1. J

    BESTA go big or go home!

    I've finally got to the stage where my wall can no longer take any more IKEA BESTA cabinets! The "floating" section above the TV (installed last night / this morning with a hand from my little bro) finally completes my collection (/obsession?). (BESTA geeks - notice anything interesting...
  2. V

    Question Ikea Besta wall mounting

    I am considering the 180cm Besta and would like it to be wall mounted. After carefully planning where to site it and adding the besta suspension rail to my list I have discovered the rails aren’t compatible with the tv bench’s. I am fixing to a stud wall so the suspension rails would have...
  3. B

    Answered Besta internal width

    I'm looking at getting a Besta tv unit (180 x 40 x 48 cm) and would like to house a Elac Debut C5.2 centre speaker in the middle cupboard. The width of the speaker is 54cm, would this fit? Many thanks Phil
  4. markb1980

    Besta Colour Combo Advice

    Hi all, just after some opinions really on which Colour combo would be your preference on this Ikea unit. I really cannot decide which I prefer
  5. R

    Question Plasterboard being removed for TV. What should I do whilst it's down?

    Hello all, I'm finally making a start on my very first lounge cinema with WAF. It's in a new build property, and I have the advantage of having contractors on site who are willing to do some work for me. I have 2 guys who are planning on cutting a large hole in the plasterboard to affix...
  6. S

    IKEA Besta Advice

    Hi there, I’m new to these forums and a bit of a beginner do go easy on me! Thinking about buying some 128x60cm besta units for under my stairs, however the space available is only 125cm tall. How easy are besta units to reduce in height? Many thanks
  7. R

    Question How should I wall mount an OLED, LCR & IKEA Besta?

    Evening everyone, I'm planning my build for a my first home cinema in my lounge. I've mocked it up on Google Sketchup. However, I need to figure out the best way to strengthen the wall to take the weight. It's a new-build timber frame. I've attached a picture of part of the wall behind the...
  8. StanleyKubrick

    Question Besta to small for Pioneer SC-LX53 Help!

    Just spent a small fortune on a humongous Ikea Besta TV cabinet with displays etc, only problem is my trusty old Pioneer SC-LX53 is just tooooo big! Yes, I know...MORON! I'm not going to throw away either the Besta or the Pioneer, so if I devised some sort of way to stand it upright or similar...
  9. R

    Critique my 5.1 room please!

    A few months ago, I decided to delve into the world of ‘proper audio’. Getting a little too excited after hearing 2 setups at Richer Sounds a Dali 5.1 (comprising Zensor 3, 1, VOKAL) and a Monitor Audio 5.1 (Comprising Bronze 2, FX and Center), I ordered the Bronze 5.1 setup, with a view to...
  10. Zwaldino

    Living room - Floating Wall Project w/ Besta Unit

    Hi, I'd been looking to add a floating wall to my living room for about a year or so, and after reviewing the amazing floating walls on these forums I saved some cash up and finally took the plunge. Also managed to convince the Mrs we needed a new TV, amp and Blu-ray player as ours were...
  11. Yorkshirelion

    Question Besta unit cooling info

    Hi all, I haven't put the doors on yet but as you can see my amp is in the middle, at the back of it there is a big cutout already so I am hoping that will be enough when the door is on for the hot air to escape. Where the PlayStation 4 pro is there are small cutouts in the top left and right...
  12. J

    BESTÅ both worlds... family lounge meets home cinema

    Partly in homage to another thread with a similar name (you know who you are!), and partly in homage to my love of flatpack furniture from Småland, I'm starting this thread to chronicle my further adventures in home theatre as I try and improve on what I've got at the moment. I've got lots of...
  13. SimonB91

    Question Besta Doors Query - Glassvik or Sindvik

    I am currently looking at using a Besta cabinet as per many other members here. Can anyone let me know if the 'White' Glassvik doors match a 'White' Besta TV Unit or are they more of a 'Gloss White' finish? Reason I ask is because the Sindvik are also suppose to be 'White' but appear a...
  14. TheHighFlyingBirds

    Besta hack

    Hi all, After getting recommendations in gen chat for besta cabinets, I'm looking at getting the 60x64x40 size display with glass shelves and glass door (when in stock). As a quick easy hack, I'm thinking of cutting holes in the back panel for cables and for natural ventilation. How much will...
  15. crewmanchris

    Ikea Besta based floating wall

    Here’s my effort... Tv is Samsung 55KS900, AVR is Denon X2300W and various other bits. Coloured LED lighting behind TV and wall. Quite proud of my very limited skills. The good lady her indoors is also happy!
  16. Jason56d

    Ikea Besta advice please

    My builders are arriving on Monday to remove my chimney breast and replace it with a floating wall. Was looking to get a Besta TV bench and hang it under the floater. This one specifically: Black-brown/selsviken high-gloss/black smoked glass 180x40x48 cm Just spent 20 minutes waiting to...
  17. Qactuar

    A Modest Ikea Besta Build Log

    This isn't going to be your standard audiophile super-duper build (sorry), rather a more modest and I daresay, more common (?) sort of build. Like most, I'd love to have a dedicated home cinema room, but a young (boisterous!) family negates the outgoings for such wonderful things. That said...
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