8. stevos

    Monitor Audio GRFX - Binding Posts

    Hi, I know I can switch the speakers from bi to di-poles, based on whether you cross the binding posts. However, i can't find the manual, so i don't know which posts (top or bottom) to connect the speaker cable and which ones to be wrong with the jumpers. Anyone remember or even better have...
  9. bob1

    Question Cambridge A5 V2 speaker binding posts

    I have just bought a Cambridge A5 V2 off ebay ,one of the screws is missing and 2 are bent,these just screw in so easy to replace. Does anyone know of a source to replace them. Thanks.
  10. PsyVision

    Binding Posts / Speaker Terminals

    Where do you guys buy yours? I'm after some with solder tabs that are long enough to go through 3/4" MDF and can be secured properly. A lot of them look like they are too short.
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